Before purchasing a used glass bevelling machine, the following key aspects should be examined:

Condition: Check for wear on critical components like spindles, belts, and grinding wheels.

Electrical system and control unit: Verify their proper functionality as any malfunctions can impact the bevelling process.

Machine capacity: Ensure the machine's capacity aligns with your production scale.

Bevelling angle range: The machine should be able to create the bevelling angles required for your operations.

Software: Verify if the software is up-to-date and suitable for modern applications.

Top manufacturers to consider include Bavelloni, Bottero, Lisec, Intermac, and Schraml. Each offers a balance of quality and innovation in their bevelling machines. Exapro can help you connect with these trusted manufacturers, aiding in the acquisition of a reliable, used glass bevelling machine that fits your needs.

BAVELLONI MAX 80 CNP Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2011

BAVELLONI MAX 80 CNP - Year 2011 13 Cup Wheels Beveller Min. Size 40x40 mm Speed 0,5-4,1 m/min. Thickness 3-25 mm Max Bevel Width 60 mm Power 26 kW Machine Dimensions : 8,4 x 1,7 x 2,3 m Weight : 5300 kg

MDC LC300C Glass bevelling machine Hot deal


POLISHING REEL - DOUBLE SHAFT Product characteristics: Delivered loaded with these cotton discs (including already used) + continuously adjustable speed from 500 to 1400 rpm + 20 hours of use Weight: 150 Kg

LISEC KSR-25 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2019

LISEC KSR-25 - Year 2019 Compact Vertical Glass Edge Seaming Machine for Rectangles and Shapes Glass height 3.300 mm Glass thickness 2,3 - 19 mm (pass-through transport up to 30 mm) Minimal size 350 x 180 mm Maximal size 2.500 x 3.300 mm Transport height 520 mm Seaming speed max. 30 m/min at 2,3 - 9,2 mm Speed surface grinding …

BF PROJECT Vert. Sag. 2400x4000 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2006

BF PROJECT Vert. Sag. 2400x4000 – Year 2006 Sfilettatrice Arrising Machine Standard working height 540 + 600 Min dimensions: 380 x 500 mm. Max dimensions: 2600 x 4000 mm. Workable glass thickness from 4 to 19 mm. up to max. h. machine (filleting) Glass thickness workable from 4 to 12 mm. h. max. 2000 (rough grinding of monolithic glass) Workable …

Bottero 110C Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1996

The device is working. The transmission needs to be repaired in the future.

Bovone Bisellatrice 471 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2012

The BOVONE BISELLATRICE 471 glass beveling machine, built in 2012 in Italy, is designed for grinding flat and beveled edges of glass with a maximum thickness of 25 mm. Beveling machine for glass processing with a very rigid body made of cast iron, designed to guarantee the highest quality of processing and meet even the most diverse customer requirements. Glass …

Lattuada TL 10 AV Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2004

Straight Lattuada TL 10 AV 10 mole variable angle Year 2004 Currently under review

ZAFFERANI FLAT 5 BS 60 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1996

ZAFFERANI FLAT 5 BS 60 - Year 1996 Electronic rectilinear grinder with variable angle 5 Wheels Working angle 0-60° Thickness 3 - 22 mm Min. dimensions 8x8 cm Speed 0,4 m/min. Power 8,5 kW

Bavelloni B 73 CNS bevelling machine


Bavelloni B 73 CNS bevelling machine Machine is in good working condition Up to 4 cm

BAVELLONI SB1 L Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1988

BAVELLONI SB1 L - Year 1988 Polishing machine For shaped glass Surface Polishing 175 mm Min. Size Up to 50 mm Maximum Size 150x150 mm Degrees 0-45° Min workable 600 mm Max workable 2100 mm Thickness 3-40 mm Power 0,75 kw/1 Hp DIMENSIONS: Total Height: 1500 mm Overall Radius: 1585 mm Base: 1000x1000 mm Weight: 485 Kg

Bottero 810BCS Variant Glass cutting / edging machine


Capacity : 400V-50Hz-39A-4600Kg Description : This machine have a variable bridge for edging 0-45°

LATTUADA AL3E Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2010

LATTUADA AL3E- Year 2010 Straight Line Edging Machine 5 Wheels Minimum glass size 60 x 150 mm (up to 12 mm thickness) Workable thicknesses from 3 to 20 mm Working speed 0,64-3,20 m/min. Installed power 10,5 kW

