Exapro offers a diverse range of 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres, essential tools in the modern woodworking landscape. These state-of-the-art machines allow craftsmen and industries to craft intricate designs with impeccable precision, making them invaluable in fields like furniture manufacturing, cabinet production, and prototyping. Their capabilities range from complex 3D carvings to precise joinery tasks.

The machines on Exapro come in various specifications to cater to different needs and budgets. With prices ranging between €35,000 and €97,000, buyers can find machinery that offers the perfect balance between functionality and cost. Popular brands available include Biesse, Homag, SCM Group, and Masterwood, signifying quality and reliability.

While the investment may seem significant, the versatility, accuracy, and efficiency of these machines make them a valuable addition to any woodworking enterprise. Moreover, Exapro's transparent listings, complete with essential machine parameters, ensure that buyers can make informed decisions tailored to their requirements.

For professionals aiming to elevate the quality of their woodworking projects, Exapro's range of 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres provides a gateway to unmatched precision and innovation.

BUSELLATO Jet Optima T5 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2018

Tool changer positions 12
CNC type
Vacuum pump 90 m³/h

Anderson NC-1325IP Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2004

X stroke 1900 mm
Z stroke 800 mm
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h
Y stroke 2800 mm
Tool changer positions 15
CNC type

Thermwood C67S 5-axis cnc wood machining center

Year: 2001

X stroke 3048 mm
Z stroke 914 mm
Y stroke 1524 mm
CNC type

Pade Spin 5 Axis CNC Machining Center

Year: 2012

X stroke 420 mm
Z stroke 60 mm
Y stroke 280 mm
CNC type

CMS PF132-2TUCU Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2002

X stroke 5800 mm
Z stroke 770 mm
Vacuum pump 500 m³/h
Y stroke 1850 mm
Tool changer positions 32
CNC type Osai Serie 10 Winlink

Paolino Bacci Master 5 axis wood cnc machining center

Year: 2007

Z stroke 1100 mm
CNC type
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h

Vincenzo Celentano 2530 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis Low working hours

Year: 2019

X stroke 2500 mm
Z stroke 700 mm
Y stroke 3000 mm
CNC type 5 Axis

BALESTRINI GREAT IDEA Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2005

X stroke 1600 mm
Z stroke 700 mm
CNC type NUM
Y stroke 3000 mm
Vacuum pump 100 m³/h

Scm Accord 30 FX Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2015

X stroke 3680 mm
Z stroke 250 mm
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h
Y stroke 1680 mm
Tool changer positions 12
CNC type Xilog Maestro


Year: 2010

X stroke 6175 mm
CNC type
Y stroke 1850 mm

Biesse Rover A 1659 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2018

X stroke 5920 mm
Z stroke 245 mm
Vacuum pump 100 m³/h
Y stroke 1580 mm
Tool changer positions 10
CNC type BIESSE BSolid

Mori Seiki NTX1000 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2012

X stroke 380 mm
Z stroke 460 mm
CNC type MSX-711-IV Mori Seiki
Y stroke 105 mm
Tool changer positions 10

BALESTRINI IDEA 2 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2007

X stroke 1800 mm
Z stroke 700 mm
Y stroke 1600 mm
CNC type

Morbidelli Universal X5 HD 36 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2014

X stroke 3548 mm
Z stroke 400 mm
Vacuum pump 100 m³/h
Y stroke 1350 mm
Tool changer positions 10
CNC type XILOG PLUS software

BACCI SMART Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2001

X stroke 1500 mm
Z stroke 1000 mm
Y stroke 1800 mm
CNC type

5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres on Exapro

At Exapro, we recognise the importance of aiding professionals in acquiring the most suitable machinery for their industrial requirements. In our extensive catalogue, the 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres stand out prominently in the category of Woodworking Machines. For those unfamiliar, 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres are critical in executing complex cuts and intricate designs, enabling woodworkers to perform versatile operations with precision and efficiency.

The 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres are renowned for their ability to deliver superior versatility and precision in woodworking. These machines utilise five different axes – three linear axes and two rotational axes – to operate on different planes, allowing for intricate, multidimensional cuts and designs. The advanced technology embedded in these machines allows craftsmen to fabricate complex components with utmost precision, leading to enhanced productivity and superior-quality outcomes.

Buying or selling machinery through Exapro offers distinct advantages, encapsulating both convenience and reliability. Exapro provides a diversified platform, making the process of purchasing or selling used industrial machinery streamlined and hassle-free. Professionals looking to invest in machinery can explore extensive options, find detailed descriptions, and connect with sellers seamlessly. Sellers, on the other hand, benefit from a vast audience of potential buyers, ensuring that their machinery gains optimal visibility and value.

