Surface grinders, renowned for their high precision and versatility, hold a pivotal role in many sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, tool and die making, medical, manufacturing, electronics, and general metalworking. They deliver high-quality finishes and exact dimensions on workpieces, making them an invaluable part of any industrial setup.

As a trusted marketplace for used industrial machinery, Exapro offers an array of surface grinders ranging from €8,000 to €39,000. We provide quality, cost-effective solutions from top manufacturers like Okamoto, Jones & Shipman, Blohm, Chevalier, ELB-Schliff, Kent Industrial, Mitsui High-Tec, and Jakobsen.

Key parameters include machine size and power, grinding wheel size and type, wheel speed, work speed, feed rate, downfeed, crossfeed, coolant delivery and type, dress frequency and speed ratio, and automation level. By offering a diverse range and comprehensive support, Exapro makes acquiring used surface grinders straightforward and economical, allowing businesses to achieve operational efficiency and high precision without straining their finances. Trust Exapro for your grinding needs and enhance your production capabilities today.

OKAMOTO ACC 84CA-iQ Surface grinding machine

Year: 2012

Table length 800 mm
Manual Yes
CNC type
Table width 400 mm
Wheel diameter 355 mm

OKAMOTO Grind-X ACC 42SAiQ Surface grinding machine

Year: 2013

Table length 500 mm
Max piece weight 120 kg
Table width 200 mm
CNC type Okamoto
Wheel diameter 205 mm

GÖCKEL G130 Surface grinding machine

Year: 1987

Table length 7500 mm
Table width 1000 mm

ELB Optimat Surface grinding machine

Year: 1989

Table length 900 mm
Max piece weight 300 kg
Table width 350 mm
CNC type Control VA-II + ND
Max. wheel speed 1440 rpm

ACRA ASG 1224HS Surface grinding machine

Year: 2003

Table length 609.6 mm
CNC type
Max. wheel speed 1750 rpm
Table width 304.8 mm
Max piece weight 272.2323 kg
Power 3.72856 kW

ROSA SILVER 12.8 Surface grinding machine

Year: 2005

Table length 1300 mm
Max piece weight 2500 kg
Table width 600 mm
CNC type
Wheel diameter 450 mm

SFSRV 1000/2 Surface grinding machine

Year: 1982

CNC type
Wheel diameter 160 mm
Wheel bore 90 mm
Max piece weight 1500 kg
Wheel width 35 mm
Max. wheel speed 40 rpm

GER RS 12/60 Surface grinding machine


Table length 1200 mm
Max piece weight 1200 kg
Table width 600 mm
CNC type
Wheel diameter 400 mm

Overhauled N.C.F. Favretto MC 160 Surface grinding machine

Year: 2017

Table length 1600 mm
Manual No
CNC type
Table width 500 mm

VAM RT 700 Surface grinding machine

Year: 1998

Table length 700 mm
Wheel diameter 350 mm
Table width 300 mm
CNC type
Wheel width 50 mm

WALDRICH COBURG 30-15 S 3030 Surface grinding machine

Year: 1971

Table length 5540 mm
Manual Yes
CNC type
Table width 1500 mm
Max piece weight 8500 kg

BERNARDO BSG 4080 TDC Surface grinding machine

Year: 2018

Table length 815 mm
CNC type
Wheel diameter 350 mm
Table width 405 mm
Max piece weight 500 kg
Wheel width 40 mm

Elb Rotary 100S-VS Unicorn CNCb Surface grinding machine

Year: 1991

Table length 650 mm
Max piece weight 1500 kg
Table width 650 mm
CNC type
Wheel diameter 300 mm

Schneeberger Gemini NMG 5 axis CNC grinding machine Hot deal

Year: 2018

Table length 1010 mm
Manual No
CNC type
Table width 311 mm

REFORM AR 42 Typ 19 CNC Surface grinding machine

Year: 2001

Table length 4200 mm
Manual No
CNC type SIEMENS Sinumerik 840 D
Table width 1300 mm
Power 306 kW

Used WMW ASCHERSLEBEN SZ 1250 Surface grinding machine

Year: 1983

Table length 7250 mm
Manual No
CNC type Siemens Simatic op 27
Table width 1250 mm
Wheel diameter 630 mm

Favretto 4000 x 650 mm surface grinding machine

Year: 1974

Table length 4000 mm
CNC type
Wheel bore 305 mm
Table width 650 mm
Wheel diameter 500 mm

DANOBAT RT-1200 Surface grinding machine

Year: 2003

Table length 1200 mm
Max piece weight 1250 kg
Table width 750 mm
CNC type FAGOR 102S
Wheel diameter 400 mm

Horiz. surface grinding machine ROSA LINEA STEEL 13.7

Year: 2000

Table length 1400 mm
Manual No
CNC type E.C.S. CNC 2401 System III
Table width 500 mm
Max piece weight 1700 kg

Göckel G130 Surface grinding machine

Year: 1987

Table length 7500 mm
CNC type Sinumerik 810
Table width 1000 mm

Surface grinders on Exapro

Grinding machines, specifically surface grinders, are integral parts of metalworking, holding an esteemed position within the sector of Presses and Forging. Exapro, your trusted marketplace for used industrial machinery, brings these machines within your reach, affording you an opportunity to upscale your operations without overspending.

