WAMMES TF 1400 ULTRE circular duct forming machine

Year: 2013

WAMMES MACHINERY circular duct forming machine, model TF 1400 ULTRA equipped with: ► 1 simple unwinder (integrated braking system) ► Manual adjustment of the angular orientation of the forming cassette ► 21 Forming bands ► 7 sets of crimping rollers for sheet thicknesses from 0.4 to 1.0 mm ► 1 Set of profiling rollers: 0.4 to 1.0 mm x 137 …

Euromac Logica Pinze 4500 machine

Year: 1998

This Euromac Logica Pinze 4500 was manufactured in the year 1998 in Italy. It is equipped with a MILO control unit. The machine has a cutting length of 4500 mm. Machine width: 9800 mm Machine depth: 7500 mm Machine weight: 4380 kg CNC: MILO Cutting length: 4500 mm

Schechtl swing bending machine MAB 400\6 (motorized)

Year: 2008

Typ / model: D-835533 EDLING MAB 400 top condition video available inspection possible

U Profile Roll Form Line

Year: 2010

12 inch, up to 3mm pull feature. It produces products in accordance with the dimensions that Afad wants. It is actively used. We have a sale plan for project change.

Pedrazzoli SELF BROWN LT-10 profile cutting machine

Year: 1992

maximum saw blade diameter: 315 mm travel speed of the working head: 0 + 15 m / min. bar feed speed 0 + 120 m / min. minimum diameter of the divided circular material: 12 mm maximum diameter of the divided circular material: 80 mm minimum dimension of divided square material: 10 mm maximum dimension of divided square material: 70 …

BEMA BS 25X6 Sheet metal machine

Year: 2006

Pipe-shaping machine Bema model 25x6 with 6 passages and 25 tons of power. The machine is visible and functional. We are able to provide installation, assistance and equipment dedicated to customer needs.

CATTANEO SRF 120.1250 Sheet metal machine

Year: 2003

For sale a CNC cylindrical (roller) feeder for an eccentric / hydraulic press, type: srf 120.1250, manufactured by Cattaneo, Italy, 2003. The feeder is in perfect condition - like new. Maximum thickness of the supplied sheet metal: 8mm, sheet width: 1250mm, total weight approx. 4500kg. The machine is currently dismantled, all on 5 pallets.

CRIPPA 2166 tube forming machine

Year: 2016

Used Crippa tube forming machine that can perform up to 6 forming operations in a single cycle including: punching, cutting, rolling, boring, threading and turning. The thrust of the deforming tools is 16 tons, the vice is of the vertical type with a power of 20 tons.

Cutting center UNGERER for cross-cutting sheets from coils with a thickness of 0.5 to 3mm

Year: 1986

The cutting lines include: • Decoiler • Straightener with adjustable sheet format • Guillotine • Compensation table Line parameters: • Model: 1500/ 3 /23 • Production year 1986 • Two-piece decoiler: maximum weight of 15 tons, • Maximum coil diameter 1830 mm, • Coil width 350 - 1500 mm, • Edge cutting max. 115 mm / page, • Cutting speed …

Omera R 4/12 Sheet metal machine

Year: 1995

Edgebander Trimmer OMERA model R 4/12 Characteristics: Maximum workable diagonal diameter 1200 mm Number of spindle speeds 16 Installed power 5.5 kW PLC siemen Year of construction 1995 Machine that has worked little CE standards Machine complete with two slides 1 - type N + accessories 1 - type C + logins

Bobbio BX 400 Sheet metal machine


BX 400 spring coiling machine + AB2 decoiler cap wire diameter: 0,8 > 4 mm winding diameter: max 70 mm speed: 180 m/min (max 90 pieces/min) power: 6 kW extension springs - compression springs - conical springs - biconicalsprings with winding on the right or on the left

Tormec Segto Spiro Curvecutter Sheet metal machine Low working hours

Year: 2009

Used Tormec Curvecutter Machine for cutting segments to manufacture elbows for HVAC and industrial insulation. Diameter of elbow: 160 – 1000 mm. Angle of elbow: max. 90°. Angle range: max. 5 – 46°. Number of segments in one pass: 5 (depending on diameter). Overmeasure for seam: 1 – 20 mm. Overmeasure for seam: 1 – 20 mm. Extension for muff: …

Automatic Machine For Extrusion 90 ° T Fittings For Flue Pipes Complete With 14 Molds Low working hours

Year: 2014

Automatic Machine For Extrusion 90 ° T Fittings For Flue Pipes Complete With 14 Molds The diameters supplied are: 80/100/120/130/140/150/160/180/200/220/230/250/300/350/400 The machine is perfect like new


Year: ~ 2006

The line avaible to sell is used but in very good conditions. It is equipped with: n.1 Decoiler 1250mm x5 ton n.1 Roll-forming machine with n. 12 passes- useful width 1000 mm n.1 Set of Forming rolls assembled to produce corrugated profile 75x18 mm n.1 Flying shear with guillottine blades (pneumatically operated) n.1 Electrical system with programmable device n.1 Tank …

Turkish Servo controlled eccentric press line

Year: 2020

Servo controlled eccentric press line 40 Ton Press capacity 860 mm max material width

Used Sutter Alpha 1 - Forms spiral tubes

Year: 1989

Forms spiral tubes 1 Sutter Alpha 1 from diam 120 to 1550 thickness from 4 to 12/10 of galvanized sheet Complete with automatic cut 6 m double revolving reel Tapes from 88 to 133 mm can be used.

Sheet Metal Profiling Line

Year: 2000

Type: Producer: Made in: 2000 Characteristic: The line is composed of: 2x Forming line (forming device. 2x unwinding device. automatic scissors) 1x Edgebander (corner tray. automatic counting of produced corners)

Trapezoidal Sheet Production Line T18 Hot deal


Line for the production of trapezoidal sheets with full accessories. We have been operating in the production of trapezoidal sheet metal for 15 years. At that time, thanks to the extensive network of banners placed on frequently frequented roads within a radius of 80 km from Słupsk, and the very good quality of trapezoidal sheets produced on this line for …

Trumpf LiftMaster Sheet metal machine

Year: 2011

LiftMaster Compact is the fastest and most compact device for loading and unloading in the TRUMPF portfolio. The dynamic and variable automation solution is particularly attractive for fast working times, regardless of whether it is a warehouse connection or not. It takes up little space and saves time and money in short cycles of 90 seconds. Technical data loaded - …