Used candy / sweets machines - miscellaneous machines 121

Haas EWB EWB 2/2 Candy machine

Year: 1997

Machine for baking waffle tubes Requires repair of the waffle tube cutter. The rest is operational This consumption was about 9 m3 / h of natural gas - it depends on how the flames are set

SRC SD 300 Hard Candy machine

Year: 2014

SRC SD 300 Hard Candy machine Continue system and film baking technology with capacities ranging from 150 kg to 300 kg per hour, hard candy: The production line is equipped with the following parts: - preparation tank and tap - Vacuum microfilm molds - injection system and injection and cooling line - aluminum injection molded teflon coated - steam generator …

Aquarius F600 Lolipop machine

Year: 1996

Aquarius F600 lollipop machine 4kw Also includes: A cold tunnel 3 tracks with cold group of the line F600 year 2011 A Reig batting and calibrating machine that goes with F600 year 2011

DL GROUP custom Candy machine

Year: 2006

Pralines pans 200kg of product in perfect bowl totally overhauled and in compliance with natural gas burner.

Apv Gaulin - Candy machine

Year: ~ 2000

Depositing plant for jelly and candies capacity 250 up to 300 kgs/hr for soft candy center filled with chocolate set on pcs 28,6 x 10 mm totally made of stainless steel cooler length about 18 m, with 1 x stage of moulds by additional costs can be set hard candy with tefal moulds also for lollipop, or any customer product …

Nagema EE6 Candy machine


Circulation crusher - mixer Producer: Nagema - Germany Type: EE6 The device as new

AMP ROSE - Sugar mixer used

Year: 2003

DESCRIPTION: The mixing machine is suitable for physical mixing during the food production of more or less coarse-grained snacks, and candies. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The sugar mixer is a machine that mixes materials with syrup, by rotating. It is suitable for adding sugar and blending, adding powder and blending block, …

hobart broyeuse granit 3 r Candy machine


3 roll granite grinder for pralines, sugar, coffee paste, marzipan etc power supply 380 v cast iron frame US manufacturer

- - Candy machine


diameter 650 with 30° opening 380 w motor and dimmer equipped with gas cooking ramp

Nagema EE6 Candy machine

Year: 1978

Mixer, for grinding the mass and preparing creams. After renovation of the drive gear.

NAGEMA ZS2 Candy machine

Year: 1989

CALIBRATOR NAGEMA CARMELS Year: 1989. 380V, 50Hz, 10A. Model: ZS2. 500 kg. Dimensions: length 1,380 mm, width 550 mm, height 1,430 mm.

Proform R&S 12/3 Candy machine

Year: ~ 2008

Proform Rolling &scoring Line Built In 2008 Consist Of : Sheet Extruder driven By 15 Hp Motor , With Powder Feeder .5 Stage Laminating Roller Width 400 Mm Diameter Of Laminator Roller About 150 Mm Gum Pellets Size Cutting Set Now For Pcs 12 X 14 Mm Each Laminator Roller Have Its Own Motor 1 Hp Speed Reglate By Inverter …

Candy Forming Line

Year: 1998


Spomasz CKA 31 Candy machine

Year: 1997

CKA 31 slicer (cross cutting) - production: Spomasz - Pleszew - weight: 620 kg - the drive is a stepless geared motor - knife rotation: 6.8 rpm - current number of knives: 19 pieces - maximum number of knives: 27 pieces with a spacing between knives equal to 17 mm - maximum bar thickness for cutting: 20 mm - power …

Lehmann - Candy machine


Mixer, for shredding mass and preparing creams

Preswhip Candy machine


The Preswhip is a pressure whisk installation , aerating machine for the production of fruit chewies, nougat masses, centers for candy bars and similar products. Depending on the type of product and machine, production capacity ranges from 100-500 kgs per hour.

ESM LJC II -360 Candy machine

Year: 2016

LJC II confectionery machine with capacities from 160 kg to 360 kg per hour, hard candies: The production line is equipped with the following parts: - preparation tank and tensioning - Coocking vaccum mashyna - injection system and injection and cooling line - aluminum injection mold coated with Teflon (3 types) - an aroma injection dye.

Spomasz CKA 9e Candy machine

Year: 2002

Cauldron for heating fillings CKA 9e - type: CKA 9e - producer: Spomasz Pleszew - working capacity: 140 l - total capacity: 180 l - weight: 535 kg - engine power 0.75 kW - rotation speed of the stirrer 26.5 rpm - steam heating

Sollich KSF 800 Candy machine

Year: 1977

Manufacturer: SOLLICH Type: KSF 800 Branche of industry: marzipan nougat Description: for marcipan- & Nougat masses working width : 800mm output : diam 20mm – weight 8g – app. 180Kg/ with dough pre former and feeder belt electrical : 230/400 V, 50 Hz year: 1977 with 17 x different forming rolls included suitable for big production quantities plastic rollers with …