Glass Progetti PAV9 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2005

Rectilinear Glass Projects PAV 9 model 9 wheels, variable angle Year 2005

SCHIATTI FPS 15 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1985

SCHIATTI FPS 15 - Year 1985 Molatrice rettilinea 8 mole Straight line edging machine 8 wheels Thickness: 3- 30 mm Dim. Min. : 50 x 50 mm Speed: 0,6 – 4,4 m/min Air Consumption 10 Nl/min. Power: 13,6 kw

SCHIATTI FPS 20/S Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1988

SCHIATTI FPS 20/S – year 1988 Molatrice rettilinea 10 mole Straight line edging machine 10 wheels Min workable: 150 x 150 mm Thickness: 3-20 mm Speed 0.5 – 5 mt/min Power : 16,4 Kw Variable Angle: 0-45°

BAVELLONI MAX60 CNP Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1995

BAVELLONI MAX60 CNP - Year 1995 Workable glass thickness: 3-25 mm Maximum bevel width: 60 mm Bevel angle: about 3 to 45 ° Minimum workable dimensions: 40 x 40 mm, strips of 35 mm height Feed speed: from 0 to 4 mt / min. for 50 Hz from 0 to 4.8 mt / min. for 60 Hz Total installed power: …

Bottero TWO-B12/TWO-B10/Robot FANUC R-2000iA Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: BOTTERO Model: TWO-B12/TWO-B10/Robot FANUC R-2000iA Year: 2015 Condition: As it is BOTTERO Fully automatic horizontal double edger line for small glass units, consists of: 1. Robot FANUC R-2000iA 165F 2. Inlet roller conveyor M102 3. Edger 1: TWO-B12 with 12 spindles 4. Tipper M105 with conveyors M 104, M106 5. Roller conveyor M107 6. Edger 2: TWO-B12 with 12 …

CMB Besana R6T Glass bevelling machine


Glass working machines Straight line CMB (Besana) R6T model No. of wheels: 6

Bavelloni B53-CN Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1994

Make : Bavelloni Type : B53-CN Year : 1994 Conditions : Working condition

Lynil All Need Nachinery LTD ZXM-L241 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2022

glass beveling machine Model: ZXM-LC241 Angle: 5 to 35 degrees. Glass thickness: minimum 3mm, maximum 18mm Glass height: minimum 4 cm, maximum 2.5 m. Bezel Width: Up to an inch and a half. Voltage: 220 triphasic. Power: 14kW Speed: 5 m per minute. Voltage and frequency: 380V/50Hz Weight: 1500 kilos Measurements: 3.50x1.00x1.45

Acquiring a used glass bevelling machine is a strategic move to optimize production without spending a huge amount on new machinery. However, there are critical aspects to consider before making this substantial investment.

First and foremost, consider the machine's overall condition. Examine the wear and tear on the machine components, focusing on the spindles, belts, and grinding wheels. These elements, under constant usage, wear down over time and may require replacement.

Next, assess the electrical system and control unit of the machine. Any malfunction or damage can impact the bevelling process, resulting in inconsistent or substandard work. Therefore, you should verify the proper functioning of these elements.

The third point to check is the machine's capacity. Depending on your production needs, you may require a machine capable of handling large pieces of glass. Make sure the machine's capacity aligns with your production scale.

Fourthly, confirm the bevelling angle range. Glass bevelling machines can create different bevelling angles, and you should ensure that the machine you're considering can create the angles you require.

Lastly, check the software that runs the machine. The latest machines use advanced software to manage bevelling operations. If the software is outdated, it may not offer the flexibility and precision required for modern applications.

Regarding the main manufacturers in the Glass machinery - Bevelling sector, several notable brands stand out due to their quality, innovation, and reliability:

Bavelloni - An Italian manufacturer known for precision-engineered machines that offer robust performance.

Bottero - Another industry leader from Italy offering a wide range of glass processing machinery, including bevelling machines.

Lisec - An Austrian manufacturer known for high-quality glass processing equipment.

Intermac - A part of the Biesse Group, this Italian manufacturer provides innovative and versatile bevelling machines.

Schraml (Topdrill, Topgrind, and Topsaw) - Schraml, a German manufacturer, is known for its versatile glass processing machines.

When purchasing a used machine, consider Exapro as your partner. We provide a platform where you can find an array of options from these top manufacturers, ensuring you get a reliable, high-quality used glass bevelling machine that suits your needs and budget.

For used equipment, you should count with a range of 10 000 to 16 000€.