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IMA BIMA CUT 120/300 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2010

X stroke 3000 mm
Z stroke 100 mm
Vacuum pump 1000 m³/h
Y stroke 1200 mm
Axis nbr 3

Biesse Rover AS 15 Wood CNC machining centre Low working hours

Year: 2022

X stroke 3260 mm
Z stroke 165 mm
Tool changer positions 16
Y stroke 1560 mm
Axis nbr 4
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h

SCM Record 125 Nesting Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2006

X stroke 3700 mm
Z stroke 400 mm
Tool changer positions 8
Y stroke 1720 mm
Axis nbr 3
Vacuum pump 90 m³/h

Felder Format4 profit H08 21.31 P Wood CNC machining centre Hot deal

Year: 2020

X stroke 3090 mm
Z stroke 85 mm
Vacuum pump 500 m³/h
Y stroke 2100 mm
Tool changer positions 15
CNC type Format4 profit H08

WEEKE OPTIMAT BMG 400 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2009

X stroke 3700 mm
Z stroke 150 mm
Vacuum pump 100 m³/h
Y stroke 1440 mm
Tool changer positions 14
CNC type PC 85

Biesse Rover C6 50 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2008

X stroke 4500 mm
Z stroke 250 mm
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h
Y stroke 1500 mm
Axis nbr 4
CNC type Xnc

SAOM M500 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2007

X stroke 2400 mm
Axis nbr 3
CNC type NUM
Y stroke 1300 mm
Vacuum pump 160 m³/h

CNC milling machine DOMINANT CNC ADF1630ATC

Year: 2024

X stroke 1600 mm
Z stroke 200 mm
Tool changer positions 13
Y stroke 3050 mm
Axis nbr 4
Vacuum pump 320 m³/h

BIESSE ROVER A1542 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2021

X stroke 4140 mm
Z stroke 275 mm
Y stroke 1560 mm
CNC type

Illumina NGS MISEQ SY-410-1101

Year: 2011

Illumina MiSeq uses sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology: cluster generation+ sequencing+ data analysis in a very short time. Key features - Automation: Miseq includes a buffer bottle, flow cell and reagent cartridge, designed to enable both cluster generation and sequencing with unrivalled efficiency. - Time-saving: integrated Real Time Analysis (RTA) software analyzes data on the instrument in real time, saving …

Felder Format 4 H08 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2020

X stroke 3090 mm
Z stroke 85 mm
Vacuum pump 500 m³/h
Y stroke 2100 mm
Tool changer positions 15
CNC type

SCM RECORD 220 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 1998

X stroke 3250 mm
Z stroke 300 mm
Tool changer positions 10
Y stroke 1300 mm
Axis nbr 4
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h

Used SCM ERGON 240 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2005

X stroke 4000 mm
CNC type NUM
Y stroke 2200 mm

MORBIDELLI Universal 3012 TV Wood CNC universal machining centre

Year: 2008

X stroke 3050 mm
Z stroke 130 mm
Tool changer positions 10
Y stroke 1250 mm
Axis nbr 3
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h

MORBIDELLI AUTHOR A600 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2000

X stroke 4600 mm
Z stroke 180 mm
Tool changer positions 14
Y stroke 1650 mm
Axis nbr 4
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h

Used Metalstar 2000 Tekno Control - Milling machine - Anuba machine

Year: 2019

X stroke 2600 mm
Z stroke 60 mm
Vacuum pump 500 m³/h
Y stroke 1100 mm
Axis nbr 3
CNC type

Weeke Optimat BP145 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2000

X stroke 4950 mm
Z stroke 400 mm
Y stroke 1890 mm
CNC type

Wood CNC machining centres at Exapro

Are you in search of an affordable yet reliable Wood CNC machining centre to elevate your woodworking capabilities? At Exapro, we offer a diverse selection of used Wood CNC machining centres that fit within the €16,000 to €45,000 price range. These machines provide an excellent opportunity for professionals like you to access advanced precision and efficiency without breaking the bank. In this article, we will explore the benefits of purchasing used Wood CNC machining centres within this price bracket and how they can enhance your woodworking workflow. Explore Exapro's marketplace today and discover the perfect Wood CNC machining centre that meets your requirements and helps you unlock new levels of woodworking excellence.

