STRATASYS F370 Low working hours

Year: 2020

Stratasys F370 is an innovative solution for the industrial, educational, medical and business sectors. Thanks to the combination of GrabCAD software from the F123 series with FDM technology, the device will be suitable for creating complex elements with the highest accuracy of details and for rapid prototyping. An innovative tool is the perfect equipment for any office. • No skilled …

Bassompierre Scientax TF 3525

Year: 2005

Selling Bassompierre Scientax TF 3525 thermoforming machine, capacity 350 x 250 x 100. For blisters, molds, shells, packaging. Including for chocolate molds.

Cutting Plotter Graphtec FCX2000-60VC - 610x920mm

Year: 2017

Plotter with two heads for cutting and creasing, aspirated top. It connects to the PC via USB and receives files for cutting and creasing from different graphics programs (Illustrator, CorelDraw, Autocad, etc.). Software supplied. Perfectly working.

Германия KLM S 200 Low working hours

Year: 2014

The dosing machine KLM S-200 is designed for mixing and dosing two-component silicones. The installation allows you to effectively, quickly and at the lowest economic cost to create silicone molds and parts from silicone. Advantages of the KLM S-200 dosing unit: • High performance with the possibility of regulation; • Processes high-viscosity silicones (up to 150,000 mPa * s); • …