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Our veneer guillotines excel in delivering precise and clean cuts, essential for high-quality veneer production. Ideal for furniture manufacturing, cabinetry, and other woodworking projects, these machines ensure accuracy and efficiency, enabling smooth and consistent cutting of veneer sheets. They are suitable for both small workshops and large-scale manufacturing operations.

Every guillotine for veneer goes through a stringent vetting process, ensuring quality and performance. Our machinery is cost-effective, promising significant savings compared to new equipment without compromising efficiency. Renowned brands like Kuper, Joos, and Casati are part of our selection, known for their reliability and advanced technology. Prices range between €7,000 and €40,000, catering to diverse budget scales.

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Vecoplan wood chipper model VR45/12 for sale with the following maintenance and additions made in 2021: -Manufacture of support structures and painting them -Modification and updating of the electrical panel -New roller axles and new blades -Change of bearings and sleeves -Change of rocker axle design -Gate opening in machine chassis for extraction of the lower roller -New input port …

Amitec VT 25 I veneer slicer

Year: 2003

Manufacturer: Amitec (Made in Japan) Model: VT 25 I Veneer slicer Machine in very good condition

53,000 €

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AE United Arab Emirates

Slicer horizontal CREMONA TN4000

Year: 1982

Cutting length 4000 mm
Cutting height 4 mm

Casati CIM 31 Guillotine for veneer

Year: 2005

Cutting length 3100 mm
Engine power 4.84713 kW
Cutting height 45 mm

Used Monguzzi 2600 Guillotine for veneer

Year: 1996

Cutting length 2600 mm
Engine power 15 kW
Cutting height 600 mm
Photocells Yes

Drytac DES-1 Guillotine for veneer

Year: 2005

Drytac DES-1 framing edge finishing machine from 2005 Good working condition. Little used: only 1900 hours. Comes with manual. Bought new for €42,000 excluding tax. Maximum cutting thickness 1.19" (32mm) Weight (uncrated) 950 lbs. (430kg) Width 30" (762mm) Length 90" (2286mm) Size 48" (1219mm) Electrical requirements Electrical requirements (Europe) 220 Volts/30 Amps/Single phase/50Hz Other requirements Dust collection system Machine speed …

Casati TO/CC 3200 Guillotine for veneer

Year: 1988

Cutting length 3200 mm
Cutting height 800 mm

MONGUZZI TRM-2L 2800 S Guillotine for veneer

Year: 1998

Cutting length 2800 mm
Engine power 10 kW

Monguzzi 3200 mm Guillotine for veneer

Year: ~ 1990

Cutting length 3200 mm
Photocells Yes

EMME ELLE TO2 4000 Guillotine for veneer

Year: 2002

Cutting length 4000 mm
Cutting height 120 mm

MONGUZZI MG1250 Guillotine for veneer

Year: 2000

Cutting length 1250 mm
Engine power 7.5 kW

KUPER FW/Q 1800 Guillotine for veneer

Year: 1984

Cutting length 2500 mm
Engine power 5 kW

RÜKLE AFN 28 H Guillotine for veneer

Year: 1978

Cutting length 2800 mm
Engine power 11 kW
Cutting height 125 mm

Taglierina per impialacciatura Bilama Monguzzi

Year: 1989

Cutting length 4000 mm
Photocells Yes

CAPITAL 5000 Guillotine for veneer

Year: 1990

Cutting length 5000 mm
Engine power 92 kW
Cutting height 800 mm

KUPER F10-2800 Guillotine for veneer


Cutting length 2500 mm
Cutting height 2200 mm

MONGUZZI TRM-2L 3200/0L Guillotine for veneer

Year: 1989

Cutting length 3200 mm
Photocells Yes
Engine power 9 kW

Introduction to Guillotines for Veneer in Woodworking

Guillotines, also known as veneer shears, are essential woodworking machines designed to cut thin sheets of wood veneer with precision and accuracy. Veneer guillotines are widely used in furniture manufacturing, cabinetry, and decorative woodworking to ensure clean, straight cuts that are crucial for achieving high-quality finishes and precise fits. These machines help in processing veneer sheets into desired sizes and shapes, ensuring minimal wastage and optimal utilization of materials.

Types of Veneer Guillotines

There are several types of veneer guillotines, each designed for specific cutting needs and production scales:

  1. Manual Guillotines: Operated by hand, these machines are suitable for small-scale operations and workshops. They provide precise control over the cutting process, making them ideal for custom and intricate work.

