Rosauto 173AF Hot deal

Year: 2021

ROSAUTO spray gun cleaner with membrane pump and two spray guns. Automatic washing with thinner New equipment, never used. Brand: ROSAUTO Model: 173 AF Tank capacity: 25L Max pressure : 10 Bar Sold with two WALCOM SLIM XLIGHT HTE - POMC guns, diameter 1.7

Janser (Allemagne) Certified

Year: 1970

Essential tool for thoroughly dusting loose rugs (Orient, mechanical, high-wool, etc.) before washing them. High performance ! The belt is driven by itself by a rotating shaft fitted with blades. The threshing is done regularly with a constant striking power. Suction takes place below. Threshing and suction controlled separately. three-phase 220 V Working length: 2 m L total (with support …

Karcher ICE BLASTER IB15/120 Hot deal

Year: 2019

Machine type: dry ice pulverizing machine Manufacturer: Karcher Model: ICE BLASTER IB15/120 Serial No.: 1.574-104-0, No.: 10337 / 1.574-104-0, No.: 10351 / 1.574-104-0, No.: 10345 Year of manufacture: 2019 Condition: Good condition and optimal operation. Others: Pack of 3 machines for sale. They have hoses for power supply and consumables.

Tennant M17 Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2019

Type of machine: Ride-on battery sweeper-scrubber Manufacturer: Tennant Model: M17 Serial No.: M17-U00358 Year of manufacture: 2019 Hours of use: 899 State: It works correctly. Others: Sold together with replacement battery.

Tennant S20 Hot deal

Year: 2019

Machine type: Ride-on compact sweeper Manufacturer: Tennant Model: S20 Serial No.: S20-U02417 Year of manufacture: 2019 Hours of use: 2957 Status: Limited battery life. Necessary change of cells. Others: Sold together with replacement battery.

KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH VRF 150 / 750

Year: 1995

Cleaning of coolants, emulsions and cutting oils without filter consumables. Installation on machine tools for single machines, groups of machines and central plants. the plant can be controlled via an SPC control or directly from the processing machine. FILTRATION CAPACITY: Emulsion 150 (1 mm2 / s) Oil 75 (10 mm2 / s at operating temperature) Inlet (DN) 40 Tank capacity …

HGTech LSF200 fiber laser cleaning machine

Year: 2020

Cleaning laser used as a demo machine. We offer a warranty period of 1 year, service and technical support, possible even after warranty service. The price is shown without VAT. Removes rust, paint, oil, rubber and more materials. Highly efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable. High cleaning class and precision. Cleaning with almost no damage base material.

Sweeping, Washing and Drying Machine- Gansow CT110


Scrubber drier for sweeping, washing and drying flat, horizontal, smooth or moderately rough.

Tsomakos TSFD70/3-11 Shotblasting Line

Year: 2013

Shotblasting Line for Springs application area: - for automatically cleaning of beam technical work of springs in troughput transportation trough the plant via drag chain. - troughput speed of the chain adjustable plant consists of: - machine housing, internal ( (high - alloy tool steel - hardened) with interchangeable beam plates - conveyor system - 2 pieces of blasting chamber …

Hermle Vacuum extraction of graphite

Year: 2007

The exhaust is in good technical condition. Power: 5.5 kW Voltage: 400/690 V Frequency: 54 Hz Dimensions: 920 x 920 x 2500 mm Weight: 500 kg Inspection possible after prior agreement.

Tennant T600E Hot deal

Year: 2019

Machine type: Walk-behind hand scrubber Manufacturer: Tennant Model: T600E Serial No.: T600E-U00269 Year of manufacture: 2019 Condition: The skirt does not fit well to the ground.

Tennant T600E Hot deal

Year: 2019

Machine type: Walk-behind hand scrubber Manufacturer: Tennant Model: T600E Serial No.: T600E-U00268 Year of manufacture: 2019 Status: Doesn't vacuum as much as it should


Year: 2015

Precision technical cleaning unit with microgranules of self-produced dry ice with liquid CO2. TECHNICAL DATA: Liquid CO2 pressure: 10 to 70 bar Working pressure: 1.5 - 8.5 bar Air pressure supply: max. 10 bars Compressed air consumption: 1 m3/min. at 5 bars Electric consumption: 230 V 50 Hz 1 KW single-phase Dry ice capacity: 10kg Size of the micro pellets: …

CFM Mod. 118 - Industrial vacuum cleaner for powders used Hot deal

Year: 2000

DESCRIPTION: Industrial vacuum cleaners are specifically projected to be used under demanding work conditions; in particular whenever is requested ease of use, robustness, low levels of noise and continuous service. Designed with silent and reliable 3 phase motor. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: Industrial vacuum cleaners are used for maintaining the hygiene …


Year: 2012

Cartridge filter FILTROTECNICA ITALIANA. Range 10,000 mch. Automatic cartridge cleaning system.

Jinan Acctek Machinery Co.Ltd AKQ-1500

Year: 2023

Laser Cleaning / Stripping 2000w power Made for 1. The removal/cleaning of rust or paint on metal surfaces, oxidation or paint on Aluminum plates. 2.Removal/cleaning of solder joints 3. removal/cleaning and stripping of paint from wood. Laser cleaning technology refers to the use of high-energy, high-frequency laser pulses to irradiate the surface of the part. It is a "GREEN" cleaning …



Single pipe dry ice projection unit, with PLC and touch screen. Selectable and customizable programs. OPERATION: – Monotube – Management with PLC and panel - Touch screen – Selectable and customizable programs TECHNICAL DATA: Working pressure: 2.5÷13 bar Compressed air consumption: 4.2 m3/min at 6 bar Dry ice capacity: 35kg Dry ice consumption: 0.5 ÷ 1kg /min Electric consumption: 0.37 …



Dry ice projection unit, adjustable, single tube. Fully pneumatic. OPERATION: – Monotube – Fully pneumatic TECHNICAL DATA: Working pressure: 2.5 ÷ 13 bar Compressed air consumption: 3.7 m3/min at 6 bar Dry ice capacity: 20kg Dry ice consumption: 0.5 ÷ 1.3 kg /min Feeding: dry ice pellets Ø 3mm Air connection: 1“ BSP SUPPLY: – Microblast MB Mono 2.0 – …

Sejong OVC-55B

Year: 2016

Dust filtration system (vacuum cleaner) Sejong OVC-55BS, Dec. 2016, fabric filter, 380V/50Hz, 11.9A, 5.5kW, dimensions L 1.1 x W 0.6 x H 1.4 m, CE certified,

Sejong OVC-22BS

Year: 2017

Dust filtration system (vacuum cleaner) Sejong OVC-22BS, 2017, fabric filter, 380V/50Hz, 5.7A, 3PH, 2.2kW, dimensions L 1.1 x W 0.5 x H 1.3 m, CE certified,