Exapro, a distinguished marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers an array of punching and nibbling machines tailored for various industries, from automotive to aerospace. Renowned for precision and efficiency, these machines streamline sheet metal processing, delivering intricate shapes and designs swiftly. Key manufacturers like Amada, Trumpf, and Salvagnini, among others, have their equipment frequently listed, ensuring buyers access top-quality machines.

A pivotal factor for potential buyers is the machine parameters. From punching force, working area, to CNC controls, these indicators ensure compatibility with production needs. While Exapro provides an extensive range of options, prices for these machines predominantly fall between €10,000 and €39,000, offering a balance between quality and value.

Whether you're in the HVAC, medical equipment, or marine industry, Exapro caters to diverse requirements, ensuring a high degree of compatibility with specific industrial applications. With machines stemming from leading manufacturers and transparent information on machine specifications, Exapro simplifies the buying and selling process, ensuring both parties derive maximum value from the transaction.

BOSCHERT Ecco Line EL-500-Digital punching machine Hot deal Good value

Year: 2004

Power in tons 28 T
Metal width 1000 mm
Metal length 2000 mm
Max steel thickness 6 mm

GEKA BENDICROP 60 Punching machine


Power in tons 60 T
Metal width 150 mm
Max Punching diameter 40 mm
Metal length 350 mm
Max steel thickness 11 mm
Number of strokes per minute 32

GEKA PUMA 55S Punching machine

Year: 2020

Power in tons 55 T
Max steel thickness 10 mm
Number of strokes per minute 37
Metal length 500 mm
Max Punching diameter 40 mm

Technology Italiana Tecnotransfer 15 SR Punching machine

Year: 2004

Technology Italiana Tecnotransfer 15 SR punching machine year 2004

WEMO punching bending system

Year: 1992

This WEMO Punching-Bending-System was manufactured in the year 1992 in Germany. It is in good condition due conscientious and documented maintenance. The machine is still in operation and can be viewed and inspected at any time. It will be delivered including accessories from operator's stock. Machine will be sold including accessories from operater's stock Due to conscientious and documented maintenance, …

Kingsland 115XS Punching machine


Power in tons 115 T
Metal width 380 mm
Max Punching diameter 55 mm
Metal length 600 mm
Max steel thickness 26 mm

GEKA PUMA 50/E-750 Punching machine

Year: 1991

Power in tons 50 T
Metal width 500 mm
Metal length 1000 mm
Max steel thickness 13 mm

Omera OP / 120 HY Punching machine

Year: 2001

Power in tons 120 T
Max Punching diameter 35 mm
Max steel thickness 25 mm
Number of strokes per minute 29

EUROMAC CX 1000/30 Punching machine

Year: 1999

Power in tons 30 T
Metal length 2000 mm

BOSCHERT KST 25-500 Punching machine

Year: 1992

Power in tons 25 T
Max Punching diameter 105 mm
Max steel thickness 10 mm
Number of strokes per minute 160

METALLKRAFT HLS-55 Punching machine

Year: 2008

Power in tons 55 T
Max steel thickness 20 mm

Geka Hydracrop 70sd Universal Shearing Punching Machine

Year: 2017

Power in tons 70 T
Max steel thickness 12 mm
Metal length 450 mm
Max Punching diameter 28 mm

MUBEA KBLH 550 Punching machine


Power in tons 50 T
Metal width 180 mm
Metal length 400 mm

GOITI DANOBAT PGA-3 Punching machine

Year: 1999

Power in tons 30 T
Metal width 1250 mm
Metal length 1250 mm
Max steel thickness 6 mm

Boschert EL1000 ROTAINDEX Punching machine

Year: 2004

Boschert EL 1000 ROTAINDEX hydraulic punching machine Brand: Boschert Model: EL1000 ROTAINDEX Serial number: 102 Year: 2004 CE marking

DURMA IW 55/100 BTD Punching machine

Year: 2007

Power in tons 55 T
Number of strokes per minute 37

SCHIAVI VULCANO K 1020 Punching machine

Year: 2009

SCHIAVI VULCANO K 1020 nibbling punching machine with overhauled mechanics. Requires connection of some cables to the electrical panel.

FORM TGRJ 25 NC Punching machine

Year: 1990

Power in tons 25 T
Metal width 1000 mm
Metal length 1250 mm

GEKA MICROCROP Punching machine


Power in tons 36 T
Metal width 36 mm
Max Punching diameter 27 mm
Metal length 350 mm
Max steel thickness 8 mm
Number of strokes per minute 24

Punching Machines and Nibbling Machines in the Sheet Metal Machines Category on Exapro

If you're in the manufacturing or engineering sector, you're likely familiar with the central role sheet metal plays in various industries, from automotive to construction and beyond. A pivotal step in the manipulation of sheet metal is the art of punching and nibbling. These processes ensure that sheet metals are shaped, sized, and designed with precision, catering to the multifaceted needs of the end-users.

