BUCHI P-6 Evaporator


Post-show device. Includes glass condenser, receiver, glass tee, metal clip connecting the condenser to the receiver, hose connecting the Multivapor P-6 to the condenser, set of 60 ml tubes with caps and septa. The system does not include the cooler stand and vacuum pump.

Buchi R-300 Evaporator

Year: 2022

Rotavapor complete with cylinder and vacuum pump. Practically new machine, usage time 8 hours.

Buchi R-210 Evaporator

Year: 2014

Used Buchi vacuum evaporator model Rotavapor R-210. Year of construction 2014. Water bath: 20-95 degrees C Flask capacity: 50-4000 ml Equipped with: vacuum pump, vacuum controller, radiator, thermostat.

Leybold Sputter Univex 450 B Evaporator


Dimensions: 1400 x 1200 H 2250mm Electrical cabinet: 600 x 800 H 1850 mm Controller: SIMATIC C7-634

Buchi Rotavapor R-210

Year: 2014

Used Buchi vacuum evaporator model Rotavapor R-210. Year of construction 2014. Water bath: 20-95 degrees C Flask capacity: 50-4000 ml Equipped with: vacuum controller, vacuum pump, cooler, thermostat.

Confitrac sprl CDS-161205 Evaporator

Year: 2017

Manufacturer : Confitrac sprl Model: CDS-161205 Year : 2017 Type: Deodoriser Condition: new, never used. Installation consisting of : – A horizontal cylindrical shallow bed deodoriser divided into two horizontal compartments, supported by two supports and offering the possibility to treat either 250 kg in one compartment or 500 kg in two compartments. – A horizontal buffer tank equipped with …

Rotary Evaporator

Year: 2017

Lanphan Model R-1010, 110V, 10L, Solvent Pro Series. Unused, still in box. New condition.

Corning 50L Evaporator


Rotating Evaporator Corning With 50 L Flask Used rotary film evaporator by Corning (UK). Evaporator has 50 l rotating evaporating flask, driven via gearbox with adjustable rotation and el motor 0.37 kW, 1425 rpm, 380 V, 50 hz. Ex design (EExdIIBT4). Heating of flask by coil inside the bath tank – can be used on steam, oil or water. Height …

Luwa LN0200 Evaporator

Year: 1981

Physical size: 8 m high x 2.4 m x 2.8 m Luwa 2007/57 - 1981 Internal volume 280 litres Jacket volume 26 litres

Heidolph Hei-VAP Core G3 ML Packages plus Evaporator


Heidolph Hei-VAP Core G3 ML Packages plus Heidolph Outlet instrument*. 12 months warranty. *Heidolph Outlet instrument can be overstocked item, returns, demo instrument etc. They are checked by Heidolph and in a 100% functional condition. Profit from great savings thanks to slight optical defects. Complete set with Heidolph glassware set G3 scope of delivery: Hei-VAP Core ML G3, Rotary Evaporator …

PEFA Spomasz CKA22 Evaporator

Year: 1977

Cauldron for cooking fillings PEFA Spomasz CKA22 Working pressure: 8 at Steam consumption: ~ 95 kg / h Total capacity: 220L Working capacity: 150L Agitator drive: 1.5kW Agitator rotation: ~ 40 rpm Productivity: 2000-2500 kg / 8h One cycle time: 23-35 min Electric heating Factory number: 166 Year of production: 1977 CPA39 pump included Device dimensions: 1550x1150x2300 Weight: ~ 860 …

TOURNAIRE Colonne de rectification ATEX Evaporator

Year: 2015

Year: 2015 - Installation ATEX 3G IIBT4, inside the installation: zone 1G Operating mode: continuous - batch - semi-batch. Pressure: Under vacuum - 3barg max Boiler size : 50 Liters (Possible 200 Liters) Flow rate: Approximately 180 Kg/hr feeding a water/ethanol mixture (90/10) at atmospheric pressure with a reflux rate of 5. Theoretical number of trays : 20 --> Possible …

Frimetal MRL-700-E Evaporator

Year: 2001

Mural Frimetal evaporator from 2001 in operation, with its condensing unit and its electrical panel

STEROGLASS Mod. Strike 202 - Rotating Evaporator used


DESCRIPTION: Rotating evaporator, brand Steroglass Tools, model 202. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The rotary evaporator Strike 202 combines functional features and high-level performance thanks to its ergonomic design. Strike 202 is designed to meet safety requirements in accordance with the directives on machine construction and electromagnetic compatibility. The new rotary evaporator …