BIGTEM HRTR.4M/AF Roasting tunnel for vegetables

Year: 2015

Output 1500 kg/h
Belt width 1000 mm

Formcook Combi 12110 TF Cooking tunnel

Year: 2002

Output 140 kg/h
Belt width 1100 mm

Laitram Cooking tunnel

Year: 2001

Belt width 1075 mm

Celsius Conduvec 12.10E Cooking tunnel

Year: ~ 2022

A CELSIUS CONDUVEC 12.10E dynamic baking tunnel, 10m long, brand new, shrink-wrapped on pallet ConduVec uses a heated Teflon belt underneath the product and electrical resistors above. The distance between the electrical resistors and the product can be adjusted from 110 to 400 mm. At close proximity, the electric resistors provide intense heat for surface coloring. At a greater distance …

Tecnofrutta S.r.l. L9P13 Cooking tunnel

Year: 2017

Output 350 kg/h
Belt width 1216 mm

Haas EWB EWB Bakery machine

Year: 1992

Machine for baking wafer tubes for natural gas In good condition

Metalbud Nowicki 1PKE Cooking tunnel

Year: 2008

The Metalbud Nowicki "NOVOTHERM" single-cart oven has been designed to facilitate baking processes, the maximum temperature can reach up to 250°C, while carefully managing the humidity level. Main features: Made of durable stainless steel, ensuring the device is both durable and hygienic. Equipped with effective thermal insulation to keep heat inside, optimizing energy use. The horizontal movement of hot air …

WP tunnel oven Cooking tunnel

Year: 2005

Out of production, still installed Consisting of: Oven loader WP NUN Plus, 3 x 60 meters Baking surface: 180m² Gas fired, 3 burners Wire mesh belt Oven unloader The oven can be customized to various lengths, up to 60 meter. (available in sections of 6 m. each)

Imaforni Cyclothermic 20x1 Cooking tunnel

Year: 2005

Output 500 kg/h
Belt width 1000 mm

GBT/J4 tunnel oven

Year: 2006

Belt width 3000 mm

Laitram FC2CWF Cooking tunnel

Year: 2012

Steam cooking tunnel Manufacturer: Laitram Model: FC2CWF Year of manufacture: 03/2012 With 2 fans for forced steam circulation Excl. electric control panel

RAMALHOS TURBORAM TB.XL.M.19T8046 Electric baking oven

Year: 2015

Electric baking oven, for trays Cooking area:6.99m2; Power 41.0kw-59.0A; Voltage: 400V; Frequency: 50Hz; Weight: 650Kg