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Our industrial boilers excel in providing reliable and efficient heating solutions for various applications, including manufacturing processes, power generation, and heating large facilities. They are essential for industries such as food processing, chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, where consistent and controllable steam or hot water is crucial.

Every industrial boiler goes through a stringent vetting process, ensuring quality and performance. Our machinery is cost-effective, promising significant savings compared to new equipment without compromising efficiency. Renowned brands like Bosch, Viessmann, and Cleaver-Brooks are part of our selection, known for their reliability and advanced technology. Prices range between €20,000 and €200,000, catering to diverse budget scales.

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BOSCH UL-S 6000 Industrial boiler Hot deal

Year: 2021

Steam Production 7000 kg/h
Pressure 13 bar

VIESSMANN VITOPLEX 200 de 900kW Industrial boiler Low working hours

Year: 2011

Steam Production 1.5 kg/h
Pressure 4 bar
Power 900 kW
Fuel natural gas

Manara 2T GS-200 Industrial boiler

Year: 2011

Steam Production 2000 kg/h
Fuel natural gas

LOOS UL-S 8000 Industrial boiler

Year: 2010

Steam Production 8000 kg/h
Fuel natural gas

Clayton EG-60 steam generator

Year: 2015

Steam Production 790 kg/h
Pressure 0.2 bar
Power 589 kW
Fuel electrical

Babcock VAP 400 Premium instant steam boiler Low working hours

Year: 2018

Steam Production 400 kg/h
Pressure 10 bar
Power 300 kW
Fuel natural gas

Babcock Atlantique SN 1000 Industrial boiler

Year: 1972

Steam Production 1000 kg/h
Fuel natural gas
Pressure 12 bar

DE DIETRICH et LACAZE ENERGIES CA 430-200 Industrial boiler

Year: 2012

Power 250 kW
Fuel natural gas
Pressure 7 bar

Babcok Wanson VAP600R Industrial boiler

Year: 2020

Steam Production 600 kg/h
Pressure 12 bar
Power 419 kW
Fuel natural gas

ATTSU RL-400 Industrial boiler

Year: 2021

Power 305 kW
Pressure 13.2 bar

Natural Gas Hot Water Boiler - VIESSMANN 7,8 MW

Year: 2007

Steam Production  kg/h
Pressure  bar
Power 7800 kW
Fuel natural gas

ATLANTIC sanygaz condens 370-60 Industrial boiler Hot deal


Boiler sanygaz condens 370-60, from ATLANTIC Never used! Price negotiable Dimension: - Length: 1m20 - Width: 0m80 - Height : 2m08 - Weight: 150kg Volume : 368 Itr pW : 800(8) kPa (bar) SANIGAZ CONDENS gas condensing DHW cylinder - Enamelled tank - Jacket with 50 mm insulation - Premix burner for natural and propane gas - Control panel with …

Loos U-HD 1600 Industrial boiler

Year: ~ 2016

For sale Loos U-HD 1600 boiler . Perfect condition There were two boilers to sell there is one left He has been using it since 2017 Very good condition

GARIONAVAL GMT 500 Industrial boiler

Year: 2021

Steam Production 5000 kg/h
Pressure 13 bar
Power 3.488 kW
Fuel natural gas

BARATA HA 240 Industrial boiler

Year: 2017

Power 1050 kW
Fuel natural gas

RCB UE600-8 Industrial boiler

Year: 2009

Steam Production 600 kg/h
Pressure 12 bar
Power 408 kW
Fuel natural gas

ATTSU RL 1500/8 Industrial boiler

Year: 2021

Steam Production 1500 kg/h
Pressure 9.1 bar
Power 1.139 kW
Fuel natural gas

ATTSU RL 300/12B Industrial boiler

Year: 2022

Steam Production 300 kg/h
Pressure 12.2 bar
Power 2.29 kW
Fuel natural gas

Introduction to Industrial Boilers

Industrial boilers are crucial components in a wide range of industrial processes, providing the necessary heat or steam to power equipment, produce hot water, and facilitate various production processes. Boilers are used in industries such as chemical manufacturing, food processing, power generation, pharmaceuticals, and paper production. They are designed to handle large-scale heating needs and are built to withstand the rigorous demands of industrial environments.

Types of Industrial Boilers

  1. Fire-Tube Boilers:

    • Purpose: Designed to pass hot gases through tubes which are surrounded by water.
    • Applications: Suitable for low to medium-pressure applications, often used in heating systems and industrial processes.
    • Key Features: Simple design, easy maintenance, and reliable performance.
    • Capacity Range: Typically up to 20,000 pounds of steam per hour (PPH).
  2. Water-Tube Boilers:

    • Purpose: Water circulates in tubes heated externally by the fire.
    • Applications: Suitable for high-pressure applications, commonly used in power generation and large industrial plants.
    • Key Features: High efficiency, high pressure, and large capacity.
    • Capacity Range: Can produce up to 500,000 PPH.
  3. Electric Boilers:

