Exapro is your trusted marketplace for used industrial machinery and now we present our range of universal milling machines, indispensable assets within our Metal - Presses/ Forging category. These versatile machines offer the ability to work on different axes, enabling a broad spectrum of operations such as cutting, drilling, and shaping with superior precision. They can handle various metals, and their customisable features allow for greater control in your machining processes. Priced between €7,000 and €15,000, these well-maintained, durable machines offer exceptional value for your investment. They find significant use across industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and construction, among others. With machines from global manufacturers like DMG Mori, TOS Varnsdorf, and Haas Automation, you're ensured high-quality performance. Investing in a universal milling machine from Exapro means enhancing your production capabilities, improving the overall quality of your work, and elevating your metalworking craft to a new level of excellence. Trust Exapro for quality, reliability, and superior customer service. Explore our range of universal milling machines today!

CNC stone milling machine DOMINANT CNC ADFStone1320

Year: 2024

X axis 1350 mm
Z axis 300 mm
Table width 1350 mm
Y axis 2000 mm
Table length 2050 mm
Max load on table 1200 kg

CAZENEUVE VERNIER FV340 universal milling machine

Year: 2003

X axis 850 mm
Z axis 500 mm
Table width 320 mm
Y axis 340 mm
Table length 1300 mm
Max load on table 350 kg

VIA DON MINZONI M-Z6 universal milling machine Low working hours

Year: 2010

X axis 1000 mm
Z axis 350 mm
Table width 360 mm
Y axis 260 mm
Table length 1250 mm
Spindle taper

MECOF CS10 universal milling machine


X axis 5100 mm
Z axis 1030 mm
Table width 1200 mm
Y axis 1200 mm
Table length 7045 mm
Spindle taper ISO50

TOS FGSH 50 universal milling machine

Year: 1983

X axis 1430 mm
Z axis 500 mm
Table width 630 mm
Y axis 670 mm
Table length 1800 mm
Spindle taper

STANKO 6R13 universal milling machine

Year: 1985

X axis 1000 mm
Z axis 430 mm
Table width 400 mm
Y axis 400 mm
Table length 1600 mm
Max load on table 630 kg

Fexac UH universal milling machine

Year: 1995

X axis 1450 mm
Z axis 530 mm
Table width 358 mm
Y axis 350 mm
Table length 1800 mm
Spindle taper ISO50

UNITECH FU 400 x 1600 console milling machine

Year: 2012

X axis 1150 mm
Z axis 430 mm
Table width 400 mm
Y axis 370 mm
Table length 1600 mm
Max load on table 1500 kg

Gambin 4B universal milling machine


X axis 1800 mm
Z axis 1000 mm
Table width 620 mm
Y axis 700 mm
Table length 2500 mm
Spindle taper ISO50

LAGUN FTV 5-SP Vertical turret milling machine

Year: 2008

X axis 800 mm
Z axis 400 mm
Table width 280 mm
Y axis 345 mm
Table length 1372 mm
Spindle taper

Schaublin 22 universal milling machine


X axis 330 mm
Z axis 475 mm
Table width 250 mm
Y axis 400 mm
Table length 650 mm
Spindle taper ISO40

TOS KUŘIM FGS 50/63 universal milling machine

Year: 2021

X axis 1400 mm
Z axis 500 mm
Table width 630 mm
Y axis 630 mm
Table length 1800 mm
Max load on table 1500 kg

HJ-4S universal milling machine Hot deal

Year: 2024

X axis 760 mm
Z axis 360 mm
Table width 254 mm
Y axis 380 mm
Table length 1270 mm
Max load on table 300 kg

Deckel FP 2 universal milling machine


X axis 400 mm
Z axis 400 mm
Table width 285 mm
Y axis 200 mm
Table length 700 mm
Max load on table 1000 kg

Stanko X: 1000 - Y: 320 - Z: 410 mm universal milling machine


X axis 1000 mm
Z axis 410 mm
Table width 400 mm
Y axis 320 mm
Table length 1700 mm
Spindle taper ISO 50

Maho MH-C 700 universal milling machine Good value

Year: ~ 1990

X axis 500 mm
Z axis 400 mm
Table width 800 mm
Y axis 400 mm
Table length 400 mm
Max load on table 250 kg

Röders RFM 760/S universal milling machine

Year: 2000

X axis 760 mm
Z axis 300 mm
Table width 550 mm
Y axis 550 mm
Table length 860 mm
Max load on table 800 kg

