Used shrink wrap machines / sealers for sale - sealer 211

SITMA C-80-750 Sealer Exaprime Hot deal Good value

Year: 2001

Output 250 u/mn
Product width 330 mm
Max foil width 750 mm
Product length 420 mm
Product height 20 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

2014 Excellent Condition Automatic Bread Packing Machine GBK-220 by GHD Hartmann

Year: 2014

Product length 400 mm
Product height 170 mm
Product width 260 mm
Shrinking tunnel No


Year: 2006

Output 20 u/mn
Product width 400 mm
Max foil width 600 mm
Product length 500 mm
Product height 150 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

Supervac GK663B Sealer

Year: 2016

Automatic vacuum packing equipment 2. Supervac GK 663B from 2016.

brosio meccanica presse Sealer


Product length 2000 mm
Product width 800 mm


Year: 2008

Output 17 u/mn
Product width 250 mm
Product length 300 mm
Product height 200 mm

DEM LMC 140/85-P Sealer Low working hours

Year: 2018

Output 12 u/mn
Product width 1500 mm
Max foil width 1050 mm
Product length 3200 mm
Product height 1700 mm
Shrinking tunnel No

Beck Packautomat SXJ HP 2019

Year: 2019

A fully automatic series packaging machine for e-commerce and mail order. The packaged goods are transported in two films, sealed and labeled via a 21 m long infeed belt. The machine can be adapted to the goods to be packaged and is therefore ideal for packaging textiles, household and leisure goods. The packaging offers reliable protection against dust, dirt and …

Used Smipack FP 560 A Sealer + SHRINK TUNNEL

Year: 2011

Output 20 u/mn
Product width 430 mm
Product length 560 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

MULTIPACK MOD. E600 - Shrink wrapping machine used

Year: 1995

DESCRIPTION: Shrink bundler machine, suitable to bundle the product using stretchable heat shrinkable film, which guarantees high productivity, reliability, accuracy in bundling and easy use. Its original functioning criterion, along with its simple manufacturing concepts, are particularly appreciated by its users. It is suitable to carry out various packaging solutions as well as a wide range of bundle patterns. Different …

Henkelmann Polar 2-85 Sealer


Vacuum machine double bell double seal 85cm of the brand Henkelman polar 2-85 the pump of the machine is of the German brand Busch 300m3 very robust pump. Vacuum Machine, Vacuum, Packaging, Packaging, Fresh, Frozen, Meat, Fish, Vegetables.

Multipack F500 + T600 Sealer

Year: 2007

Output 25 u/mn
Product width 450 mm
Max foil width 530 mm
Product length 400 mm
Product height 300 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

Sitma C 750 -I Sealer

Year: 2003

Output 183 u/mn
Product width 330 mm
Max foil width 750 mm
Product length 420 mm
Product height 40 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes


Year: 2004

Output 60 u/mn
Product width 150 mm
Product length 300 mm
Product height 90 mm

SIG GTP Sealer

Year: 1997

Output 60 u/mn
Product width 70 mm
Product length 220 mm
Product height 70 mm

Rovema VPK 260 Sealer

Year: 2000

Output 120 u/mn
Product width 260 mm
Max foil width 260 mm
Product length 110 mm
Product height 65 mm

EXP EXP 106 Sealer

Year: 2019

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