    • Purpose: Use electricity to generate heat and produce steam.
    • Applications: Ideal for small-scale operations, laboratories, and environments where combustion emissions are a concern.
    • Key Features: Zero emissions, compact design, and easy installation.
    • Capacity Range: Typically up to 10,000 PPH.
  4. Biomass Boilers:

    • Purpose: Use organic materials like wood chips, agricultural waste, or other biomass as fuel.
    • Applications: Environmentally friendly option for industries looking to reduce carbon footprint.
    • Key Features: Renewable fuel source, can reduce waste, and lower operating costs.
    • Capacity Range: Varies widely, depending on the design and fuel type.
  5. Waste Heat Recovery Boilers:

    • Purpose: Utilize waste heat from industrial processes to generate steam or hot water.
    • Applications: Enhances energy efficiency by recovering waste heat from furnaces, turbines, and other processes.
    • Key Features: Energy-saving, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and improves overall efficiency.
    • Capacity Range: Varies depending on the waste heat source and design.

Key Features and Specifications

When selecting an industrial boiler, several key features and specifications should be considered to ensure it meets production needs:

  • Capacity: Measured in pounds per hour (PPH) or British Thermal Units (BTUs), indicating the boiler's ability to produce steam or hot water.

  • Efficiency: The boiler's ability to convert fuel into heat, typically expressed as a percentage. Higher efficiency means lower fuel costs.

  • Pressure: Maximum operating pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Higher pressure boilers are used for more demanding applications.

  • Fuel Type: Boilers can operate on various fuels, including natural gas, oil, coal, biomass, or electricity. The choice of fuel impacts operating costs and emissions.

  • Emissions Control: Features to reduce emissions of pollutants like NOx, CO2, and particulates, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Control Systems: Advanced control systems for monitoring and managing boiler operations, enhancing safety and efficiency.

  • Maintenance Requirements: Ease of maintenance and availability of parts and service to ensure long-term reliability and performance.

Advantages of Using Industrial Boilers

Investing in high-quality industrial boilers offers numerous benefits:

  • High Efficiency: Modern boilers are designed for high efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.

  • Reliability: Built to withstand rigorous industrial environments, ensuring consistent and dependable operation.

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from low-pressure heating systems to high-pressure power generation.

  • Scalability: Available in various sizes and capacities to meet the needs of different industrial processes.

  • Environmental Compliance: Equipped with emissions control technologies to meet stringent environmental regulations.

  • Enhanced Safety: Advanced safety features and control systems reduce the risk of accidents and ensure safe operation.

Considerations When Buying an Industrial Boiler

To select the right industrial boiler for your needs, consider the following factors:

  • Application Requirements: Determine the specific heating or steam needs of your process to choose a boiler with suitable capacity and pressure.

  • Fuel Availability and Cost: Consider the availability and cost of fuel options in your region to select the most economical and sustainable choice.

  • Efficiency and Operating Costs: Evaluate the boiler’s efficiency and potential operating costs, including fuel consumption and maintenance.

  • Environmental Regulations: Ensure the boiler complies with local environmental regulations regarding emissions and pollutants.

  • Space and Installation: Consider the space available for installation and the logistical requirements for setting up the boiler.

  • Maintenance and Support: Assess the availability of technical support, parts, and maintenance services to ensure reliable operation.

  • Budget: Balance the initial investment with long-term operational costs, including fuel, maintenance, and potential downtime.

Popular Brands and Pricing

Several reputable brands manufacture industrial boilers known for their reliability and performance. Here are a few notable ones:

  • Cleaver-Brooks: Renowned for a wide range of industrial boilers, including fire-tube, water-tube, and waste heat recovery boilers. Prices typically range from $50,000 to over $1 million, depending on the model and specifications.

  • Miura: Known for their high-efficiency, modular, and compact water-tube boilers. Pricing generally ranges from $100,000 to $500,000.

  • Hurst Boiler: Offers a variety of biomass, gas, coal, and oil-fired boilers. Prices generally range from $50,000 to $700,000.

  • Fulton: Specializes in electric, gas, and oil-fired boilers. Prices typically range from $20,000 to $300,000.

  • Babcock & Wilcox: Provides advanced water-tube boilers and waste heat recovery systems. Prices generally fall between $200,000 and $2 million.


Industrial boilers are essential for providing heat and steam in various industrial processes, from chemical manufacturing to power generation. With different types such as fire-tube, water-tube, electric, biomass, and waste heat recovery boilers, selecting the right equipment depends on specific application needs, fuel availability, and efficiency requirements. Key factors to consider include capacity, pressure, fuel type, emissions control, and maintenance requirements. Leading brands like Cleaver-Brooks, Miura, Hurst Boiler, Fulton, and Babcock & Wilcox offer a range of high-quality boilers to suit different applications and budgets. By carefully evaluating production needs, fuel costs, environmental compliance, and budget, businesses can invest in the right industrial boiler to enhance their operational efficiency and ensure reliable, high-quality performance.