In the Wood category, we are delighted to present our wide range of Wood CNC Machining Centres. These versatile and powerful machines offer exceptional precision, efficiency, and productivity, empowering professionals to take your woodworking projects to new heights. Wood CNC Machining Centres are essential tools for professionals in the woodworking industry, offering unmatched precision, efficiency, and versatility. With their ability to streamline operations, automate processes, and deliver exceptional results, these machines empower you to stay ahead of the competition and meet the demands of your clients. Boost your productivity, unlock new design possibilities, and take your woodworking projects to new heights with the power of CNC technology.


Main advantages of using Wood CNC machining centres

Precision: Wood CNC machining centres provide exceptional precision in woodworking operations. With computer numerical control systems and advanced technology, these machines can execute intricate cuts, complex designs, and detailed engravings with utmost accuracy. The precise movement control eliminates human error, ensuring consistent and flawless results in every project.

Efficiency: Wood CNC machining centres significantly enhance efficiency and productivity in woodworking. By automating tasks such as drilling, cutting, shaping, and routing, these machines streamline the manufacturing process and reduce manual labor. This automation reduces downtime between operations, enabling professionals to complete projects faster and handle larger volumes of work.

Versatility: Wood CNC machining centres offer versatile applications across various woodworking industries. Whether you're involved in cabinetry, furniture production, sign making, or architectural woodworking, these machines can adapt to your specific needs. They can work with a wide range of materials, including solid wood, plywood, MDF, and non-ferrous metals, expanding your possibilities and allowing you to explore new design concepts.

Customization: Wood CNC machining centres empower professionals to unleash their creativity and achieve intricate designs. These machines offer extensive customization options, allowing users to program complex patterns, shapes, and engravings. With user-friendly interfaces and intuitive software, professionals can design, simulate, and refine their projects before production, ensuring a seamless workflow and outstanding end results.

Cost effectiveness: Investing in Wood CNC machining centres offers a cost-effective solution for upgrading woodworking capabilities. By purchasing used machines from reputable marketplaces like Exapro, professionals can save significantly compared to buying new equipment. Used machines undergo thorough inspections and verifications for quality and performance, providing an affordable option without compromising on advanced features and functionalities.

Time Savings: Wood CNC machining centres can dramatically reduce production time compared to traditional woodworking methods. The automation and precision of these machines allow for faster and more efficient completion of tasks. Professionals can meet tight deadlines and take on more projects, ultimately improving their overall productivity and profitability.

Quality and Consistency: With Wood CNC machining centres, professionals can consistently produce high-quality woodwork. The machines eliminate the variations that can occur due to human error, ensuring consistent and accurate results in every piece. This level of quality control enhances the reputation of professionals and fosters customer satisfaction.


Key machine parameters OF Wood CNC machining centres play a crucial role in determining the capabilities and performance.

Spindle Power and Speed: The machine's rotating spindle is where the cutting tool is held. The machine's strength and cutting ability are indicated by the spindle power. Typically, it is expressed in horsepower (HP) or kilowatts (kW). The cutting speed and finish quality are both influenced by the spindle speed, which is expressed in rotations per minute (RPM).

Tool Changer: Wood CNC machining centres may feature an automatic tool changer, which allows for quick and seamless tool changes during operations. The tool changer capacity specifies the number of tools that can be stored and automatically swapped by the machine, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

Axis Configuration: Wood CNC machining centres typically have three or more axes of movement, enabling precise control over the cutting tool's position. The most common configurations are 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machines. The number of axes determines the machine's ability to perform complex operations, such as simultaneous multi-sided machining and intricate 3D carving.

Feed Rate: The feed rate refers to the speed at which the machine moves the cutting tool through the workpiece. It is measured in units of distance per minute, such as inches per minute (IPM) or millimeters per minute (mm/min). The feed rate affects the cutting time, surface finish, and overall efficiency of the machining process.

Control System: The control system of a Wood CNC machining centre is responsible for interpreting the programmed instructions and controlling the machine's movements and operations. It includes the hardware (computer, controllers, drives) and software (CAD/CAM systems) components. A robust and user-friendly control system is crucial for programming, simulation, and efficient operation of the machine.


Main areas of use

Cabinetry and Furniture Production: Wood CNC machining centres are extensively used in the production of cabinets, furniture, and other wooden fixtures. They can accurately cut and shape wood panels, create intricate joinery, and carve decorative elements, enabling efficient and precise manufacturing of customized cabinetry and furniture pieces.