A surface grinder is a machine tool used to provide precision ground surfaces, either to a critical size or for the surface finish. The process involves a rotating abrasive wheel that removes metal from a workpiece, producing a flat or even surface. Its importance in the forging and pressing industry cannot be overemphasised, given the need for utmost precision in the crafting of various metal pieces.

Choosing a used surface grinder from Exapro is a decision rife with benefits. Foremost among these is the cost efficiency. Opting for used equipment enables you to make significant savings compared to purchasing brand-new machinery. Used surface grinders are typically well-maintained and fully functional, giving you the assurance of performance without the steep price tag. With Exapro, these machines are vetted for quality, ensuring you receive nothing short of the best.

Additional compelling reason to choose Exapro is our unrivalled selection. With a diverse array of machinery from various leading manufacturers, we provide you with a broad spectrum of choice to fit your specific needs. Whether you require a small, manually operated surface grinder or a large, computer-controlled machine for your operations, Exapro offers an array of options to suit your business. 

You'll find that our selection offers a variety of price points to suit different budgets and needs, making us an accessible marketplace for businesses of all sizes.

Our surface grinders fall within the range of €8,000 to €39,000. At the lower end of the spectrum, for around €8,000, you'll find quality, smaller capacity machines. These options are particularly suitable for businesses in their early stages, looking to enhance their operations without having to commit a significant financial outlay. Even at this price point, we assure you that the machinery is of the highest standard, having undergone rigorous quality checks.

Machines starting at €39,000 present a wide range of alternatives for individuals wishing to make a more significant investment. These premium machines are often larger, offer advanced features, higher precision, and increased automation. These are typically best suited for businesses looking to scale up their operations and increase productivity.

Exapro offers unmatched convenience. The machinery is ready for deployment without the need for long lead times. Simply choose the machine that best fits your requirements and you can swiftly add it to your production line.

With our commitment to exceptional customer service, Exapro makes the process of buying used surface grinders straightforward and hassle-free. Our team is always on hand to provide guidance and advice, ensuring you find the machine that best aligns with your business goals. 

Exapro connects you with the opportunity to acquire high-quality, cost-effective surface grinders for your pressing and forging needs. In doing so, we support your aim to deliver excellent, precise products, while maintaining operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your production process. Trust Exapro, your trusted marketplace for used industrial machinery, to meet your grinding needs.


Main advantages of Surface grinders

Surface grinders are an excellent addition to any industrial or manufacturing process, and their advantages can greatly increase production capacity. The following are the key benefits of these devices:

High Precision: Surface grinding machines are renowned for their precision. They can produce finished parts with incredibly tight tolerances, removing minute amounts of material at a time. This allows for the production of very smooth, flat surfaces and the precise shaping of metal parts, which is particularly important in industries such as automotive, aerospace, tooling, and more.

Versatility: Not just metals but even ceramics and polymers can be worked on using these equipment. Because of their adaptability, they can be used in a variety of sectors and tasks.

Efficiency: Surface grinders are highly efficient and can swiftly process lots of workpieces. With their increased productivity and profitability, these machines' speed and efficiency can drastically cut down on manufacturing time.

Improved Surface Finish: The use of surface grinders can lead to a much-improved finish on the workpiece. This is essential in many applications where the quality of the finish directly impacts the performance of the part.

Automation: Modern surface grinders often come with automated features which enable them to operate with less human intervention. This means they can work for extended periods without supervision, reducing labour costs and potential errors.

Reduced Labour: As these machines are often automated and can handle larger workpieces, they can help reduce the amount of manual labour required. This can lead to significant cost savings in the long run.

Durability: Surface grinders are built to be robust and durable, capable of withstanding heavy and continuous use. This makes them a valuable, long-term investment for any operation.

The advantages of surface grinding machines contribute to increased precision, versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making them an essential part of any industrial machinery line-up. Whether you're running a small operation or a large-scale manufacturing plant, the inclusion of a surface grinder can significantly enhance your production capabilities.


Main machine parameters of Surface grinders

Surface grinders, as vital components in the manufacturing and metalworking industries, come with several critical parameters. Understanding these machine parameters can help optimize their functionality and efficiency. Here are the primary parameters:

Size and Power: The physical size of the surface grinder is an essential parameter as it dictates the size of the workpiece it can handle. This includes the dimensions of the machine's bed or table where the workpiece is placed. The grinder's power or motor horsepower is also an important consideration as it impacts the machine's ability to grind hard materials and perform deep cuts.

