Glass working machines - Bevelling 7

MDC LC300C Glass bevelling machine


POLISHING REEL - DOUBLE SHAFT Product characteristics: Delivered loaded with these cotton discs (including already used) + continuously adjustable speed from 500 to 1400 rpm + 20 hours of use Weight: 150 Kg

SCHIATTI SME 10 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2016

SCHIATTI FPS SME 10 – Year 2016 STRAIGHT GRINDING MACHINE 10 Wheels for the flat edge with fillets - variable angle from 0 ° to 45 ° - cerium polishing on the surface and on the bevel (no mod. SME8) Especially suitable for medium / large industries for the production of mirrors, bathroom furniture shelves, laminated glass, tables and steps. …

Bottero 110C Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1996

The device is working. The transmission needs to be repaired in the future.

BAVELLONI PRV99 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1999

BAVELLONI PRV99 - Year 1999 Straight Line Edger 9 Wheels Variable angle 0-45° Min. Dimensions 80 mm Speed 0-5 m/min. Thickness 3-25 mm Power 17 kW

Bottero TWO-B12/TWO-B10/Robot FANUC R-2000iA Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: BOTTERO Model: TWO-B12/TWO-B10/Robot FANUC R-2000iA Year: 2015 Condition: As it is BOTTERO Fully automatic horizontal double edger line for small glass units, consists of: 1. Robot FANUC R-2000iA 165F 2. Inlet roller conveyor M102 3. Edger 1: TWO-B12 with 12 spindles 4. Tipper M105 with conveyors M 104, M106 5. Roller conveyor M107 6. Edger 2: TWO-B12 with 12 …

Bavelloni B53-CN Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1994

Make : Bavelloni Type : B53-CN Year : 1994 Conditions : Working condition

Lynil All Need Nachinery LTD ZXM-L241 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2022

glass beveling machine Model: ZXM-LC241 Angle: 5 to 35 degrees. Glass thickness: minimum 3mm, maximum 18mm Glass height: minimum 4 cm, maximum 2.5 m. Bezel Width: Up to an inch and a half. Voltage: 220 triphasic. Power: 14kW Speed: 5 m per minute. Voltage and frequency: 380V/50Hz Weight: 1500 kilos Measurements: 3.50x1.00x1.45