TIMESAVERS 42-SERIE-1350-RB Deburring machine

Year: 2012

This TIMESAVERS 42-SERIE-1350-RB Deburring machine was manufactured in 2012 in Netherlands. This machines passage width is 1350 mm. It comes with rotating brushes that include wet extraction unit. Contact us anytime for further information. Passage width: 1350mm Aggregate 1: rotating brush including wet extraction unit

ERNST EM5N II/L Deburring machine

Year: 2007

This ERNST EM5N II/L Deburring machine was manufactured in the year 2007. Machine width: 3000 mm Machine depth: 3200 mm Machine height: 1860 mm Machine weight: 5400 kg Main electronic connection: 400V / 50Hz Power connections: 34 kW Total power requirement 45kW The machine has the option of dry and wet deburring

LISSMAC SBM XL 1000 S2B2 Deburring machine

Year: 2013

This LISSMAC SBM XL 1000 S2B2 Deburring machine was manufactured in the year 2013 in Germany. It is a machine for steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals works. It has a touch screen control and an anti slip carpet. It also has 2 type B metal brushes to descale and 2 S-type tools flexible abrasive blocks for rounding contours. Machine …

Sideros Rotoclean Deburring machine

Year: 2019

Sells SIDEROS Rotoclean brand deburring barrel Year of manufacture 2019 Very little used, almost new tank interior,


Year: 2021

CELL COMPOSED OF: 2 MULTICONTACT GRINDING UNITS WITH 3 BELTS fully automatic with intelligent system, capable of maintaining the programmed working pressure constant. 1 UNIT mod. FLEXIBLE DISK The operation of the unit is governed and managed by the program of the robot 1 UNIT mod. FLEXIBLE DISK The operation of the unit is governed and managed by the program …

Deburring machine SCM M950

Year: 2017

Producer: SCM Made in: 2017 Characteristic: Weight: 2200 kg inspection possible video available

Brushing machine RSA TURNAMAT

Year: 2014

Made in: 2014 Characteristic: Max. Speed: 1500/3000 1/min Power input: 4.9 kW Max. thread diameter: 250 mm

Rösler R320 EC + RT150 Euro Deburring machine


Rösler R320 EC med RT150 Euro Volume: 320l Channel width: 290mm Channel length: 2800mm Length separator: 1025mm Width separator: 300mm Motor: 3kW Manufacturingyear: 2009 Diameter: ø1280mm Height: 1210mm Weight: 920kg Rösler RT150 Euro: Tork Dryer Motor: 5kW Diameter: 1400mm Height: 970mm Weight: 460kg Manufacturingyear: 2009 noice protection


Year: 2010

POLISHING good condition inspection possible video available

Lissmac SBM-XS 300 GIE 1 Deburring machine

Year: 2017

The machine is in good technical condition. Maximum workpiece width: 300 mm Maximum workpiece width and length (double-sided processing): 200 mm Minimum part size: 25 x 25 x 1mm Min. and max. thickness workpiece: 1-15mm Feed speed: 0-2m/min Workpiece thickness setting: electric Tool setting: manual Total machine power: 5kW Total current consumption: 8A Weight: 1400kg Dimensions: 1300 x 2300 x …

SCM DMC M 950 Deburring machine

Year: 2017

Compact deburring and finishing machine. Dry deburring and sanitizing of metal surfaces. Burr removal. Removal of oxides from edges and surface treatment. Technical parameters: 400V, 71A. Weight: 2200Kg.

Costa Levigatrici WD CV 1300 Deburring machine Low working hours

Year: 2016

Very good condition! Only 1979 working hours. We cleaned the machine from limescale, painted it, replaced the nozzles. CNC HMI Vision display 10". Useful working width 1300mm. 2 units - abrasive belt unit, brushing unit.

RSA Turnamat Deburring machine

Year: 2014

Machine in good technical condition, minimally used. Robust and fast deburring for symmetrical and asymmetrical workpieces. De-needling time 1 to 5 seconds (on the front surface). Speeds rpm 1,500 + 3,000 Cross-sections mm 20 x 20 to 120 x 120, 10 x 10 to 120 x 120 Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals Power: 4.9 kW Max. thread diameter: …

Metal sheets egde linishing/deburring machine


Metal sheets edge processing machine Euro Fintec 845. Used, in working condition. The thickness of the metal sheet is 0.5-30 mm. Integrated vacuum extractor for metal dust. 800x450mm Horizontal Linishing, 50x600mm Vertical Linishing, 150mm Dia Beburring Head. Machine is on mobile bench.

Conni DB Deburring machine


Conni brushing machine capable of deburring tubes up to 80 mm in diameter and 3000 mm in length.

Klaassen RZ 15 Deburring machine

Year: 2019

Wheel diameter - max. 1300 mm Wheel width 600 mm Module - max. 30 Module - min. 2 Diameter 150mm Machine weight approx. 3 t Space requirement approx. 3.2x3.2.2.5 m 6-axis industrial robot YASKAWA MH50 2 CNC rotary tables 1. Turntable 1 and turntable 2 Engine: YASKAWA SGMRV-20ANA-YR11 limited Nmax=1,300 1/min Gearbox: Manufacturer ZAE Hamburg, type: S100B-1300/65-HOX-72.0:1-3000 Gear ratio I= …

Ernst EG3M Deburring machine

Year: 1988

The ERNST EG3M detail deburring machine, manufactured in 1988 in Germany, is used for surface treatment of sheets with a maximum thickness of 70 mm. The ERNST EG 3 M automatic sheet metal deburring machine dry grinds details using one grinding roller for deburring and two counter-rotating brush rollers for edge rounding. A driven retaining roller on loose bearings presses …

Grindingmaster GR-2200-900 Deburring machine

Year: 1998

Working width 900 mm Machine equipped with 1 sanding belt and brushes, for deburring edges and surfaces

Wolters BD 300 L Deburring machine

Year: 2007

Brush Deburring Machine specifications through feed grinding machine Working width: 290 mm automatic feed with belt conveyor: yes number of brushing station: 2 demagnetizer: yes Brushing Unit number of brushes: 5 drive power: 4 kW Electrical specifications total power consumption: 8 kW mains voltage: 400 V mains frequency: 50 Hz Dimensions / weights space requirements -left/right-: 3250 mm space requirements …

Rösler R 220 EC Deburring machine

Year: 2013

Includes lid and settling tank Only 1437 hours