  2. Semi-Automatic Guillotines: These machines combine manual feeding with automated cutting mechanisms. They are suitable for medium-sized operations, offering a balance between precision and productivity.

  3. Fully Automatic Guillotines: Designed for high-volume production, these machines feature automated feeding, cutting, and stacking processes. They are ideal for large-scale manufacturing environments where speed and efficiency are paramount.

  4. Hydraulic Guillotines: Utilize hydraulic systems to power the cutting blade, providing greater cutting force and precision. They are suitable for cutting thicker and tougher veneer sheets.

  5. Double Knife Guillotines: Equipped with two cutting knives that work simultaneously, these machines ensure clean and precise cuts on both edges of the veneer sheet. They are particularly useful for cutting veneers with intricate patterns or designs.

Key Features and Specifications

When selecting a veneer guillotine, several key features and specifications should be considered to ensure it meets production needs:

  • Cutting Capacity: The maximum thickness and width of veneer sheets that the machine can handle. This is crucial for ensuring the machine can process the desired veneer sizes.

  • Blade Quality and Adjustability: High-quality, sharp blades are essential for clean cuts. The ability to adjust blade settings can enhance precision and accommodate different veneer types.

  • Automation Level: Depending on production volume, the level of automation (manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic) impacts efficiency and throughput.

  • Hydraulic System: For hydraulic guillotines, the power and responsiveness of the hydraulic system are important for achieving precise cuts.

  • Safety Features: Safety mechanisms such as emergency stops, blade guards, and safety interlocks are crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring operator safety.

  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance: User-friendly controls, easy access for blade changes, and straightforward maintenance procedures can minimize downtime and enhance productivity.

Advantages of Using Veneer Guillotines

Investing in high-quality veneer guillotines offers numerous benefits:

  • Precision and Accuracy: Ensures clean, straight cuts that are essential for high-quality veneer applications.

  • Increased Efficiency: Automated and high-speed cutting mechanisms reduce production times and labor costs.

  • Enhanced Material Utilization: Precise cutting minimizes wastage, optimizing the use of expensive veneer materials.

  • Versatility: Capable of handling various types and thicknesses of veneer sheets, catering to diverse woodworking needs.

  • Improved Product Quality: Clean cuts reduce the need for additional finishing processes, enhancing the overall quality of the final product.

Considerations When Buying a Veneer Guillotine

To select the right veneer guillotine for your needs, consider the following factors:

  • Production Volume: Determine the volume of veneer sheets to be processed to choose a machine with suitable capacity and speed.

  • Veneer Types and Thicknesses: Ensure the machine can handle the specific types and thicknesses of veneer you work with.

  • Precision Requirements: Match the machine’s precision capabilities with your quality standards.

  • Budget: Balance the initial investment with long-term operational costs, including maintenance and consumables.

  • Service and Support: Evaluate the availability of technical support and maintenance services for the machine.

  • Training: Assess the need for operator training to effectively use the machine’s advanced features.

Popular Brands and Pricing

Several reputable brands manufacture veneer guillotines known for their reliability and performance. Here are a few notable ones:

  • Kuper: Known for high-precision veneer guillotines, Kuper offers a range of models suitable for different production needs. Prices typically range from $20,000 to $150,000, depending on the model and specifications.

  • Casati Macchine: Offers a variety of veneer cutting machines, including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic guillotines. Pricing generally ranges from $15,000 to $120,000.

  • Viet: Part of the Biesse Group, Viet produces high-quality veneer guillotines with advanced features for precision and efficiency. Prices typically range from $25,000 to $180,000.

  • HOLZ-HER: Provides a range of woodworking machines, including efficient and reliable veneer guillotines. Pricing generally falls between $20,000 and $130,000.

  • Orma Macchine: Known for durable and precise woodworking machinery, Orma Macchine offers veneer guillotines priced between $18,000 and $140,000.


Veneer guillotines are indispensable tools in the woodworking industry, ensuring precise and efficient cutting of veneer sheets. With different types such as manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, hydraulic, and double knife guillotines, selecting the right machine depends on specific production needs and veneer types. Key factors to consider include cutting capacity, blade quality, automation level, safety features, and ease of operation. Leading brands like Kuper, Casati Macchine, Viet, HOLZ-HER, and Orma Macchine offer a range of high-quality veneer guillotines to suit different applications and budgets. By carefully evaluating production volume, veneer types, precision requirements, and budget, businesses can invest in the right veneer guillotine to enhance their woodworking capabilities and ensure high-quality, precise cuts for their veneer applications.