Grinding Wheel Size and Type: The size (diameter, width) and type of the grinding wheel used significantly impact the grinder's performance. Different materials require different types of grinding wheels, and the wheel's size can influence the surface finish and accuracy.

Wheel Speed, Work Speed, and Feed Rate: These parameters determine the machine's grinding speed and the removal rate of the material. Wheel speed is how fast the grinding wheel spins, work speed refers to how fast the workpiece moves under the grinding wheel, and feed rate is how quickly the wheel is fed into the workpiece. Adjusting these parameters can influence the finish quality, the grinding time, and the tool's lifespan.

Downfeed and Crossfeed: Downfeed refers to the vertical movement of the wheel towards the workpiece, while crossfeed is the horizontal movement. Precise control of these feeds is crucial for achieving the desired surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

Coolant Delivery and Type: The coolant delivery system is responsible for providing a stream of cooling fluid to the grinding process to reduce heat and remove metal particles. The type and concentration of coolant used can also influence the grinding performance.

Dress Frequency and Dress Speed Ratio: Dressing is the process of preparing the grinding wheel surface to ensure it's sharp and clean. The frequency of dressing and the speed ratio between the dressing tool and the grinding wheel can affect the grinding results.

Automation Level: Modern surface grinders may include programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for automated operations. The level of automation can influence productivity, precision, and the requirement for operator intervention.

By adjusting and optimizing these machine parameters, operators can enhance the performance of their surface grinders, achieving high-quality results more efficiently.


Area of use

Surface grinding machines are widely used across numerous industries due to their versatility, precision, and ability to produce a high-quality finish. Here are some key areas of use for these machines:

Automotive Industry: In the automotive sector, surface grinders are used for a plethora of applications. They're used to create parts such as engine blocks, cylinders, gears, and other components with high precision.

Aerospace Industry: The aerospace industry relies on these machines for manufacturing and refurbishing aircraft parts. The precision and surface quality provided by surface grinders are paramount to the performance of these components.

Tool and Die Making: Surface grinders are widely used in tool and die making for creating and sharpening tools, moulds, dies, and other precision parts, ensuring they meet exact specifications.

Medical Industry: They are used in the production of various medical devices and implants. The high level of precision and quality finish that surface grinders can achieve is vital in this industry.

Manufacturing Industry: In general manufacturing, these machines are used to ensure that parts and components are produced to the exact dimensions required, with a high-quality surface finish.

Electronics Industry: Surface grinders are used in the electronics industry for the precise manufacture of components, particularly for the production of PCBs and semiconductor devices.

Machine Shops: In general machine shops, surface grinders are used for both the production of new parts and the refurbishment of existing ones.

Metalworking and Fabrication: Surface grinders are crucial in the metalworking industry for various tasks including deburring, finishing, and generally improving the surface properties of metal parts and sheets.

Surface grinders are versatile workhorses that find application in a multitude of industries. Their role in ensuring precision and improving surface finish makes them a must-have in any production or manufacturing setup.


Manufacturers of Surface grinders

There are numerous reputable manufacturers that produce high-quality surface grinders. Some of the top manufacturers in this space include:

Okamoto Machine Tool Works: A Japanese manufacturer known for its comprehensive range of grinders, including surface, cylindrical, and internal. Okamoto grinders are popular for their robust construction and high precision.

Jones & Shipman: A well-established British brand, now part of the Hardinge Inc., Jones & Shipman is renowned for its high-quality surface, cylindrical, and creepfeed grinding machines.

Blohm: A German company part of the United Grinding Group, Blohm has been manufacturing surface and profile grinding machines since 1924. Blohm machines are known for their precision and durability.

Chevalier: Founded in 1978, Chevalier is a Taiwanese manufacturer renowned for their innovative and high-quality grinding machines, including surface grinders.

ELB-Schliff: Another German manufacturer, part of the Lapmaster Wolters Group, ELB-Schliff produces high-quality surface and profile grinding machines.

Kent Industrial: Specializing in grinders, lathes, mills, and EDMs, Kent Industrial is a Taiwanese company known for its durable and reliable surface grinders.

Mitsui High-Tec: This Japanese company offers small to large size surface grinders renowned for their precision and high-quality construction.

Jakobsen: A Danish manufacturer, Jakobsen is highly respected for its production of high-precision grinding machines.

These manufacturers have proven track records of producing durable and highly functional surface grinders. Depending on your specific needs in terms of size, power, automation level, and budget, you'll likely find a model from one of these manufacturers that fits your requirements.

Choosing Exapro means choosing affordability, flexibility, and reliability. We are proud to offer an accessible marketplace for used surface grinders, aiding businesses like yours in achieving operational efficiency without compromising financial health. With Exapro, quality and affordability go hand in hand.