Exapro is your trusted marketplace for pre-owned industrial machinery. Our extensive collection of used trimmers, guillotines, and cutters from leading manufacturers promises efficiency, precision, and versatility. From the publishing and printing industry to graphic design firms and educational institutions, these machines play a crucial role, delivering sharp, accurate cuts at high speeds. Prices for these exceptional machines start as low as €6,000 up to €18,000. Regardless of the machine you choose, whether a robust guillotine or a precise cutter, you're investing in quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. At Exapro, every machine is carefully inspected to ensure it's in excellent working condition, providing you with peace of mind alongside remarkable affordability. Take your printing operation to the next level with our superior range of used trimmers and discover the Exapro difference today.

Used SEMT Pielstick Electric generator

Year: 1971

Engine: SEMT Pielstick 16 PC 2V 400 7200CV Year: 1971 Alternator :Jeumont Schneider 7MW 2 available

EBA 551 LT Paper guillotine

Year: 2003

Opening in cm 55
Max. paper width 55 cm
Side table left Yes
Max. paper length 57 cm
Air table Yes
Side table right Yes

Polar 78E Paper guillotine

Year: 1995

Opening in cm 78
Max. paper width 78 cm
Max. paper length 0 cm

Polar 137 EMC Monitor Paper guillotine

Year: 1991

Opening in cm 137
Max. paper width 137 cm
Max. paper length 137 cm


Year: 2006

Opening in cm 0
Max. paper width 350 cm
Max. paper length 570 cm

Muller 6610c Paper guillotine


Max. paper width 500 cm
Side table left No
Photo cells Yes
Air table No
Side table right No

POLAR MOHR 78E Paper guillotine

Year: 1997

Opening in cm 12
Max. paper width 78 cm
Side table left Yes
Max. paper length 78.9 cm
Air table Yes
Side table right Yes

precision paper cutter EBA 551-06 LT

Year: 2010

Opening in cm 51
Max. paper width 550 cm
Side table left Yes
Max. paper length 570 cm
Air table Yes
Side table right Yes

Wohlenberg 115 Paper guillotine

Year: 2014

Guillotine Baumann Wohlenberg Key Features: Interactive user interface 18.4 „touch screen (16:10 format) USB interface Ethernet interface Windows CE operating system CIP data module: CIP 3 and CIP 4 (optional) Interactive cutting program generator (optional) Position positioning using the electronic handwheel Optimized cutting cycle Programmable pressure pressure Automatic adjustment of pressure to the cutting width Automatic knife exchange from the …

IDEAL 6550-95EP Electric Paper Trimmer

Year: 2007

Opening in cm 65
Max. paper width 65 cm
Side table left No
Max. paper length 61 cm
Air table No
Side table right No

Polar 76EM Paper guillotine

Year: 1990

Opening in cm 76
Max. paper width 76 cm
Max. paper length 0 cm

IDEAL 1100 Paper guillotine Good value

Year: 2004

Max. paper length 110 cm
Max. paper width 76 cm

Used Polar 107 Paper guillotine


Opening in cm 107
Air table No
Side table right No
Max. paper length 107 cm
Side table left No
Photo cells No

Heidelberg VARIMATRIX 82 CS Die Cutting Equipment

Year: 2013

The Heidelberg VARIMATRIX 82 CS represents the pinnacle of die cutting technology. Manufactured in 2013 and brought into production in March 2014, this machine boasts a remarkable track record, with only 18,826,850 cycles completed. It is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in the world of die cutting. This equipment is a versatile and invaluable addition to any printing or packaging …

WOHLENBERG 92 Paper guillotine

Year: 2006

Opening in cm 92
Air table Yes

IDEAL 5221/95 Paper guillotine

Year: 1995

Opening in cm 52
Max. paper width 52 cm
Side table left Yes
Max. paper length 52 cm
Air table No
Side table right Yes