Exapro’s role goes beyond mere facilitation of transactions; we provide a comprehensive environment where buyers can make informed decisions based on their specific needs, budget, and preferences. We cater to a broad spectrum of industries, offering an extensive range of machinery options from trusted sellers around the world, ensuring that every professional finds the equipment that aligns perfectly with their industrial aspirations.

The 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres come in a spectrum of prices to fit diverse budgets and needs. At Exapro, we've sourced a selection of these machines with prices ranging between €35,000 and €97,000. This range encapsulates the diversity in features, brand reputation, operational hours, and the overall condition of the machine.

Investing in used machinery via Exapro is not just cost-effective but also ensures reliability and quality. Each piece of equipment listed on our platform is thoroughly verified to ensure it meets the high standards that our users expect. This guarantees that buyers procure machinery that is both economically advantageous and industrially proficient, allowing for optimal operational output.

For sellers, Exapro provides a unique avenue to reach potential buyers globally. The platform’s international presence means that listed machinery has a broader audience, increasing the likelihood of connecting with the right buyer. Our dedicated team also offers assistance in listing machinery, ensuring that the equipment is presented effectively to potential buyers.

5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres are indispensable assets for any woodworking enterprise, enabling the creation of intricate and high-quality wood components. By choosing to buy or sell such invaluable machinery through Exapro, professionals not only ensure a smooth and reliable transaction process but also gain access to a plethora of options and a vast network of potential buyers and sellers, making Exapro the preferred marketplace for used industrial machinery.


Main Advantages of 5 Axis Wood CNC machining centres

5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres have revolutionised the woodworking industry with their intricate design capabilities and efficiency and it's due to uncontested advantages of these versatile machines:

Complexity and Precision: One of the foremost benefits is the ability to produce intricate and complex parts with high precision. The addition of two extra axes compared to the traditional 3-axis CNC machines allows for more complex and multidimensional cuts.

Reduction in Setup Time: With the ability to machine from almost all angles in one setup, the need for multiple setups and part repositioning is diminished. This reduces the total production time and minimises the chances of human error during repositioning.

Improved Surface Finishes: The continuous 5-axis movement can maintain the optimal cutting angle and allow the tool to approach the workpiece tangentially, leading to smoother surface finishes.

Extended Tool Life: By allowing optimal tool positioning, there's less wear and tear on the tools, which can prolong tool life. This is especially evident in tasks like trimming, where tools can maintain consistent contact.

Greater Flexibility: The machine's capability to rotate and pivot means a broader range of parts can be manufactured without the need for special tools. This flexibility is indispensable when working on bespoke projects or prototypes.

Space Efficiency: Rather than having multiple machines for different processes, a 5-axis CNC machining centre can often accomplish multiple tasks, saving on floor space in a workshop.

Cost Efficiency: While the initial investment might be higher than 3-axis machines, the long-term savings in terms of reduced labour, fewer machine setups, less tool wear, and decreased waste can make the 5-axis CNC machining centre a cost-effective solution.

Enhanced Competitive Edge: For businesses, offering the capabilities of a 5-axis machine can set them apart from competitors. It can expand their service offerings and allow them to take on projects that might be out of reach for those with only 3-axis machines.

Reduced Waste: With improved precision and reduced need for multiple setups, there's a lesser chance of errors leading to waste.

Compatibility with Modern Design Software: Many contemporary design softwares are geared towards 5-axis machining, allowing for seamless integration between design and production.

5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres provide unparalleled advantages in terms of precision, efficiency, and flexibility in the woodworking domain. For businesses and craftsmen aiming to elevate the quality and range of their work, these machines are indispensable.


Main parameters of 5 Axis Wood CNC machining centres 

When considering the purchase or sale of a 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centre on a marketplace like Exapro, there are several key machine parameters that should be taken into account. These parameters can greatly influence the machine's capability, suitability for specific tasks, and overall value. Here are the main parameters to consider:

Working Area Dimensions: This includes the X, Y, and Z travel distances, which indicate the maximum size of the workpiece that the machine can handle.

Spindle Speed: Measured in RPM (revolutions per minute), the spindle speed will dictate how fast the machine can cut. Higher spindle speeds are suitable for detailed work on harder materials.

Spindle Power: Given in horsepower (HP) or kilowatts (kW), it indicates the machine's cutting power. A more powerful spindle can handle tougher materials and achieve faster feed rates.

Tool Magazine Capacity: The number of tools the machine can hold simultaneously. A larger tool magazine allows for greater versatility in operations without the need for frequent tool changes.

Tool Change Time: The time it takes for the machine to switch between tools. Quicker change times can enhance productivity.