Punching machines are used to create holes, patterns, or shapes in sheet metal. They use a punch and a die of specific shapes and sizes, and through a pressing mechanism, the metal sheet is placed between them. The punch then presses into the sheet metal, forcing it into the die to create the desired hole or shape.

Nibbling machines, on the other hand, are a tad more nuanced. They 'nibble' or make a series of closely spaced cuts to produce complex profiles in sheet metal. It's much like taking tiny bites out of the sheet metal until the desired shape is achieved.

Why Choose Exapro for Purchasing and Selling?

Choosing where to buy or sell used machinery, especially something as specialised as punching and nibbling machines, is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Exapro shines as a marketplace in this arena. Not only does it host a comprehensive range of machinery, ensuring you find exactly what you need, but it also provides a platform where trust, transparency, and ease of transaction are paramount.

For those considering selling on Exapro, the platform offers a vast international audience. This means your machinery gets visibility beyond borders, increasing the chances of a quicker and more profitable sale. Moreover, the process of listing and selling is streamlined, with dedicated professionals at Exapro to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that the entire process is as hassle-free as possible.

For buyers, the advantages are manifold. Exapro's meticulous listing process means you can be confident in the quality and authenticity of the machines you're purchasing. Plus, the expansive inventory ensures you'll find the machinery tailored to your needs, regardless of how niche or specific they might be.

When considering purchasing a used punching or nibbling machine on Exapro, it's essential to balance your budgetary constraints with your operational needs.  Exapro's expansive range ensures that whatever your budget, you're likely to find a machine that fits your requirements. On Exapro, the prices for used punching and nibbling machines vary based on factors like age, brand, model, and condition. Generally, the price range for these machines falls between €10,000 and €39,000 reflecting factors like age, brand, model, and condition. But always remember, a higher price doesn't necessarily equate to higher value — it's all about finding the right machine for your specific needs.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current machinery, sell off surplus equipment, or venture into a new manufacturing project, Exapro offers a robust platform to buy and sell punching machines, nibbling machines, and other sheet metal machines. Through its commitment to quality, vast inventory, and a user-centric approach, Exapro remains a favoured marketplace for industrial machinery dealings. Explore today and witness the Exapro difference for yourself.


Main Advantages of Punching and Nibbling machines

Punching and nibbling machines are integral in the realm of sheet metal processing, offering several advantages to industries that prioritise efficiency, precision, and versatility. Here are the main advantages of these machines:

Advantages of Punching Machines:

High Efficiency and Speed: They can produce large volumes of workpieces swiftly, significantly reducing production times.

Precision and Consistency: These machines offer high-accuracy results, ensuring every piece meets the exact specifications with uniformity.

Versatility: With the ability to accommodate various dies and punches, they can create a diverse range of shapes and designs on sheet metals.

Cost-Effective: They reduce waste and are generally more economical in terms of labor and material costs compared to other methods.

Low Maintenance: Modern machines are designed for prolonged operations with minimal maintenance needs.

Advantages of Nibbling Machines:

Flexibility: They are adept at creating intricate shapes, even on thicker sheets, which may be challenging with other processes.

Smooth Edges: The nibbling process typically produces clean, burr-free edges, reducing the need for secondary finishing.

No Material Distortion: As a non-thermal process, nibbling ensures that there's no heat-induced distortion or alteration of material properties.

Adaptability: They can quickly adjust to varied design specifications, making them suitable for dynamic projects.

Low Operational Costs: Generally, nibbling machines operate at a lower cost, especially when crafting complex profiles.

These advantages underscore why punching and nibbling machines are vital assets in various industries, driving production efficiency and ensuring high-quality outputs.


Main machine parameters of Punching and Nibbling machines 

When considering the purchase or sale of punching and nibbling machines on a marketplace like Exapro, it's essential to pay attention to certain machine parameters. These parameters provide crucial information about the machine's capabilities, condition, and suitability for specific tasks. Here are the main machine parameters to consider:

For Punching Machines:

Punching Force: This denotes the machine's maximum force capacity and is usually measured in tons. It determines the thickness and type of material the machine can handle.

Working Area/Table Size: Indicates the size of the sheet metal that the machine can accommodate. A larger working area allows for processing larger sheets without repositioning.

Max. Material Thickness: The maximum thickness of the sheet metal that can be processed.

