Renzacci HS 90 Washing machine

Year: 2019

Filling weight 90 kg

Vega Vega Systems Multifold SUPER 1.8 Towel folding machine

Year: 2017

VEGA MULTIFOLD SUPER 1.8 TOWEL FOLDING MACHINE YEAR OF PRODUCTION - 2017 AFTER RENOVATION 12 MONTHS WARRANTY MACHINE WITH TRANSPORT CONVEYOR This machine can fold single lines to create a French stack combined with 1, 2 or French cross stacks and automatic sorting of up to three stackers below the machine. Width of stacking conveyors: 600 mm - 600 mm …

Primus ACL800-2200 ASFL 2200 Ironing line

Year: 2021

Primus ironing line: ACL800-2200 trough mangle (year of production 2019) ASFL 2200 longitudinal folding machine (year of production 2021) ACL series non-trough mangle ACL800-2200 and ASFL 2200 Perforated steel roller with springpress springs Self-adjusting, flexible trough Laser-welded carbon steel trough Heating by circulating thermal oil Silent thermal oil circulation pump Insulated three-circuit heat exchanger Low NOₓ emission burner directly on …

Jensen Maximat Folding machine

Year: 2004

For sale Jensen brand clothes folding machine It can be used to fold Clothes hook and bathrobes The machine is in good condition


Year: 2001

TONELLO E4 BRUSH ROBOT FEATURES:Brush Robot Model E4 is a patented system for automatic brushing of jeans to give the "used look" effect. It's a real alternative to other systems that empoy sand or chemical products to achive the same look. It's equipped with 4 brushes: 2 brushes that work the front of the jeans and 2 that at the …


Year: 2012

Heated Steam

Tunel finisher Kannegiesser SMT 1


Tunnel finisher Kannegiesser SMT 1 Capacity of 400 pcs per hour. Machine in good condition . Does not require renovation . In continuous operation.

RAMISCH KLEINEWEFERS 3-bowl rolling smoothing and high glaze calander

Year: 1976

1 RAMISCH KLEINEWEFERS 3-bowl rolling smoothing and high glaze calander, 3000 mm face roller width, 2800 mm working width, year 1976, top bowl steel chromed witrh steam heating, , middle roll paper, bottom bowl racolan, entry with seam detector, maximum pressure 40 tons, exit with cooling roller and A-frame winder. Machine supplied with spare paper roll

MONFORTS sanforizing machine Monfortex

Year: 1987

1 MONFORTS rubber belt sanforizing machine type Monfortex, year 1987, rubber belt blanket width 175 cm, maximal working width 170 cm, high entry with ERHARDT & LEINER guiders type KF 1020, steaming roller, sanforizing machine, palmer diameter 2000 mm, exit with A-frame winder or plaiter

Miele 5320 Bariera el WS 5320 Washing machine


Filling weight 32 kg
Heated Electricity

TINARELLI line , ironing and packing tights

Year: 1998

Filling weight 3000 kg
Heated Electricity

Miele WS 5320 Washing machine


Filling weight 20 kg
Heated Gas

Lapauw StarFeed 1X1200-3300 StarFold Ironing line

Year: 2019

Mangle line Lapauw Unifeed 3300 suction machine Lapauw 1x1200-3300 mangle Lapauw StarFold 3300 folding machine 1. suction machine UNIFEED 3300 - 2019 year of production 2. LAPAUW 1x1200-3300 non-trough mangle - 2019, gas heated. Patented carbon steel trough - thermal conductivity coefficient 4 times higher than stainless steel Closed-loop heating oil system Three-circuit heating exchanger with two coils Two-stage LOW-NOX …


Year: 2021

FOLDING MACHINE brand : LACO type: LACOFOLD EVOLUTION with touchscreen This machine is only 3 years old and is in very good condition The client bought a new folder with stacker Looking for a folder and don't have €36.000,00 in you pocket this is your deal. The machine is in our warehouse and ready for pickup We can help you …