Used Parpas SHARK One universal milling machine

Year: 2016

X axis 3500 mm
Z axis 1074 mm
Table width 1000 mm
Y axis 1083 mm
Table length 4000 mm
Spindle taper HSK 63A

Lagun FU5-LA universal milling machine


X axis 270 mm
Z axis 500 mm
Table width 400 mm
Y axis 1500 mm
Table length 2000 mm
Spindle taper ISO50

Reiden FU 150A universal milling machine


X axis 850 mm
Z axis 470 mm
Table width 350 mm
Y axis 250 mm
Table length 1250 mm
Max load on table 400 kg

Universal milling machines on Exapro

Universal milling machine is an ultimate instrument and one of the most adaptable tools in the manufacturing and metalworking industries. Universal milling machines are distinguished by their unparalleled functionality. Unlike their standard counterparts, these machines boast a versatile spindle orientation. This allows the operator to cut, drill, and carve into metal from a variety of angles. This unique feature enables enhanced precision and flexibility, accommodating complex and intricate projects.

Our offering spans a wide variety of brands and models, each with its own strengths and specialised capabilities. From high-performance machines capable of handling heavy-duty industrial tasks to smaller, more refined models perfect for precision metalwork, we cater to a broad spectrum of professional needs.

All universal milling machines listed in our marketplace are designed for durability and reliability. With a robust build and a sturdy design, they can withstand the most demanding metalwork tasks. This robustness also extends to their longevity. Despite being used, our machinery has been maintained to a high standard, ensuring you'll receive a product that operates like new.

A key advantage of our universal milling machines is their ability to handle different types of metal. Whether you're working with aluminium, steel, or exotic metals, these machines possess the power and precision necessary to deliver outstanding results. Equipped with adjustable speed settings and digital readouts for exact measurements, they can accommodate a wide range of materials and requirements.

At Exapro, we're aware of the significant investment involved in purchasing industrial machinery. That's why we strive to offer our customers a range of high-quality, used universal milling machines that provide excellent value for money.

Our universal milling machines in the Metal - Presses/ Forging category are priced between €7,000 and €15,000. This pricing range has been carefully calibrated to reflect the quality, durability, and performance of these machines, while also considering the affordability for professionals in the metalworking industry.

Investing in one of our universal milling machines also means having access to our expert support and advice. At Exapro, we pride ourselves on not only providing high-quality machinery but also ensuring our customers have all the information they need. Our team of experienced professionals is always on hand to guide you through the purchase process and provide assistance whenever needed.

By choosing Exapro as your trusted marketplace for used industrial machinery, you're selecting quality, reliability, and unrivalled customer service. Discover our range of universal milling machines today, and elevate your metalworking craft with Exapro.


Main Advantages of Universal milling machines

Universal milling machines offer a number of distinct advantages that make them an ideal choice for professionals in the manufacturing and metalworking industry. Here are the primary benefits they provide:

Versatility: These machines have the ability to work on different axes, allowing for a wider range of operations including drilling, cutting, and shaping. This means that you can perform multiple processes on a single machine, which saves both time and space.

Accuracy: Universal milling machines are renowned for their precision. Equipped with adjustable speed settings and digital readouts for exact measurements, they offer high precision machining. This results in a superior finish and closer tolerances on your workpieces, improving the overall quality of your products.

Durability: Universal milling machines are built to withstand rigorous and continuous use, making them a durable choice for any workshop. Their robust design means they are capable of handling heavy-duty workloads while maintaining consistent performance.

Compatibility with Different Materials: Another key advantage is their compatibility with various types of metal, including aluminium, steel, or more exotic metals. This broadens the range of projects you can undertake, making these machines a valuable asset for businesses looking to expand their services.

Customisation: Universal milling machines often come with a variety of customisable features, such as different types of milling heads, which can be swapped to achieve specific tasks. This allows for greater control and flexibility in your machining processes.

Cost-Efficiency: Used universal milling machines, such as those available on Exapro, offer significant cost savings compared to new machines. Despite being pre-owned, our machines are well-maintained and operate at an optimal level, providing you with excellent value for your investment.

Ease of Use: Many universal milling machines are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them easier to operate, even for those new to the field.

All of those benefits make universal milling machines an indispensable asset in the metalwork industry. They can greatly enhance your production capabilities and improve the overall quality of your work.


