Used single punch tablet presses 156

BONALS BMT Single punch tablet press


Capacity tablets/hour 1920 u/h
Tablet Ø 30 mm
Capacity (strokes/min) 0
Pressure 6 kN
Max depth 30 mm
Die Ø 55 mm

Fette P2100 Single punch tablet press

Year: 1998

FETTE P 2100 r. v. 1998 Description and technical specifications. Single hopper tablet making machine for the production of round or oval tablets by pressing from bulk materials. The control and recording of the production process is provided by the DATACONTROL device, which is able to maintain the tablet weight based on the specified pressing pressure. The machine is equipped …

Korsch Tablettenpresse Single punch tablet press

Year: 1980

Capacity tablets/hour 3600 u/h
Tablet Ø 20 mm
Capacity (strokes/min) 60
Pressure 30 kN
Max depth 20 mm
Die Ø 13 mm

KORSCH EK3 Eccentric tablet press

Year: 1979

Capacity tablets/hour 20000 u/h
Tablet Ø 60 mm
Max depth 25 mm
Pressure 200 kN
Tablet thickness 50 mm
Motor power 3 kW

Courtoy R290F

Year: 1998

Rotary tablet press The R292 F press is equipped with two complete pre compression and compression stations (for the production of the first and second layer), both of them provided with a compensator. The press is prepared for a control unit that allows the press to operate completely automatically . The press is structured in a modular way, which permits …

Used KORSCH EK III Single punch tablet press

Year: 1968

Capacity tablets/hour 2520 u/h
Tablet Ø 60 mm
Capacity (strokes/min) 42
Pressure 200 kN
Max depth 50 mm
Motor power 3 kW

KILIAN DPID Single punch tablet press (workshop overhauled)

Year: 1975

Accessories: 20 mm diameter and 4-fold 6.5 mm diameter die sets Separate control cabinet with frequency converter for stepless drive Press is ready for operation and can be demonstrated

ROC JP1 Rotary tablet press

Year: 2023

Capacity tablets/hour 1900 u/h
Tablet Ø 40 mm
Max depth 100 mm
Pressure 100 kN
Tablet thickness 50 mm
Die Ø 70 mm

IMA Kilian E 150 PLUS

Year: 2004

• Single rotary press with 32 punch stations • Tool type EU 19 B with BB dies (die diam. 24.01 mm) • Keyed turret for upper tools • Output 9,600 - 200,400 tablets/hour • Pressing force max. 80 kN, pre-pressing force max. 23 kN • Tablet diam. 2-13 mm • Filling depth max. 15 mm depending on pull-down rail • …

KORSCH PH 250 PHK2.03/232 Single punch tablet press

Year: 1992

Capacity tablets/hour 161280 u/h
Tablet Ø 13 mm
Pressure 2080 kN
Tablet thickness 8.5 mm

OTEC DF 40 Single punch tablet press

Year: 2018

punch polisher DF40. The DF Pharma series features a stainless steel casing and HD-painted gears and is designed in accordance with current regulations, for the pharmaceutical and food industries. The special workpiece holders, designed especially for this machine, contribute fundamentally to the perfect processing results that can be achieved with the DF series and enable not only optimal workpiece clamping, …

Kilian SP300 Table Press


Capacity tablets/hour 4800 u/h
Tablet Ø 35 mm
Pressure 120 kN
Capacity (strokes/min) 82



SINGLE PUNCH TABLET PRESS COMPREX I /Jørgen Jørgensen / København No. 223 KOBENHAVN.S Mashine No. 223 Factory no. V2267

Korsch EK II single station eccentric tablet press, maximum tablet diameter 50 mm


Capacity tablets/hour 3600 u/h
Tablet Ø 50 mm
Capacity (strokes/min) 42
Pressure 120 kN
Max depth 40 mm
Motor power 3 kW

Jorgen Jorgensen Comprex II Single punch tablet press


Capacity tablets/hour 25200 u/h
Tablet Ø 25 mm

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DO Dominican Republic

Used Korsch EK0 Single punch tablet press eccentric

Year: 1993

Capacity tablets/hour 3000 u/h
Tablet Ø 20 mm
Max depth 20 mm
Pressure 30 kN
Tablet thickness 20 mm
Capacity (strokes/min) 50

Multipharma AC2 Single punch tablet press

Year: 2000

Semi-automatic benchtop tablet press