Used tenoning machines 18

Vertongen Pentho C4 + PROFIL C Tenoning machine

Year: 2018

Max. woodpiece length 4000 mm
Min. woodpiece length 270 mm

Double end tenoner - SVL Seyvem

Year: 1999

Max. woodpiece length 3000 mm
Type Double
Min. woodpiece length 200 mm
Working width 3000 mm

SCM SPV 301 Multiflex Tenoning machine

Year: 2001

Max. woodpiece length 2800 mm
Type Single
Min. woodpiece length 0 mm
Working width 22 mm

BACCI TSD AND NC14 Tenoning machine

Year: 2004

Max. woodpiece length 1200 mm
Type Double
Min. woodpiece length 100 mm

Mecanobois Maxi M4EE Tenoning machine

Year: 1998

Max. woodpiece length 1200 mm
Min. woodpiece length 1000 mm

Gomad FP Tenoning machine


The FP tenoning machine is a high-performance machine tool designed for making grooves, splines, tenons and dovetails. The machine has a sliding table on which the workpiece is clamped, which is then moved towards the saw unit and the milling unit for machining. When machining is complete, the workpiece returns to the operator position where the material is loaded and …

Vertongen Pentho 4 Tenoning machine

Year: 1996

Max. woodpiece length 155 mm
Working width 400 mm
Min. woodpiece length 20 mm

Torwegge H 512-2-6 Tenoning machine

Year: 1992

Max. woodpiece length 2500 mm
Working width 2500 mm

P.M.A T 27 Tenoning machine

Year: 2000

Working width 3500 mm
Nbr of cutting units 4