Ovens - used cooking tunnels 41

AET Single Belt Dryer

Year: 2009

Industrial single belt dryer that can be used at drying food, vegetable, spices, salt, bio mass and similar products that can be dried at medium thermal drying temperature. The dryer is heated with direct burning thermoblock system that can be used with natural gas, lpg and lng Technical details: Manufactured from aisi 304 quality stainless steel Thermal drying temperature: 80-140ºc …

AIHO Rice Friend Cooking tunnel

Year: ~ 2004

Continous rice cooker Manufacturer: AIHO Model: Rice Friend Consisting of: 1 pc. rice silo 1 pc. EP-52 rice washer 1 pc. AMP-11 rice soaker and dosing machine 1 pc. ARS-25S continous rice cooker Incl. cooking pots and lids For gas heating