Overhauled Guillotine Schneider Senator 260

Year: 1973

Opening in cm 260
Max. paper width 260 cm
Max. paper length 0 cm
Photo cells Yes

Schneider SENATOR 185 SC Paper guillotine

Year: 1988

Max. paper length 185 cm
Air table Yes
Max. paper width 1 cm

Used Polar 115 CE Paper guillotine


Opening in cm 115
Max. paper width 115 cm
Max. paper length 115 cm

Perfecta, BSB 3/L, Automatic jogger Good value

Year: 2011

Max. paper length 80 cm
Air table Yes
Max. paper width 114 cm

Discover Unrivalled Quality: Pre-Owned Trimmers, Guillotines & Cutters for Your Printing Operations

Exapro is your premier source for high-caliber used industrial equipment, where you can explore the world of our used printing machinery, paying close attention to our selection of trimmers, guillotines, and cutters. These devices, which give your printed goods their finishing, flawless touches, are the core of every printing process.


In our vast inventory, you will find a selection of top-of-the-range used trimmers. These robust machines are essential for delivering clean, sharp, and precise cuts for a broad range of printed materials. From trimming down newspapers to adjusting the size of magazines, books, brochures, or promotional materials, our trimmers are more than capable of meeting your specific requirements.


Our pre-owned guillotines are perfect for businesses looking for reliable, heavy-duty cutting solutions. Known for their superior cutting capabilities and extreme precision, these machines are designed to handle high-volume cutting tasks with ease. Guillotines offer excellent control and consistency, allowing your business to deliver impeccably finished products, time after time.


If you require a machine that can handle intricate cutting tasks, look no further than our range of used cutters. Perfect for creating precise shapes or designs, these machines offer extraordinary accuracy and reliability. Our used cutters will allow your business to handle complex projects with finesse, enhancing your service offering and impressing your customers with the highest quality outcomes.

Why Choose Exapro?

At Exapro, we believe in providing value for money, and our commitment is always to quality, even when dealing with pre-owned machinery. Our broad price range, starting from €6,000 up to €18,000, allows us to cater to a diverse set of needs and budgets. Remember, investing in used machinery from Exapro isn't just about cost savings. It's about acquiring tried-and-tested machines from trusted manufacturers, ensuring reliability and performance. All our used trimmers, guillotines, and cutters are inspected for functionality, ensuring that they are in excellent working condition. We offer machines from renowned manufacturers, guaranteeing longevity and efficiency.

Ease of purchase is another factor we prioritize at Exapro. With us, buying used machinery is as straightforward as acquiring new equipment. We offer comprehensive details about each machine, including its specifications, images, and condition, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

For more details on our products, or if you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with our team. We are always happy to assist you in finding the perfect equipment that aligns with your business needs.


Advantages of Trimmers, Guillotines and Cutters

Investing in trimmers, guillotines, and cutters for your printing operations can yield significant advantages. Here are some key benefits these machines offer:

Efficiency. Trimmers, guillotines, and cutters are designed for high-speed operations. They can process high volumes of paper, cardboard, or other printing materials quickly and efficiently, enabling your business to maintain productivity levels and meet strict deadlines.

Precision. These machines offer precise and consistent cuts. Whether you're working with trimmers to adjust paper sizes, guillotines for heavy-duty cutting tasks, or cutters for intricate designs, these machines deliver exceptional accuracy, ensuring the final product maintains the highest standards of quality.

Versatility. Trimmers, guillotines, and cutters can handle a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from thin paper to heavy cardboard, or even plastic in some cases. This versatility makes them indispensable tools in any printing operation, capable of meeting diverse customer demands.

Durability. Built for rigorous industrial use, these machines are robust and durable. They can handle continuous operation, and when properly maintained, can serve your business for many years.

Cost-effective. Investing in used trimmers, guillotines, and cutters can be an incredibly cost-effective decision. These machines, despite being pre-owned, still maintain their high-performance capabilities while coming at a fraction of the price of new equipment.

Space-saving. Many of these machines are designed with a compact footprint in mind, making them an ideal choice for businesses with limited space. They offer high production capabilities without taking up large amounts of valuable workshop area.

Safety. Modern trimmers, guillotines, and cutters often come equipped with safety features such as blade guards, safety locks, and emergency stop buttons, helping to protect the operator and reduce workplace accidents.

By incorporating these machines into your printing operations, you're investing in not only the quality of your products but also the efficiency and safety of your workspace.


