Lissmac SBM-XS 300 GIE 1 Deburring machine

Year: 2017

The machine is in good technical condition. Maximum workpiece width: 300 mm Maximum workpiece width and length (double-sided processing): 200 mm Minimum part size: 25 x 25 x 1mm Min. and max. thickness workpiece: 1-15mm Feed speed: 0-2m/min Workpiece thickness setting: electric Tool setting: manual Total machine power: 5kW Total current consumption: 8A Weight: 1400kg Dimensions: 1300 x 2300 x …

Clera deburring 1250 mm Deburring machine


Deburring unit for laser and plasma cut piecesmax workpiece: 1200 x 600 x 200 mm auto loading lift + unloading conveyor belt max width: 1250 mmmax length: 1000 mm Type/Model: 1250 mm

ARKU EdgeBreaker 1000 Deburring machine

Year: 2020

This ARKU EdgeBreaker 1000 Deburring Machine was built in the year 2020 in Germany and has 960 hours. It is equipped with an ARKU control panel. The machine has a max passage width of 250 mm and a max feed rate of 6m / min. Options included: standards wet dust collection unit, 1 additional module unit for surface finish, 3 …

Lissmac SBM XL1000 S2B2 Deburring machine

Year: 2013

Type: Double-sided Maximum width of parts to be deburred (mm): 1000 mm Maximum workpiece thickness (mm): 120 mm Minimum thickness of workpieces: 0.5 mm Belt speed: 0 to 4 m/min Installed power: 45 kW Dimensions: 3100x2100x2100 Weight: 3800kg Year 2013 Equipment: DOUBLE-SIDED deburring machine for steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals Composed: - Touch screen control - anti slip carpet - …

AXIOME Deburring cell Deburring machine

Year: 2017

High pressure oil jet deburring machine equipped with 2 STÄUBLI robots 1 TS 60 robot for loading / unloading 1 robot RX 160 HD Version HE2 for deburring Fully enclosed cell with 2 zones 1 loading / unloading area 1 deburring area Other features: Machine equipped with: 1 one-piece frame with a rigid mechanically welded structure built in stainless steel …

Fladder 300/GYRO-1300 VAC Deburring machine

Year: 2014

This Fladder 300/GYRO-1300 VAC Deburring machine was manufactured in the year 2014 in Denmark. The machine has a Vacuum belt of 1300 mm. Machine width: 2300 mm Machine depth: 2070 mm Machine height: 2210 mm Machine weight: 2300 kg Diameter of 400 mm Grit size: p100, p150, p180, p220 or p320. Density of abrasives:standard: 7, 9 or 11 mm. Working …

ARKU EdgeBreaker 4000 Deburring machine

Year: 2017

This ARKU EdgeBreaker 4000 Deburring machine was manufactured in the year 2017 in Germany. It is equipped with an Arku control unit. The machine has a material thickness of 0,8 - 100 mm. Machine width: 3100 mm Machine depth: 2100 mm Machine height: 2400 mm Machine weight: 4650 kg CNC: arku Processing type: double-sided, dry Max. Working width: 1300 mm. …

Costa MD4-CVC 1150 + SB 140 Deburring machine

Year: 2013

This Costa MD4-CVC 1150 + SB 140 Deburring machine was made in 2013 in Italy. It is equipped with an ESTA control unit. The machine has a Working width of 1150 mm. Machine weight: 2150 kg CNC: ESTA Working width: 1150mm Thicknesses to be machined: 0. 5 - 150 mm Working height: 750 - 900 mm Throughput speed: 1 - …

Sideros Rotoclean Deburring machine

Year: 2019

Sells SIDEROS Rotoclean brand deburring barrel Year of manufacture 2019 Very little used, almost new tank interior,

Grindingmaster 42-Serie-1350-WWB-S Deburring machine

Year: 2007

Deburring machine Sanding belt dimensions 1380x1900 mm Workpiece width 1350 mm Working height 1-150 mm Feed generator 2-20 kW Air pressure - required 6 bar Table size 1600x4300 mm Machine weight approx. 5.5 t Space requirement approx. 2.5x3.0x2.3 m 1st station sanding belt unit, roller diameter 180mm, 90° Shore, for rough Burr removal 2nd station sanding belt unit, roller diameter …

Deburring machine TIMESAVERS 42 RB Range

Year: 2016

Made in: 2016 Characteristic: Equipment: new grinding wheels In good technical condition.

Deburring machine SCM M950

Year: 2017

Producer: SCM Made in: 2017 Characteristic: Weight: 2200 kg inspection possible video available

Brushing machine RSA TURNAMAT

Year: 2014

Made in: 2014 Characteristic: Max. Speed: 1500/3000 1/min Power input: 4.9 kW Max. thread diameter: 250 mm

WEBER TTS 1100 Deburring machine

Year: 2007

Maximum width of the parts to be deburred (mm) : 1100 mm Maximum thickness of the part (mm) : 100 mm Minimum thickness of the parts to be machined : 0.8 mm Table height (mm) : 800 to 900 mm Belt speed : 1 at 10m/min Equipment: Machine for deburring and rounding of contours for steel, stainless steel, aluminum Consisting …

Lissmac SMW 545 Lapping finishing machine Low working hours

Year: 2015

Operating hours machine 3578 h Max. passage width 1350 mm Workable sheet thickness 120 mm Number of aggregates 4 Genset configuration RTTB LISSMAC grinding machines of the SMD 5 series set standards for the perfect surface finish in the dry grinding process. The SMD5, which is based on the modular principle, can be individually configured to meet customer requirements and …

Lissmac ABM-S 1000 Deburring machine

Year: 2007

Max. passage width 1000 mm Workable sheet thickness 20 mm Voltage 400V / 50Hz Rated current 28.5 A Rated power 12.6 kW Degree of protection IP54 Feed continuously 0-4 m / min Length 2230mm Width 1500mm Height 1532mm Weight machine 1700 kg standard equipment - Sheet thickness adjustment: hand crank with worm gear and scale / infinitely variable - Setting …

Grindingmaster GR-2200-900 Deburring machine

Year: 1998

Working width 900 mm Machine equipped with 1 sanding belt and brushes, for deburring edges and surfaces

Used LISSMAC SABM-S 1000 Deburring machine

Year: 2008

LISSMAC SABM-S 1000, dry on both sides, suitable for aluminium. Year of Manufacture 2008

Conni DB Deburring machine


Conni brushing machine capable of deburring tubes up to 80 mm in diameter and 3000 mm in length.

Lissmac SBM-M 1500 S2 AluMix Deburring machine

Year: 2010

Max. passage width 1500 mm Processable sheet thickness 0.5-50 mm Voltage 400V / 50 Hz Rated current 29 A Rated power 4x3 kW Protection class IP54 Feed continuously 0-4 m / min Length 3300mm Width 1400mm Height 1800mm Weight machine 2305 kg - Upper and lower units separately electrically adjustable / can be switched on and off - Extraction system …