Used cold rooms 47

MAJA RVH 3000 Cold room

Year: 2014

MAJA ice maker with reservoir Type: RVH 3000 Serial number: I-45137 Year of manufacture: 2014 Capacity: 3000 Kg in 24 hours Internal dimensions of the magazine 1250 mm x 1250 mm x 750 mm Overall dimensions 1950mm x 1500mm x 2880mm Roof Condenser DWM Copeland, Type: RVH 3000S OLQ- 33V Refrigerant R104 Transport and assembly within the Czech Republic included …

ORELA Chambre froide Cold room

Year: 2021

Cooling capacity 1281 kW
Temperature max 4 °
Temperature Min -4 °

DSI H-28/10 Horizontal plate freezer

Year: 2015

Unused horizontal plate freezer Manufacturer: DSI Model: H-28/10 Plate size 2440 x 1230 mm Year of manufacture: 2015 Commissioned, but never set in commercial operation Incl. hydraulic power-pack, valve station and roller curtain Incl. approx. 150 unused freezing trays 100 x 400 x 600 mm

Alexander Group Humber FS 400/12 Spiral freezer

Year: 1994

Spiral freezer Manufacturer: Alexander Group Model: Humber FS 400/12 Year of manufacture: 1994 Belt width 400 mm (effective), length 101 meter Number of tiers: 12 Belt pitch 65 mm Max product height 50 mm Cabinet dimensions (L x W x H): 6900 x 3900 x 2600 mm With stainless steel structure Capacity on fish fillets 500 kg/h For ammonia

Tucal A.H. Cold room

Year: 2015

Cooling capacity 97.5 kW
Temperature max -35 °
Temperature Min 35 °

Refrigeration system Zanotti USV004ER01F

Year: 2006

Volume 180000 L
Temperature Min -35 °
Cooling capacity 13.5 kW
Temperature max 100 °

Eurofours Panificadora Eurofours 68S. Cold room

Year: 2021

Bread and bakery dough fermenter for controlled fermentation. Manufacturer brand EUROFOURS. Capacity 48 trays.

Frigoscandia 220 W Flow Freezer

Year: 1974

IQF flow freezer Manufacturer: Frigoscandia Model: 220 W Year of manufacture: 1974 With new panels and stainless steel floor Capacity 10 t/h on peas For ammonia Dimensions L x W x H: 9050 x 9200 x 4850 mm Good condition

Vulganus spiral freezer Cold room

Year: 2003

Vulganus spiral freezer with associated freezer models year 2003 refrigerant R-404a. Band width 650 mm height between bands 150 mm. Finncol cooling units will be taken out of production during the month of February.

Cold storage container

Year: 2010

Temperature Min -25 °
Temperature max 30 °