Niko Canning complete line Pasteuriser Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 1999

High capacity canning line – “niko” germany 1. Line for producing pasteurized conserves in jars /cans 2. Producer: “Niko”- Germany, The nomenclature of the products which could be produced by it are: 3. Vegetables: tomatoes, green /red peppers, peas, aubergines, cucumbers and mushrooms – in marinade and/or sterilized, different kind of marinades, conserves for direct use. 4. Fruits: jams, marmalades …

GEA Microflash flash pasteurizer

Year: 2018

Max T° 75 °
Output L/h 5000

Alfa Laval Flexitherm Flash pasteurizer

Year: 2004

Max T° 72 °
Output L/h 5000

Seppelec pasteurization plant

Year: 2007

Max T° 85 °
Output L/h 13500

FSH Pasteuriser


Max T° 130 °
Output L/h 6000

Castiglioni cv-400-5 elevator pasteuriser and control cabinet

Year: 2010

Castiglioni cv-400-5 elevator pasteuriser and control cabinet very good condition, only 2 years worked Budapest Video shown online was taken in November before we brought it from the production hall. There is no gas in the storage area, there is electricity, but I don't know if 220 volts will be enough.

LPV 1000x1500 Pasteuriser

Year: 2018

Sterilization autoclave LPV 1000 x 1500 mm Year 2018 made completely of AISI 304 stainless steel. Steam or water rain (spray) operation. Automatic quick closing cylindrical door. Pressure probe, product temperature probe and chamber probe. Complete with 2 baskets, 13 trays each in stainless steel. System including boiler (steam generator) Thermindus OST 400, softener and central heating unit.

Elecrem 1000 Pasteuriser

Year: 2011

Sell plate pasteurizer designed for making yoghurt or fermented milk. Actual output: 750 L/H Pasteurization temperature: 80°c Chambering time: 3 minutes Heating by 2 electric resistances Year 2011 Brand ELECREM

APV 35 / 8000 kg/h Pasteuriser

Year: 1997

Manufacturer APV TYPE / Year 35 / 1997 Capacity 8000 Kg /h Working Pressure 16 bar Max working temp 95 *C Beer pasteurizer - Heat exchanger

Pstragowski PS 3000 Pasteuriser

Year: 2024

The Pstrągowski company is a manufacturer of stainless steel tunnel pasteurizers. Our devices are used for microbiological preservation of beer, juices and mousses in packages. Products packed in cans, bottles, jars and bags are pasteurized. Tunnel pasteurizer with a capacity of 3000 bottles/h: Pasteurization temperature: 70 degrees Number of chambers: 8 Electricity consumption: 12kW Control: automatic Heat exchangers: plate We …

Frigojollinox BM 50 TOP Pasteuriser

Year: 2018

The machinery is ideal for processing agricultural products. It is equipped with everything: baskets, labeller, Ph detector. Complete and versatile system, ideal for obtaining a packaged and ready-to-sell product from raw food materials. The technologies used make it possible to carry out both the cooking and concentration phases in vacuum and the sterilization and pasteurization phases of the packaged product. …

Tunnel pasteurizer Can Brewery Pasteuriser


Tunnel pasteurizer Can Brewery, Jars, Beverages 9000 bph 11 mx 2m

Alfa Laval Clip 10 Pasteuriser

Year: 1995

Max T° 95 °
Output L/h 37000