Positioning Accuracy: This parameter gives insights into the machine's precision. It's the machine's ability to reach a specified position accurately.

Repeatability: A measure of how accurately the machine returns to a specific position multiple times. This is crucial for consistency in mass production.

Drive System: Whether the machine uses a ball screw, rack and pinion, or linear motors can influence speed, accuracy, and maintenance requirements.

Controller Type: The software or system that controls the CNC machine. Popular brands include Siemens, Fanuc, and Heidenhain. Compatibility with design software and user-friendliness can be crucial.

Table Type and Configuration: Whether the table is fixed or movable, its load capacity, and its configuration (e.g., swivelling, rotating) can impact the types of jobs the machine can handle.

Cooling System: This is especially important if the machine will be run for extended periods or if it's used to cut hard materials that generate significant heat.

Machine Age and Hours of Operation: An older machine or one with extensive operational hours may have more wear and tear. However, some well-maintained older models can still offer excellent value.

Additional Accessories: Probing systems, dust collection units, or specialized tooling can add value to the machine.

When listing or browsing for a 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centre on Exapro, it's essential to have comprehensive details about these parameters. They provide a clear picture of the machine's capability and condition, aiding both buyers and sellers in making informed decisions.


Area of Use 

The 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres, given their advanced capabilities, have diverse applications across various industries. Understanding the area of use is essential when considering buying or selling such machinery on platforms like Exapro, as it provides potential buyers with insights into the machine's suitability for their specific needs and allows sellers to highlight the machine's potential applications 

Furniture Manufacturing: These machines are invaluable in creating intricate designs, engravings, and cut-outs on furniture pieces, from tables to chairs and decorative items.

Cabinet and Joinery Production: For crafting detailed cabinet designs, mouldings, and other joinery elements, the 5-axis machinery provides precision and efficiency.

Architectural Woodworking: In the production of complex structures, stairs, beams, or decorative elements, the machinery's multidimensional capabilities come into play.

Musical Instruments: Crafting instruments like guitars, violins, and pianos, which require precision and intricate detailing, benefit immensely from these machines.

Prototyping: Businesses and research institutions that require detailed wood prototypes can leverage the advanced capabilities of 5-axis machines to produce accurate and detailed models.

Sculpture and Art: Artists working on wooden sculptures and installations can use these machines to bring their intricate visions to life.

Boat Building: Crafting parts of boats, especially intricate designs or components, can be efficiently done using these machines.

Aerospace and Automotive: While wood isn't the primary material in these industries, they often use wood for prototyping, mould creation, or certain specific parts, where the precision of 5-axis machinery is beneficial.

Recreational Equipment: Equipment like skateboards, sports gear, and more can be crafted or refined using these centres.

Tooling and Mould Production: For industries that need wood moulds or templates for casting or other processes, these machines provide the necessary accuracy and detail.


Main manufacturers of 5 Axis Wood CNC machining centres

There are several renowned manufacturers of 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres, and many of their machines can often be found on platforms like Exapro. Here are some of the leading manufacturers:

Biesse: An Italian company known for its high-quality woodworking machinery. Their 5-axis CNC machines, like the Rover series, are popular among professionals.

Homag: Based in Germany, Homag is a major player in the woodworking machinery market. Their Centateq series of CNC machining centres are known for their precision and reliability.

SCM Group: Another Italian heavyweight in the woodworking machinery world, SCM Group produces a range of 5-axis CNC machines under the Morbidelli brand, which are highly regarded in the industry.

Weeke: A subsidiary of Homag, Weeke produces a range of CNC machining centres that are popular for their efficiency and reliability.

Masterwood: An Italian manufacturer that offers a variety of 5-axis CNC machining centres tailored for different woodworking needs, from furniture manufacturing to intricate designs.

Thermwood: An American company known for its large-scale CNC routers, Thermwood's machines are often used in industries ranging from aerospace to cabinets.

Anderson Group: Originating from Taiwan, Anderson offers a variety of CNC machining centres, including high-performance 5-axis models.

Busellato: Part of the SCM Group, Busellato produces a range of CNC machines, including 5-axis models known for their precision.

IMA Schelling: A German-Austrian collaboration, IMA Schelling offers advanced CNC machining solutions with high precision capabilities.

Holz-Her: A member of the Weinig Group, Holz-Her provides high-quality CNC machining centres suitable for a variety of woodworking tasks.

When exploring Exapro or similar platforms, you might come across machines from these manufacturers, which often signify quality and reliability. However, it's crucial to thoroughly review machine details, operational hours, maintenance history, and other factors before making a purchase, while selling a machine from one of these reputable manufacturers, highlighting the brand's reputation can enhance the machine's appeal to potential buyers.