Main Machine Parameters

When evaluating trimmers, guillotines, and cutters for your printing operations, several key parameters should be considered:

Cutting Width / Cutting Length. This parameter refers to the maximum length of material that the machine can cut in a single pass. It's essential to select a machine with a cutting length that matches or exceeds the size of the materials you'll be working with.

Cutting Speed. The cutting speed is the number of cuts the machine can perform per minute or hour. A higher cutting speed means the machine can process more material in less time, increasing your operation's productivity.

Cutting Capacity / Stack Height. This is the maximum height or thickness of material that the machine can cut in a single pass. A higher cutting capacity allows the machine to cut through thicker stacks of paper or heavier materials.

Power Requirements. Machines vary in their power requirements, with larger, industrial-grade machines typically requiring three-phase power. It's crucial to ensure that the power supply in your facility can accommodate the needs of the machine.

Machine Dimensions. The physical size of the machine is a crucial factor, especially for businesses with space limitations. Make sure the machine will fit in your available space without disrupting workflow.

Safety Features. Look for machines with safety features such as blade guards, safety locks, light curtains, or emergency stop buttons to ensure operator safety.

Machine Condition. For used machines, the machine's condition, including wear and tear, previous maintenance, and any refurbishments, should be carefully assessed.

Remember, these parameters can vary significantly between different types of machines, and they should be evaluated based on your specific operational needs and requirements.


Area of Use

Trimmers, guillotines, and cutters play crucial roles in a variety of sectors due to their versatility and precision. Here are some primary areas where these machines find extensive application:

Publishing and Printing Industry. These machines are indispensable in the publishing and printing industry. Trimmers, guillotines, and cutters are used to adjust the size of books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and other printed materials, delivering clean, sharp, and precise cuts.

Graphic Design Firms. Design firms use these machines for precise cutting and trimming of promotional materials, business cards, posters, signs, and decals.

Advertising and Marketing Agencies. In advertising and marketing, these machines are used to create marketing collateral such as leaflets, posters, banners, and other promotional materials.

Photography. In the photography industry, trimmers and cutters are used to create clean and precise cuts for photo prints and mounting materials.

Packaging Industry. The packaging sector uses these machines to cut and trim a wide range of materials, including cardboard, plastic, and other packaging materials.

Educational Institutions. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions use these machines in their art and design departments to help students execute their projects with precision.

Manufacturing Industry. In manufacturing, these machines are used in the production process where precise cutting and trimming are required.

Remember, the specific area of use will depend on the type of machine and its capabilities. Always consider your industry's specific needs and the materials you work with when selecting the appropriate machine.


Leading Manufacturer of Trimmers / Guillotines / Cutters 

A variety of well-established manufacturers produce high-quality trimmers, guillotines, and cutters. These brands are known for their reliability, precision, and durability. Here are some top manufacturers you might find in Exapro's inventory:


Polar: Polar is a highly reputable German manufacturer known for its wide range of professional cutting machines, including trimmers.
Horizon: Horizon International Inc. is a Japan-based company offering high-quality print finishing solutions, including trimmers.
Müller Martini: A Swiss-based company, Müller Martini is renowned for its advanced and durable bookbinding and printing equipment, including trimmers.


Polar Mohr: Polar Mohr is a top name in the production of high-speed guillotines and other paper cutting machines.
Wohlenberg: Known for their heavy-duty, high-quality machines, Wohlenberg offers a range of guillotines that are highly rated in the industry.
Perfecta: Perfecta is a German company with a strong reputation for producing durable, reliable, and precise guillotines.


Zünd: Zünd is a Swiss manufacturer renowned for its digital cutting systems, highly appreciated for their precision and versatility.
Esko: Esko provides integrated software and hardware solutions, including advanced cutters for the packaging, label, and wide format sectors.
Roland: Roland DG is a Japanese manufacturer known for its cutting-edge digital technology, including high-quality cutters for various applications.

These are just a few of the manufacturers you might encounter. The availability of specific brands and models on Exapro will depend on the current inventory, as it is a marketplace for used equipment. Keep in mind that it's always advisable to consider factors such as the machine's condition, the manufacturer's reputation, after-sales service, and spare part availability when purchasing a used machine.