Number of Tool Stations: Specifies the number of different tools or dies the machine can hold at once. More stations can increase versatility and reduce tool-changing times.

Stroke Rate: The number of strokes or punches the machine can make in a minute. A higher stroke rate typically means faster production.

Turret Configuration: Some punching machines feature a turret design, and knowing the number of stations and their configurations can indicate the machine's versatility.

CNC Control: If the machine is computer numerically controlled (CNC), the type and version of the CNC system is vital as it affects precision, ease of programming, and compatibility with design software.

For Nibbling Machines:

Max. Nibbling Speed: This denotes how quickly the machine can 'nibble' or make cuts in the sheet metal.

Working Area/Table Size: As with punching machines, this indicates the size of sheet metal the machine can process.

Max. Material Thickness: The maximum thickness of material that the machine can nibble.

Stroke Rate: The number of nibbling actions the machine can execute per minute.

CNC Control: As with punching machines, the type and version of the CNC system is essential, especially for complex and intricate designs.

By comprehensively evaluating these parameters, both buyers and sellers on Exapro can make informed decisions, ensuring that the machine in question aligns well with their requirements and expectations.


Area of Use

When considering ta purchase on Exapro, the area of use for punching and nibbling machines is crucial as it significantly impacts the demand, value, and appropriateness of the machine for potential buyers, while sellers can highlight specific features and capabilities of their machines that align with the requirements of buyers from different industries. Here’s how these machines are utilised across different sectors:

Automotive Industry: Punching and nibbling machines are indispensable in the automotive sector for manufacturing components like chassis, body panels, and brackets. Buyers from this sector often seek machines that offer precision and can handle high production volumes.

Aerospace Industry: In the aerospace sector, the emphasis is on precision and material integrity. These machines are used to produce components that meet stringent quality and safety standards. Buyers from this industry often have specific requirements regarding material handling and accuracy.

Construction Industry: These machines are pivotal in constructing components like panels, frames, and brackets used in buildings, bridges, and other structures. Buyers in construction usually require robust machines capable of handling larger and thicker materials.

Electrical and Electronics Industry: In this sector, punching and nibbling machines are used to fabricate components like enclosures and mounts. Demand in this sector typically revolves around machines that can offer high precision for smaller components.

Furniture Manufacturing: These machines are employed to produce parts like frames, brackets, and fittings. The furniture sector often looks for versatile machines capable of handling different materials and producing a variety of shapes.

HVAC Industry: The manufacturing of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components such as ducts and panels often involves the use of punching and nibbling machines. Buyers in this industry generally need machines that can handle varied shapes and sizes.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing: Precision and material compatibility are paramount in the medical equipment sector, where these machines are used to fabricate components like casings and brackets. Buyers from the medical sector usually require machines that can adhere to stringent quality controls and can handle specialized materials.

Marine Industry: Punching and nibbling machines are essential for fabricating components used in shipbuilding, such as panels and frames. The marine industry buyers often have requirements for machines that can handle large components and offer corrosion-resistant processing.


Leading Manufacturers of Punching and Nibbling machines

Several renowned manufacturers produce punching and nibbling machines, and many of their products can often be found on Exapro. Here's a list of some notable ones:

Amada: A globally recognized name in sheet metal processing equipment, Amada offers a wide range of punching and combination machines. Their machines are known for precision and reliability.

Trumpf: Another industry leader, Trumpf provides high-quality punching, nibbling, and combination machines. Their TruPunch series is especially well-regarded for efficiency and precision.

Salvagnini: Specializing in flexible automation and industrial machinery, Salvagnini offers solutions that are innovative and tailored for a variety of sheet metal processing needs.

Prima Power: They offer a range of solutions for sheet metal processing, including punching and shearing equipment. Their machines are designed for high performance and precision.

Murata (Muratec): Known for their Motorum series, Murata offers punching machines that are both versatile and reliable.

LVD: LVD's Strippit series offers a range of CNC turret punch presses known for their precision and advanced features.

Euromac: This company offers a variety of punching machines, with a focus on flexibility, efficiency, and performance.

Nisshinbo: As an established manufacturer, Nisshinbo offers turret punch presses that are durable and versatile.

Finn-Power (now part of Prima Power): Their machines have a good reputation in the sheet metal industry, known for their robustness and versatility.

Durma: Offering a range of punching solutions, Durma machines are known for their quality and innovative features.

When considering a purchase or sale on Exapro, it's always beneficial to be familiar with these manufacturers. Their reputation often plays a role in determining the value, reliability, and performance expectations of the machines. Additionally, the availability of parts, service, and support can vary based on the manufacturer, so it's always good to factor in these considerations as well.