In the realm of packaging technology, shrink wrap machines and sealers have carved a significant niche for themselves. These machines are extensively used across multiple industries, playing a pivotal role in ensuring product safety and enhancing visual appeal. This article seeks to offer insights into the mechanics of these essential machines, shed light on key manufacturers, and guide potential buyers on pertinent considerations when buying such equipment. Moreover, we'll delve into the merits of procuring through Exapro, a platform dedicated to streamlining the machinery acquisition process.




Output 25 u/mn
Product height 600 mm
Product width 3000 mm

Hugo Beck SUPER 400 XLM/10 Sealer Hot deal

Year: 2006

Complete Packaging in film, with continuous side sealing & operation consisting in: 1) Automatic product transport into the wrapping process by finger chain conveyor L=10 m, in double row function 2) Two-sided product alignment unit 3) Driven conveyor belt triangle arranged 4) Max. production 10.000 c/h 5) RES controller for use of CPP film 6) Hole punch device 7) Print …

MAC DUE MEDISAC80 + T80-40DC Sealer


1°)1000mm conveyor 2°)Product tipper (Jumbo wipe roll) 3°) MAC DUE MEDISAC 80 film wrapping machine 4°)Shrink tunnel MAC DUE mod.T80-40DC 5°)2 Curved conveyors + Belt conveyor Total length 9100mm 6°)ABB palletising robot + 10 metres of roller conveyors

Supervac AT15 Sealer

Year: 2013

Supervac AT15E shrinker from 2013 Supervac AT15 shrink wrapper 2013

Christiaens CS01S Sealer

Year: 2020

Output 7500 u/mn

Multipack F500 + T600 Sealer

Year: 2007

Output 25 u/mn
Product width 450 mm
Max foil width 530 mm
Product length 400 mm
Product height 300 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

Supervac GK663B Sealer Hot deal

Year: 2016

Supervac GK663B shrink wrapper GK663 B packer + AT15 tunnel 2016

Tecdaki SLEEVTEC 300 M Sealer


Output 300 u/mn
Max foil width 400 mm
Product length 120 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

IMA MS 500 BP Sealer

Year: 2003

Output 30 u/mn
Product width 330 mm
Product length 300 mm
Product height 200 mm

Sitma C 750 -I Sealer

Year: 1995

Output 11000 u/mn
Product width 330 mm
Max foil width 750 mm
Product length 420 mm
Product height 40 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes


Year: 2002

Product length 76 mm
Product height 110 mm
Product width 76 mm

Sleever Internationnal LPK 130 Sealer

Year: 2008

Output 120 u/mn
Product length 121 mm

Sitma C 750 -I Sealer Hot deal

Year: 2003

Output 183 u/mn
Product width 330 mm
Max foil width 750 mm
Product length 420 mm
Product height 40 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

- Impack Pro Sealer

Year: 2019

Output 60 u/mn
Product height 200 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes
Product width 400 mm
Max foil width 650 mm

Shanklin CF3 Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrapping Machine

Year: 2004

Output 30 u/mn
Product width 762 mm
Max foil width 914.4 mm
Product length 3048 mm
Product height 254 mm

The Mechanics of Shrink Wrap Machines / Sealers

The basic operation of shrink wrap machines involves several stages, facilitated by various technical components:


The Sealing Arm or Wire - This component cuts and seals the shrink film around the product.


The Film Roll - This is the source of shrink film fed into the machine.


The Conveyor System - The product covered in film moves on this system towards the shrink tunnel.


The Shrink Tunnel - Heat in this tunnel causes the film to contract, fitting snugly around the product.


The machine then releases the shrink-wrapped product, ready for storage or transport.


Top Manufacturers of Shrink Wrap Machines / Sealers

Smipack: An Italian manufacturer known for reliable and user-friendly machines.

Lantech: Renowned for their robust and efficient shrink wrap machines.

Kallfass: This German company is recognized for its technologically advanced and versatile machines.

EDL Packaging Engineers, Inc.: Celebrated for their innovative, custom-tailored solutions.

Shrinkpack: Known for their compact, efficient, and cost-effective machines.

Key Considerations When Buying Shrink Wrap Machines / Sealers

When purchasing shrink wrap machines/sealers, here are some critical points to check:


Verify the overall condition of the machine and its components.

Assess the machine's compatibility with your products and its production capacity.

Inquire about the machine's energy efficiency and maintenance needs.

Benefits of Buying Through Exapro

Exapro provides a transparent and streamlined purchasing experience, offering expert advice and support at every stage of the sale process. The platform aids in facilitating communication between buyers and sellers, ensuring a smooth transaction process.


Budget Considerations

Shrink wrap machines / sealers typically range in price from 5,000€ to 22,000€. It's vital to factor in ongoing maintenance and operational costs when planning your budget.


Organising Transportation

While buyers are responsible for arranging transportation, assistance can be provided by the seller or Exapro if needed. It's essential to conduct a thorough inspection of the machine before transport to ensure all parts are secure and ready for transit, thus preventing any unforeseen complications or additional costs.