Year: 2021

Brand FRIGA BOHN 135m3, 2 independent spaces separated by intermediate doors 2 independent drives telewig intermediate doors Year 2021 Condition As new

MAJA RVH 3000 Cold room

Year: 2014

Cooling capacity 0.34 kW

Royal frigo Cella surgelati royal frigo/dorin Cold room Hot deal

Year: 2003

Negative cell including anti-cell and thermal shutter, dated but never used (see again cellophane in evaporators and thermal shutter, dorin motor with insulation and external fans, plus filtering system and controlled temperature maintenance for processing/packaging area with relative insulated panels, dorin motor independent, all en bloc with disassembly and collection to be paid by the buyer at a bargain price. …

Nantong Sinrofreeze

Year: 1997

Cooling capacity 33 kW

Used BÜHLER SC/D 42 Cold room

Year: 1997

freely programmable control press-in system with real-time control central autom. mold height adjustment core pull programs fixed and moving platen hydr. closing stroke safety device 1 x automatic column pull free standing automatic safety door operator side free standing safety door rear side hydraulic ejector casting set approx. 44,000 operating hours stored since 2019 machine manuals in english language

GPT Cold storage cell with floor insulation

Year: 2021

Temperature Min -20 °
Temperature max -1 °

JDK, FRIGABON WTE-S2-HSN 7451-60 EKO.EL Cold room


Cooling capacity 80 kW
Temperature max -25 °

Only Kem ZB 15 KQE Cold room

Year: 2020

Cooling capacity 1.49142 kW

DSI H-20/12 Horizontal Plate Freezer

Year: 2013

Horizontal plate freezer Manufacturer: DSI Model: H-20/12 Year of manufacture: 2013 With 12 shelves each 1244 x 1618 mm Incl. curtain Incl. 232 pcs. freezing frames For ammonia

Mr. Winter Evapco Industrial duty coil (TFCC-23104HF) IQF spiral freezer system for industrial use

Year: 2015

Interconnected Spiral Freezers (2) two, All stainless-steel construction spiral system & freezer box measuring (17’-9” x 9’) & (15’-9” x 9’). Each spiral conveyor consists of (16) sixteen tiers, transfer belt measure 16” wide and are of the Intralox plastic type which is wash-down as are Motors, gearcases, chains & other components. Freezing power of -40 degrees is achieved by …

ORELA Chambre froide Cold room

Year: 2021

Cooling capacity 1281 kW
Temperature max 4 °
Temperature Min -4 °

LU-VE 111 E 50 Cold room

Year: 2007

As described, we sell cold rooms, visible by appointment only. In the photos you will find the exact measurements of the cells. Seen and liked it, price slightly negotiable.

ProFroid - Cold room


Used freezer in good condition To be dismantled and taken away Price negotiable

Porkka C1240 - F1540 Cold room

Year: ~ 2019

Cold rooms and Freezers 3-4 years old, very nice condition avaiable from December Specification of cooling unit in the picture

Guntner S-ADHN Cold room

Year: 2020

Temperature Min 50 °
Temperature max 150 °

Pecomark USP-B S6F-30 2Y Cold room

Year: 2020

Pecomark USP-B S6F-30 2Y Refrigeration plant year 2020, 6 fan system,

INTARCON MCR-CY 2033 Cold room

Year: 2021

Volume 15000 L
Cooling capacity 2 kW

Pecomark Cbb-1000 Cold room

Year: 2007

frozen camera for sale 8 meters long 3.5 meters wide 5 meters high Good capacity, it is very careful and like new Up-to-date maintenance It is sold due to transfer to another ship urgent