Used homogenizer and mixer for liquid and cream for sale 215

Fryma VME-700 Liquid mixer

Year: 1987

Volume capacity 700 L
Working pressure 1 bar
Double jacketed Yes
Max T° 0 °
Mixing speed 960 rpm
Dbl jacket pressure 3 bar

SIEHE SXJB-300 Dual Planetary Mixer Liquid mixer Low working hours

Year: 2020

Volume capacity 300 L
Homogenizer Yes
S/ steel type
Mixing speed 1450 rpm
Motor Power 30 kW

OLSA 150 litres Liquid mixer

Year: 2002

Volume capacity 150 L
Working pressure 3 bar
Motor Power 28 kW
Max T° 155 °
Mixing speed 2500 rpm
S/ steel type 316L

Olsa 500 Litres Liquid mixer

Year: 1999

Volume capacity 500 L
Working pressure 1.2 bar
Manhole Yes
Max T° 135 °
Dbl jacket pressure 2.2 bar
S/ steel type

Koruma Maschinenbau Disho V170 / 1000 Liquid mixer

Year: 2011

Volume capacity 1000 L
Working pressure 1 bar
Double jacketed Yes
Max T° 100 °
Mixing speed 30 rpm
Dbl jacket pressure 6 bar

Haagen & Rineau UNIMIX SRT15 Liquid mixer

Year: 1993

Volume capacity 22.5 L
Working pressure 2 bar
Dbl jacket pressure 4 bar
Max T° 151 °
Double jacketed Yes
Homogenizer Yes

Skerman 1200 Liter Liquid mixer

Year: 1996

Volume capacity 1206 L
Working pressure 3.1 bar
S/ steel type BS 5500
Max T° 143 °
Double jacketed Yes

Stephan Model UM12 Stainless Steel High Intensity Vacuum Mixer, Universal Machine

Year: 2001

Volume capacity 12 L
Working pressure -1 bar
Dbl jacket pressure 1 bar
Max T° 95 °
Double jacketed Yes
Homogenizer Yes

JIAHE 22 KW High Speed Mixer Liquid mixer Low working hours

Year: 2020

Volume capacity 300 L
Homogenizer Yes
S/ steel type
Mixing speed 1450 rpm
Motor Power 22 kW

BCD 50L Mobile Vessel Liquid mixer

Year: 2015

Volume capacity 50 L
Double jacketed Yes
Motor Power 0.25 kW
Max T° 150 °
Dbl jacket pressure 6.5 bar
S/ steel type 316L

Diosna V 250 Liquid mixer

Year: 1982

Volume capacity 250 L
S/ steel type
Motor Power 14 kW

LLEAL OT-4337 Multishaft mixer

Year: 2017

Volume capacity 500 L
Double jacketed Yes
Homogenizer No
Max T° 150 °
Dbl jacket pressure 3.9 bar
Motor Power 11 kW

PERRYmix DS250 Z Liquid mixer

Year: 2022

Volume capacity 500 L
S/ steel type
Motor Power 15 kW

Imported DAVA Food JBJ-2000L Liquid mixer

Year: 2021

Volume capacity 2000 L
Double jacketed Yes
S/ steel type
Working pressure 5 bar
Homogenizer Yes

Presentation of Mixers/Homogenizers for liquid and cream


Mixers/homogenizers can be used in several industrial sectors, such as pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics, as well as in the food industry.
These machines can be very expensive depending on the complexity of the use. The mixing process and dispersion of several components into a homogeneous solution is maintained through a combination of pressurization, shearing and heat/cold, among other things.

A homogenizer can be added, whose main principle consists of a sudden acceleration through a very narrow orifice in the particles. The decomposition of the particles is carried out through the sudden impact against a flat surface.

A high shear mixer may also be favoured. In this case, an agitator with a rotor and stator will be used to shear the product and emulsify and homogenize it.
They must be often maintained and cleaned to assure compliance with the norms.

What are the main advantages of a mixer/homogenizer?

These machines represent an unavoidable stage of the production process. They can also be used in a laboratory or during the development and validation stage of a product.

They are considered to be very reliable and allow for a fast production process.

The machine operates on 6 parameters : 
  • Capacity in L
  • Max T°
  • Working pressure
  • Mixing speed in rpm
  • Double jacketed or not
  • Dbl jacket pressure
You can also filter your searches by location of the machine, year of the machine and the machine’s manufacturer.

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Area of use  

Overall, this machine is mainly used in the cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the food sector. We have nearly 250 mixers/homogenizers in our catalogue and work with external partners whose mixers are not necessarily found online.

Mixers/homogenizers manufacturers

In our catalogue, Exapro has some of the highest rated international manufacturers like Fryma mixers/homogenizers, Guedu mixers/homogenizers, Krieger mixers/homogenizers. and many more. You can find these used machines for an affordable price in our catalogue. Don't hesitate to check our catalogue for used machines and contact an Exapro’s agent if you have any questions. It is also possible to sell your used machine(s) with Exapro.

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