High-capacity funicular mounted on a MAN 6x4 chassis truck


High-capacity funicular mounted on a MAN 6x4 chassis truck - Maximum working length, line of 2,000 m - MAN 400 CP truck chassis - 12 m tower equipped with 6 hydraulic anchors - Possibility of mounting the funicular in the lower position (valley) or in the upper position (mountain), in other words, the funicular can pull logs from top to …

Edging and cross cutting line / Masterflex+Paul


Fully mechanized line for splitting and cutting (Masterflex+Paul) consisting in: - transverse conveyor for 2 packages - automatic destacking and singularization installation with slat recovery with conveyor included - transverse conveyor for circular feed piece by piece - trolleys on the rail for circular feeding - circular Masterflex provided with 4 movable blades, axis to axis, free passage width of …

HERMES, SAIT, MIRKA, VSM - Woodworking machine


HERMES, SAIT, MIRKA, VSM Machines for the packaging of abrasive materials. 1. Press for wide belts 2. Press for narrow belts 3. Paper cutter (wide belts) 4. Canvas cutter (wide belts) 5. Guillotine for cutting wide strips to length 6. Guillotine for cutting narrow strips to length 7. Machine for cutting jumbo rolls into narrower rolls 8. Machine for cutting …

CMS PMI-120M+L+N Woodworking machine

Year: 2019

Parcel cutter with technical details as per attached photos. The machine is in perfect working order and available at any time for collection in Bolgare, province of Bergamo.

Marcyn - Schlesinger - Complete line for wooden brushes


Complete line for production wooden brushes including: - Machine for cutting and edging filaments is from Marcyn (J. Evans&Sons). It has hot stam logo engraver built in and it is fully refurbished and 100% functional. It can be used for various filament cutting and edging. Also clips could be setup for different sizes of the handles. - Machine for tufting …

WPC full plant Hot deal

Year: 2021

1) Wood pulveriser input 12mm out put 150mesh 2) hot mixer max temperature 120dg capacity 100 kg per pach(15 mints each pach) 3) PE pruvolizer (from granules to powder) capacity 200 kg per hour 4) Crusher capacity 500 kgper hour 5) Wpc pelletizing extrotion line capacity 300 kg per hour 6) Extrusion line to make wpc wall and decking capacity …

Used Trivec TRV150C Roller applicator dosing roller/touch Trive Hot deal

Year: 2019

Producer: TRIVEC Typ: TRV150C Age: 2019 Used Application roller for primer with subsequent brush units. original price new: 48000.-€ Technical specifications Nominal working width - 472 mm Effective working width - 400 mm (or 300 mm) Integrated support roller - Yes, in the conveyor Chrome-plated dosing roller - Ø 123 mm Application roller - Ø 151 mm moss rubber P3 …

Scolari non identificato Conveyor Hot deal

Year: 2002

Belt dryer for sawdust of wood, grain, alfalfa and other similar materials. The plant is disassembled. The system is functional and complete with electrical panel, documents, manual and CE certificate. The plant is from 2002 worked only a few years.

KUPER FW/J 920 - veneer splicer Low working hours

Year: 1999

Industrial veneer splicer from the renowned German manufacturer Kuper, model FW/J 920. Technical data : speed of movement: 15 m/min total motor power: 0.45 KW, 400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz machine dimensions: 1350 x 580 x 1600 mm machine weight: 185 kg compressed air consumption: 10 L/min working width on the right side: 920 mm veneer thickness: 0.4 - …

VITAP VITAP ROUNDERN Woodworking machine

Year: 2016

rounding machine VITAP Rounder fully pneumatic machine in good working order from 2016

Chain mortising machine OG - KC 298 - Kettenfräse


hain mortising machine in extremely well-preserved condition because no workers worked on it. First owner, little used. With the machine, two guides and 2 new chains with a width of 10 and 14 mm. Automatic oil lubrication of the chain. Pneumatic lifting of the drilling head. Drilling head swivels 0 - 46° in both directions. Work table swiveled 0 - …


Year: 2022

Weight: 440 kg • Operating pressure: up to 8 bar • Material: structural steel • Pallet dimensions: • Length: 800 – 1900 mm • Width: 1300 mm • Ease of use – One operator can build 210-230 pallets in 8 hours • Compact design – Total area 3.3 m² • Universal adjustable worktop allows production: Block pallets (including EUR pallets) …

NC woodworking machine AZK Uherský Brod

Year: 2016

Made in: 2016 Characteristic: Roller diameter: 10-75 mm NC machine originally developed and used to produce 60mm diameter wooden wheels. They can easily be converted to various wheel diameters rollers of any length.

K.STROJ NB-4-1500 Woodworking machine

Year: 2022

Automatic Connection Machine for Pallets Bridge type knockdown The machine is like NEW

ABB ROBOT line for the production of pallets Woodworking machine

Year: 2018

Robotic hand for collapsing and stacking finished pallets When the dimensions of the pallets are 1200 x 800 mm, the performance is approx. 1 pallet / 1.5-2 min Description: - Table for storing the pallet and legs - rotatable - Robot hand for knocking down - Electric switchboard and control panel - Fences and light gate to meet the CE …

Semi-automatic pallet production machine EPO


Characteristic: In good technical condition. inspection possible video available

SG Strojírna S 200 x 500 – R-155 Woodworking machine

Year: 2007

Crusher for Wood Waste The machine is disconnected and ready for removal. Incoming vibrating conveyor: approx. 7 m Mower SG (motor 55 kW) Frame under the mower El. switchboard The machine is in GOOD CONDITION and FUNCTIONAL

OMIS SPA CARROPONTE Woodworking machine

Year: 2005

Bridge crane 6 ton capacity with guided load with log gripper, top control with cabin, hydraulic gripper, gauge 19500 mm

MORBIDELLI POWERFLEX Woodworking machine

Year: 2010

CONTROL SYSTEM • PC-based numerical control • Built-in electrical cabinet TECHNICAL FEATURES • Useful working dimensions in “X” (min – max): 250 – 3,000 mm • Useful working dimensions in “Y” (min – max): 100 – 920 mm • Piece passage (min – max): 12 – 60 mm PANEL DRILLING SYSTEM – 1st station complete with: • 6 upper vertical …

Griggio PSa530 Woodworking machine

Year: 2001

Thicknesser Griggio PSa530 - Max planing width: 530 mm - Max planing height: 250 mm - Diameter of the knife shaft: 120 mm - Number of knives: 4 - Power supply: 400 V - Engine power: 4 kW - Feed speed: 6/10/14/21 rpm - Manual lifting - Extraction port: 120 mm