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Year: 2019

Extremely effective even in the presence of coarse dirt, this electric sweeper is suitable for cleaning floors and interior or exterior spaces in industrial environments, warehouses, commercial areas, car parks and in the public, automotive and transport sectors and surfaces up to 15,000 m2, width 800mm -power supply: battery Practical and handy Two types of automatic unloading, which manages to …



dimensions 3692x2249x5158 mm weight 7500 kg Chamber loading volume 0.35 m3 Permissible load weight 400 kg Casting dimensions - min 25x25x25 mm - max 400x400x400 mm Maximum unit weight of the casting 40 kg Approximate time for cleaning a load of castings - cast iron 3 - 6 min - cast steel 6 - 12 min Shot blasting capacity 150 …

Logistic 55051000

Year: 2015

Adjustable spreader for lifting full containers, applicable to a handling trolley. Excellent state of conservation, used only within the company. Availability of the Instruction Manual. Nominal capacity 32000Kg with max pressure of 180BAR. Visible in operation.

Fantuzzi SPT24

Year: 1996

Adjustable spreader for lifting full containers, applicable to a handling trolley. Excellent state of conservation, used only within the company. Accompanied by the Declaration of Correspondence Annex V Legislative Decree 81/08. Nominal capacity 30000Kg with max pressure of 170BAR. Visible in operation.

Automatic filer DimaSimma ElephantModular Store EMS 30 twin

Year: 2002

Type: ElephantModular Store EMS 30 twin Producer: DimaSimma Made in: 2002 Characteristic: The number of positions in the filer: 48 Internal size of cartridge: 7250x520x300 mm Cartrige capacity: 3000 kg Capacity: 190000 kg


Year: 2019

Compact electric aerial platform with combined vertical linear lifting movement and boom. Suitable for indoor use, it has easy handling qualities. Gel battery pack (no liquid level control). Discontinuous use and very excellent conditions. Sale for replacement with a pantograph platform of greater capacity and lifting height. Photo of conditions in which it looks enclosed.

Bat forum STM 50x40 / 3RDKx

Year: 2004

BAT FORUM STM 50x40 / 3RDKx shrink wrapping machine Technical data Capacity 30 u / mn Product length 1800 mm Product width 1750 mm The height of the product is 3000 m Description Packing machine and heating tunnel - automatic line adapted to packing 1.5 liter PET bottles in 3x2 packages The semi-automatic packing unit consists of a packing machine …

IMA ZANCHETTA mod. HERCULES MIDI - Column lifter used

Year: 2008

DESCRIPTION: Hercules lifting coloumns are designed for handling drums, containers, IBCs, bins and small machines. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The unit consists of a column lift, able to lift, by means of an arm, a palletized container (bin) and place it in correspondence with the feed entrance of a processing machine. …

straw pellets line -

Year: 2011

A technological line for the production of straw pellets from a renowned Italian company. The technological line includes: 1. Straw receiving and initial chopping section 2. GreCon spark detection and extinguishing system 3. Movable floor with a dehumidifier 4. Screw conveyors 5. Hammer mill 6. Air transport system 7. Silo with ground straw 8. Granulators 9. Counter-current cooler 10. Asymmetric …

SERVOLIFT Chariot de levage

Year: 2003

Mobile lifting crane Manufacturer : SERVOLIFT Type: Lifting trolley Year : 2003 Serial number : 10637 Lifting capacity : - Drum: 50Kg - Frewitt : 145Kg Note: crusher not present Lifting height: 200mm 2 hands control Levers : - up and down - Forward and reverse pouring Washing trolley handling arm with horn, handle, levers for forward and reverse 3 …

Used Krauss Maffei Werkzeugträger

Year: 2007

2x double carpet mould carrier 180° (swivel hydraulics) optionally with PU foaming Year of construction 2007 Running time :since 2007 in 2-shift operation. The carriers can be inspected in operation until the end of June 22. The dimensions and the weight refer to the maximum tool to be installed. For self-collection ; transport possible from July 22 onwards.

Wagner Magnete 0429-49-12 magnet separator

Year: 2019

Technical characteristics: Year of production: 2019 Condition: excellent (new and used for exhibition and testing purposes, only 22 hours) Magnetic cylinder diameter: 490 mm Number of poles: 12 Working width 1200 mm Maximum capacity 60 - 85 m3 / h (depending on the type of material to be processed). The device is complete, including control cabinet with LCD display. Usually …

Symach SPK-2 double pallet tipper / pallet turner / pallet inverter

Year: 2005

Symach SPK-2 double pallet tipper / pallet turner / pallet inverter Model: SPK-2 Made in: The Netherlands Year of build: 2005 Pallet dimensions: maximum 2600 mm wide x 1300 mm deep

3D Systems Pro X100 DMP

Year: 2015

ProX 100 Dental: 3D PRODUCTION PRINTER (CMBGRUPDENTAL) The ProX 100 dental system is a rapid prosthetic fabrication solution using direct laser sintering (DMS) of metal powders that can be used directly in dental laboratories. ADVANTAGES - Minimum material waste. - To be able to produce parts that are not generally produced by traditional methods. - Fast production times. - Very …

Lannen 860C

Year: 2005

A backhoe loader, a multifunctional machine for work in the power grid and the railway traction network. 4x4 off road drive, built with a crane, equipped with a work basket with UTD approval The machine is equipped with a bucket at the front, it is possible to change it to an attachment for pulling the catenary. The backhoe loader also …


Year: 1990

DESCRIPTION: Hydraulic Pallet Lift Positioner with painted steel construction. Can be used also with non standard pallets. Consists of an outer fixed frame and an inner mobile one that is the lifting body, connected to the piston lifter that is actioned by a hydraulic pump, moved by an electric motor and commanded by buttons for the uplift and descent of …

Basket Sel 14AJX RR

Year: 2003

legal cost lift Basket SEL 14AJX RR Year of production 2003 Engine manufacturer. HATZ 24kW Gross weight (kg) 9,000 Max projection 14m Engine power 24 kW Road and track vehicle For registration.

Mercedes 1824

Year: 2000

Mercedes 1824 vacuum cleaner, washer A "vacuum cleaner" car designed to maintain order - cleaning during all work related to the suction of dirt and unnecessary dirt from the ground in the area of the railway track and road, the possibility of combining a sweeper or a plow, a vehicle equipped with a high-pressure washer. Mercedes Benz 1824 Year of …

P/A Industries Gmbh RM1

Year: 2014

Production line-Special production line for production of aluminum corner profiles for plasterboard Material: Strip thickness of 0.25-0.40 mm Products: 20 x 20 mm drywall 23 x 23 mm small + big hole Possible production length: from 2.2 m to 3.5 m without further adjustment Line speed: 50 m / s


Year: 2014

Loading capacity 10.000 Kg Length 12 m Horizontal platform 2.50 m Total width 2.28 m Passage width 1.88 m Inlet width 2.12 m Non-slip galvanized upper surface Hydraulic height adjustment from 90 to 170 cm Weight: 4 Tonnes CE compliance Pump control on the side Four solid rubber