Eectro permanent lifter FXE-T 5000/50+S Electro-Permanent lifting truss

Year: 2021

Eectro permanent lifter FXE-T 5000/50+S Electro-Permanent lifting truss Equipped with 8 EP magnetic modules of 30 kN each modulus at 0 air gap. for handling steel strips: Max length 16,000 mm Min. / Max. min width width 200mm Max. 1400mm - Min. thickness Core thickness between 5mm and 20mm Flange thickness between 6 and 50 mm Flange width Min. = …

Fuchs Terex MHL430

Year: 2002

Fuchs Terex MHL430 machine for sale. The machine is from 2002.

Niehoff Rotations-Flechtmaschine BMV 24Z mit Auf- und Abwickler AH-WH 1250

Year: 2018

Rotary braiding machine BMV 24Z with winder and unwinder AH-WH 1250

FUX 83-CLM-314


Year of manufacture: 2016 Max foil width: 320 mm In addition, this machine has an extension to 320 mm and there is a laser that keeps the foil in one place +original slot with accessories

Joulin Depileur


Joulin unstacker CONCEPT High speed stacker / destacker (10 cycles/min) Full layers or single timbers No adjustment thanks to grippers equipped with the Wave System™ Stacking / unstacking of diapers up to a maximum of 300kg* Pick-up / drop-off of your products in several possible positions

COMAC CS800b Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2019

Extremely effective even in the presence of coarse dirt, this electric sweeper is suitable for cleaning floors and interior or exterior spaces in industrial environments, warehouses, commercial areas, car parks and in the public, automotive and transport sectors and surfaces up to 15,000 m2, width 800mm -power supply: battery Practical and handy Two types of automatic unloading, which manages to …



dimensions 3692x2249x5158 mm weight 7500 kg Chamber loading volume 0.35 m3 Permissible load weight 400 kg Casting dimensions - min 25x25x25 mm - max 400x400x400 mm Maximum unit weight of the casting 40 kg Approximate time for cleaning a load of castings - cast iron 3 - 6 min - cast steel 6 - 12 min Shot blasting capacity 150 …

FUX 83-BLM-1000


Fux Austria 83-BLM-1000+ foil cutter free Laminating line 83-BLM-1000 including ramp tables Year of manufacture: 2018 Max foil width: 1000 mm

ZANCHETTA MOD. S1000 - Bin dumper used

Year: 1998

DESCRIPTION: The machine guarantees an enormous production capacity connected to a great delicacy in the emptying of the product. It can be used for different product types. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: Thanks to the emptying angle, the machine not only guarantees a great delicacy but also a flow control without discontinuity …

Jungheinrich Typ B pallet racking system

Year: 2015

Used Jungheinrich pallet racking system for sale. Most beams for 4 EUR pallet places. Stands around 5 m. A roller coaster is also for sale. Price negotiable after inspection Manufacturer: Jungheinrich Year of manufacture: 2015 Rack type: Type B Max. height of the first floor above the floor: 2.5m Max. height of last storage: 5.1m Max. number of overhead cells …

7,160 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Tezgüller 2098

Year: 2014

Bunker 2 compartments 1 pcs Bunker 3 compartments 1 piece Mixer 1m3-0,50m3 2 pcs Tape 4 pcs 1 cement silo 1 piece of cement auger 1 cement weighing silo 400 production pallets Vibrator 1pc Mold 6 pcs 4-piece stone collecting attachment 1 piece 2 curb collecting attachment 1 pcs Vibrator motor 6 pcs 2 pieces of vibrator stumps arm 1pc …

ADC stem 3200kg

Year: 2010

ADC stem 3200kg Jib crane capacity 3200 kg Arm length 6 meters Motorized movements: lifting, translation and rotation of the arm New value 16400€

straw pellets line -

Year: 2011

A technological line for the production of straw pellets from a renowned Italian company. The technological line includes: 1. Straw receiving and initial chopping section 2. GreCon spark detection and extinguishing system 3. Movable floor with a dehumidifier 4. Screw conveyors 5. Hammer mill 6. Air transport system 7. Silo with ground straw 8. Granulators 9. Counter-current cooler 10. Asymmetric …

Industrial goods lift

Year: 1950

Industrial goods lift 1950s on 3 floors complete with machinery, doors and grilles More photos and information on request

Used Bosch EMSE 40/400

Year: 1988

Application: For separating and feeding small parts in e.g. setting machines. The unit is mounted on a stand and additionally equipped with a sound insulation bonnet, speed control (Bosch) and monitoring (Böhm). monitoring (Böhm). The height of the stand with floor and audition plate is 160cm. The height of the bowl feeder and vibratory bowl is 55 cm.

Trolley elevator platform used


DESCRIPTION: Stainless steel elevator that allows the transport of trolleys filled with trays. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. N.2 units available. TECHNICAL DATA Dimensioni di ingombro mm 3100 x 1300 x 700 Dimensioni piattaforma di elevazione mm 1400 x 800

Nedcon shelf racks Hot deal


Used shelf racks for sale. There are approx. 315 bm racks available (250 fields 1.25 m wide) with the option to buy in smaller quantities. Each column contains 5 shelves. Dimensions: Column height: 220 cm Shelf width: 60 cm Shelf length: 126 cm

1,820 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Bat forum STM 50x40 / 3RDKx

Year: 2004

BAT FORUM STM 50x40 / 3RDKx shrink wrapping machine Technical data Capacity 30 u / mn Product length 1800 mm Product width 1750 mm The height of the product is 3000 m Description Packing machine and heating tunnel - automatic line adapted to packing 1.5 liter PET bottles in 3x2 packages The semi-automatic packing unit consists of a packing machine …


Year: 2019

Compact electric aerial platform with combined vertical linear lifting movement and boom. Suitable for indoor use, it has easy handling qualities. Gel battery pack (no liquid level control). Discontinuous use and very excellent conditions. Sale for replacement with a pantograph platform of greater capacity and lifting height. Photo of conditions in which it looks enclosed.

Fantuzzi Sideloader SF50U Hot deal

Year: 2002

Diesel 5000KG Lifting Capacity Load Centre - 600mm Running Hours - 14.255 Serial Number - 4110104 Length - 4400mm Width - 2000mm Weight - 8150KG Lifting Height - 4000mm Fork Length - 1200mm