DSI-V8 26/100 Vertical Plate Freezer

Year: 2007

Volume 208 L
Temperature max 40 °
Temperature Min -60 °

GPT Cold storage cell with floor insulation

Year: 2021

Temperature Min -20 °
Temperature max -1 °

Second-hand Horizontal Plate Freezer

Year: 1996

Volume 260 L
Temperature max 40 °
Temperature Min -60 °

SIMAG SPR 165 Cold room

Year: ~ 2002

Volume 60 L
Cooling capacity 0.76 kW

Pecomark USP-B S6F-30 2Y Cold room

Year: 2020

Pecomark USP-B S6F-30 2Y Refrigeration plant year 2020, 6 fan system,

MAJA RVH 3000 Cold room

Year: 2014

Cooling capacity 0.34 kW

LU-VE 111 E 50 Cold room

Year: 2007

As described, we sell cold rooms, visible by appointment only. In the photos you will find the exact measurements of the cells. Seen and liked it, price slightly negotiable.

Royal frigo Cella surgelati royal frigo/dorin Cold room

Year: 2003

Negative cell including anti-cell and thermal shutter, dated but never used (see again cellophane in evaporators and thermal shutter, dorin motor with insulation and external fans, plus filtering system and controlled temperature maintenance for processing/packaging area with relative insulated panels, dorin motor independent, all en bloc with disassembly and collection to be paid by the buyer at a bargain price. …

Termofriger VACIO-15M Food machinery

Year: 2000

Volume 13600 L
Cooling capacity 33.95 kW


Year: 2010

Ultra-freezing chamber, blast chiller, conservation, freezing, maintenance, due to business cessation for sale. Barely used since the purpose for which it was acquired ultimately did not take off. Digital control panel. Industrial chamber. By panels. Assembled as seen in the photographs. Measurements 260 high x 101 wide. It has 20 lines of 80x60. It also includes 40 trays (2 per …

BRD Mycom Cold room


Universal line for sorting, packing and freezing fish (fish / meat products). Productivity from 30 000 kg. The equipment is NEW. Only a test run during installation and commissioning, the line is mothballed.

Wolf Type GK-3,7 Cold room

Year: 2003

Cooling capacity 10 kW

Packo Inov NV Cryofreezer / Batch freezer

Year: 2011

Volume 950 L
Temperature Min -120 °

Frigoscandia 220 W Flow Freezer

Year: 1974

IQF flow freezer Manufacturer: Frigoscandia Model: 220 W Year of manufacture: 1974 With new panels and stainless steel floor Capacity 10 t/h on peas For ammonia Dimensions L x W x H: 9050 x 9200 x 4850 mm Good condition

Kriotecnica ACM2 Cold room

Year: 2003

Volume 3500 L
Temperature Min -90 °

Screw compressor Carlyle 06NW1300S5EA-A00 Hot deal


Carlyle 06NW1300S5EA-A00 Screw Compressor for sale

JDK, FRIGABON WTE-S2-HSN 7451-60 EKO.EL Cold room


Cooling capacity 80 kW
Temperature max -25 °