Sign Making and Woodworking Art: CNC machines are popular in the sign making industry, where they are utilized to create intricate and precise lettering, logos, and designs on wooden signs. Wood CNC machining centres also serve artists and woodworkers involved in creating sculptures, engravings, relief carvings, and other artistic woodworking projects, allowing for intricate detailing and complex shapes.

Architectural Woodworking: Wood CNC machining centres are employed in architectural woodworking for producing intricate woodwork components used in interior and exterior applications. These machines can fabricate intricate moldings, door and window frames, ornamental panels, staircase components, and other architectural elements with precision and efficiency.

Musical Instrument Manufacturing: Guitars, violins, pianos, and drums are just a few examples of the musical instruments that are made using wood CNC machining centres. They can precisely mould and carve wooden musical instrument bodies, necks, and other parts, ensuring consistent quality and exact proportions.

Prototyping and Small Batch Production: Rapid prototype and small batch production in the woodworking sector are made possible by the use of CNC machining centres for wood. They make it possible for woodworkers to test and improve concepts prior to mass production by enabling quick and accurate creation of prototypes and limited production runs.

Education and Training: Schools and woodworking training facilities frequently house CNC machining centres for wood. Students and trainees can use these equipment to gain practical experience in computer-aided woodworking, CNC programming, and manufacturing techniques.

Restoration and Replication: When accurate duplication of delicate woodwork is needed, restoration operations use wood CNC machining centres. They can faithfully recreate delicate carvings, architectural elements, and mouldings, guaranteeing consistency and historical correctness.


Common types of Wood CNC machining centres:

Router CNC machines are adaptable and frequently utilised in the woodworking sector. They are generally intended for using with wood products for cutting, shaping, and engraving. Different configurations of router CNC machines, such as 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis models, enable precise and sophisticated operations.

VMCs or vertical machining centres: In the woodworking industry, vertical machining centres are frequently used for milling, drilling, and cutting operations. They are useful for a variety of woodworking jobs, such as panel processing, joinery, and cabinetry manufacture, due to their vertical spindle position.

Horizontal Machining Centres (HMCs): Although less popular in the woodworking industry, HMCs have distinct advantages in some applications. They have a horizontal spindle position and are great for heavy-duty work, multiple-sided milling, and processing large panels.

Nesting CNC Machines:  CNC nesting machines are intended for effective panel processing and sheet optimisation. Multiple workpieces can be automatically arranged and nestled on a sheet by these devices, reducing material waste and increasing production. Cabinets, furniture, and other substantial wood components are frequently made with nesting CNC machines.

CNC lathes can be employed for certain woodturning applications, although being less common in woodworking than in metals. These devices allow the workpiece to be rotated while a cutting tool moulds the wood, enabling


Multi-Function CNC Machines combine routing, milling, drilling, and other processes into a single machine. These tools' adaptability and effectiveness make it possible to complete a variety of woodworking jobs without the use of additional tools.


On Exapro you can find well-known manufacturers of Wood CNC machining centres representing worldwide market

Biesse Group is a prominent manufacturer of woodworking machinery, including Wood CNC machining centres. They offer a wide range of machines suitable for various applications and production scales. Biesse is known for their innovative technology, high-quality craftsmanship, and user-friendly interfaces.

SCM Group is a leading global manufacturer of woodworking machinery, including Wood CNC machining centres. Their machines are designed to meet the needs of small woodworking shops to large-scale production facilities. SCM Group is recognized for their advanced technology, precision, and reliability.

Homag Group is a well-known producer of woodworking equipment and provides a wide selection of Wood CNC machining centres. They offer solutions for all facets of woodworking, including applications using solid wood and panel processing. Homag Group is renowned for their state-of-the-art technology, effectiveness, and automation,.

Felder Group: This company produces woodworking machinery, such as Wood CNC machining centres. Precision, adaptability, and user-friendly features are all included in their equipment, which are created specifically for expert woodworkers. The Felder Group is known for its dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

Holz-Her: A reputable producer of woodworking equipment, Holz-Her also makes Wood CNC machining centres. Professional woodworkers can choose from a wide selection of Holz-Her products, from entry-level machines to cutting-edge production systems.

IMA Schelling Group: They specialise in offering complete panel processing solutions, including as drilling, routing, and cutting. The IMA Schelling Group is renowned for its cutting-edge technologies and powerful equipment.

SCM Morbidelli: SCM Morbidelli is a part of the SCM Group and specialises in making high-end Wood CNC machining centres. Known for their cutting-edge technology and dependable performance, SCM Morbidelli.


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