Main machine parameters of Universal milling machines

Universal milling machines possess several key parameters that determine their capabilities and performance. Here are the primary ones that you should be aware of:

Table Size: This refers to the working surface where the workpiece is mounted. The size of the table will influence the size of the workpiece the machine can handle. Larger tables can accommodate bigger or multiple small workpieces.

Spindle Speed: This indicates the rotational speed of the milling cutter and is measured in rotations per minute (RPM). Higher speeds are often used for smaller cutters or softer materials, while lower speeds are used for larger cutters and harder materials.

Spindle Taper: This is the specific shape of the connection between the spindle and the tool holder. It's designed to ensure secure and accurate tool holding.

Axis Travel (X, Y, Z): These represent the maximum distance that the machine can move the cutter along the table in the X (left to right), Y (in and out), and Z (up and down) directions. It dictates the size of the workpiece that can be machined.

Number of Axes: Milling machines can have 3, 4, or 5 axes, each allowing for different levels of complexity in the machining process. A universal milling machine typically has three axes (X, Y, Z), but the term "universal" can also refer to machines capable of rotating the workpiece or the cutting tool in additional directions.

Feed Rates: This is the speed at which the cutter is fed into the workpiece or the speed at which the workpiece is moved past the cutter. It can influence both the quality of the finished workpiece and the time it takes to complete the task.

Power Requirement: This indicates the amount of electrical power the machine needs to operate. Higher power machines can typically handle tougher materials or achieve higher feed rates.

Weight: The weight of the machine can give you an idea of its build quality and stability. Heavier machines are typically more robust and have better damping properties, reducing vibration during operation.

Remember, each of these parameters can greatly affect the performance of the machine and the quality of the work produced. When choosing a universal milling machine, it's essential to select one that meets the specific needs of your applications.


Area of use 

Universal milling machines are utilised in a diverse range of sectors due to their versatility and capacity to work with various materials. Here are some of the primary areas where these machines find their use:

Manufacturing: Universal milling machines are heavily used in various manufacturing industries due to their ability to perform multiple machining operations. They are instrumental in creating parts for automobiles, aerospace, defence, electronics, and more.

Metalworking: These machines are indispensable in the metalworking sector, where they are used for cutting, shaping, and drilling different types of metal, from common ones like steel and aluminium to more exotic metals.

Automotive: In the automotive industry, these machines are employed to create engine components, chassis parts, and other intricate automobile parts that require high precision and quality.

Aerospace: The aerospace industry relies on universal milling machines to create parts with high precision and quality, including components of aircraft bodies and engines.

Construction: Parts for heavy machinery and structural components can be crafted using universal milling machines. They offer the ruggedness and precision necessary for creating parts that can withstand the stresses in a construction environment.

Education and Research: In educational institutions and research facilities, universal milling machines are used for training purposes and for creating prototypes.

Shipbuilding: These machines are used in the shipbuilding industry for creating parts and components of ships, including the hull and engine components.

Medical: The medical industry uses these machines to create surgical equipment and components of medical devices. The high precision offered by these machines is crucial in this field.

These are just a few examples, and the actual range of industries that use universal milling machines is much broader. They are highly adaptable, capable of creating a multitude of parts across industries, making them a valuable asset in many fields.


Leading Manufacturers of Universal milling machines

There are several renowned manufacturers known for their high-quality universal milling machines. These include:

DMG Mori: A global leader in machine tool manufacturing, DMG Mori offers a wide range of milling machines that are known for their durability, precision, and innovation.

TOS Varnsdorf: This Czech manufacturer is renowned for producing reliable, high-performance milling machines and other machining centres.

Haas Automation: Based in the USA, Haas is one of the world's leading manufacturers of CNC machines, including versatile universal milling machines.

Hurco: Hurco is known for their easy-to-use machines with advanced CNC controls, including a range of high-performance universal milling machines.

Makino: A Japanese multinational company, Makino provides a wide array of advanced milling machines. They are known for their precision and high-quality construction.

Doosan Machine Tools: Originating from South Korea, Doosan offers a diverse range of high-quality milling machines designed for durability and precision.

Hermle: This German manufacturer is well-known for its high precision, performance, and innovative CNC machines, including universal milling machines.

Deckel Maho: Part of the DMG Mori group, Deckel Maho is a German manufacturer specialising in milling machines. They are known for their advanced technology and durable construction.

Remember, the ideal manufacturer for you will depend on your specific needs, including your budget, the materials you're working with, the complexity of your projects, and your preferred level of automation.