Used others sheetmetal machinery for sale on Exapro 112

ABCD MACHINERY IBIS Sheet metal machine Low working hours

Year: 2018

2-head IBIS chainsaw managed by numerical control Positioning of pneumatic heads 45°/90°/-45° Three-phase voltage 400 volts Blade 350 x 32 x 2.5 Rotation speed 30/60/90/180 Motor power 2 speeds 1.8 kw / 2.5 kw Pneumatic pressure 7 bar Very little served (max 40h)

Wammes Tubeformer Sheet metal machine

Year: 2011

Thickness 0.5 - 0.6 - 0.8 - 1 mm Diameter 80-100-125-160-200-250-315-355-400-450-500-560-630-710-800-900-1000 mm Equipment: Bench receiving length 3000mm Reel Cutting with a circular knife Year 2011

INHER EL-1000 Sheet metal machine

Year: 1994

longitudinal stapler for flue or ventilation duct. maximum length of the conduit 1m. tools for tube Ø 97mm - 111 - 125 - 139 - 150 - 153 - 180 - 200. Tool storage rack with loading hoist. automatic plate feeder.

Pedrazzoli SELF BROWN LT-10 profile cutting machine

Year: 1992

maximum saw blade diameter: 315 mm travel speed of the working head: 0 + 15 m / min. bar feed speed 0 + 120 m / min. minimum diameter of the divided circular material: 12 mm maximum diameter of the divided circular material: 80 mm minimum dimension of divided square material: 10 mm maximum dimension of divided square material: 70 …

Kaltenbach MSK 400 Sheet metal machine

Year: 1998

The circular saw is designed for cutting metals from aluminum and its castings, through non-ferrous metals, to high-quality metals, such as stainless steel. The saw is equipped with a cooling system, which is responsible for cooling, lubricating and protecting tools and cut elements against corrosion. The main materials cut on a circular saw are profiles, shafts, pipes, rods, angles, channels, …

LKI (Amada) MP 250 M Loader / Unloader

Year: 2002

Loader / Unloader Manufacturer: LKI, sold by AMADA Type: MP 250 M Pneumatic lifting of loads with sheet separator and thickness detection Unloading by clamping system on a constant level table Format: 1250 x 2500 mm (max.) / 350 x 700 mm (min.) 2 loading pallets max. - Weight: 3 tons / pallet 1 unloading pallet max. - Weight: 3 …

Peddinghaus FDB 1000/3 Drilling & Cutting system


For plates and strips max workpiece width: 1000 mm max workpiece thickness: 50 mm unlimited workpiece length 3 drillingheads - max drilling dia: 40 mm (air cooling through spindle) 1 gas cuttinghead (interchangeable with plasma) Siemens Sinumerik control (2 axes) power: 25 kW dimensions: 2000 x 2100 x 2900 mm weight: 6,5 ton

CRIPPA 2166 tube forming machine

Year: 2016

Used Crippa tube forming machine that can perform up to 6 forming operations in a single cycle including: punching, cutting, rolling, boring, threading and turning. The thrust of the deforming tools is 16 tons, the vice is of the vertical type with a power of 20 tons.

USM Model GTH-1 travelling head cutting machine

Year: 1990

FEATURES Cutting force: 23 tons Width between uprights: 1760 mm Useful cutting width: 1640 mm Depth of cutting plane: 520 mm Strike plate: 520 x 520 mm Height of cutting plane without log: 980 mm Height of top beam from floor: 1780 mm Maximum opening (without log): Maximum stroke: 120 mm Overall dimensions: Height: 2290 mm Width: 2000 mm Depth: …

ZANI TAL 450 CNC 60 Sheet metal machine

Year: 1988

Year 1988 Max diameter 800 mm Distance between centers 900 mm Center height 450 mm Capacity in steel 6 mm Capacity in stainless steel 4 mm Capacity in copper 5 mm Aluminum capacity 12mm Tailstock stroke 450 mm Maximum spindle speed 2000 rpm Longitudinal stroke 500 mm Cross stroke 400 mm Fast forward 10 m / min Working feed 6 …

PEDRAZZOLI STERN BROWN E-50 Sheet metal machine

Year: 2012

Tube forming machine with 4 controlled axes and 15 passages. The machine has 15 tons of thrust and can also work with rotating tools.


Year: ~ 2006

The line avaible to sell is used but in very good conditions. It is equipped with: n.1 Decoiler 1250mm x5 ton n.1 Roll-forming machine with n. 12 passes- useful width 1000 mm n.1 Set of Forming rolls assembled to produce corrugated profile 75x18 mm n.1 Flying shear with guillottine blades (pneumatically operated) n.1 Electrical system with programmable device n.1 Tank …

Cutting center UNGERER for cross-cutting sheets from coils with a thickness of 0.5 to 3mm

Year: 1986

The cutting lines include: • Decoiler • Straightener with adjustable sheet format • Guillotine • Compensation table Line parameters: • Model: 1500/ 3 /23 • Production year 1986 • Two-piece decoiler: maximum weight of 15 tons, • Maximum coil diameter 1830 mm, • Coil width 350 - 1500 mm, • Edge cutting max. 115 mm / page, • Cutting speed …

RHTC HB-28 - Horizontal Bending machine

Year: 2018

Specifications: Max Pressure 28 T Table Size 300 x 550 mm mm Piston dia. 130 mm Min/Max Bending speed 2 - 9,8 mm/sec mm/sec Return speed 20 mm/sec mm/sec Max. Flat iron 200 x 10 mm No. of programs 4 Readout on Piston move. Length: 1150 mm, Height: 1100, Width: 750 mm, Weight: 650 kg

Turkish Servo controlled eccentric press line

Year: 2020

Servo controlled eccentric press line 40 Ton Press capacity 860 mm max material width

Used SGP EGB 401 Profiles for corrugated sheet metal

Year: ~ 2008

Used SGP EGB 401 Profiles for corrugated sheet metal Profiles for corrugated sheet metal Complete with reel and unloader

Salvagnini P4-2220 CNC Panel Bending Machine

Year: 1997

Salvagnini P4-2220 CNC Panel Bending Machine elements : TL27155C: Scissor table ADP2715: Feeder-destacker for operation in line P4-2220: Panel Bender SP22: Option for removing profiles SAP2220.POS: Panel unloader/accumulator TAE51: Water-air cooler SPA: Work surfaces with brushes T: Mover for auxiliary tools CLA: Auxiliary bending tool command for positive bends Max dimension of the sheets to be loaded 2700 x 1524 …

Used Sutter Alpha 1 - Forms spiral tubes

Year: 1989

Forms spiral tubes 1 Sutter Alpha 1 from diam 120 to 1550 thickness from 4 to 12/10 of galvanized sheet Complete with automatic cut 6 m double revolving reel Tapes from 88 to 133 mm can be used.