Delving into the realm of Bagging machines - Vertical - Sachet machines, one uncovers the intricate mechanisms that drive these vital pieces of industrial machinery. With a crucial role in the packaging sector, these machines are used extensively across multiple industries from food to pharmaceuticals. This article aims to dissect the functionality of these machines, spotlight the prominent manufacturers, and detail key considerations to bear in mind when purchasing such equipment. Additionally, we'll illustrate how buying through Exapro, a platform committed to guiding buyers through each step of the purchasing process, can be a game-changer in acquiring the right machinery for your operations.


Viking Mašek MS300C-45° Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine

Year: 2018

Output 110 /min
Bag width 300 mm
Product substance Solid
Bag height 400 mm
Max filling 3 000g
Type Automatic

Оренго УМ Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine Low working hours

Year: 2022

Output 60 /min
Bag width 160 mm
Product substance Solid
Bag height 280 mm
Max filling 2000
Type Automatic

MF PACKAGING MF Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine Hot deal

Year: 2012

Output 1280 /min
Bag width 50 mm
Product substance Powder
Bag height 60 mm
Max filling 5
Type Automatic

Volpack S-140-L2 Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine Hot deal

Year: 2008

Bag height 200 mm
Max filling
Bag width 14 mm

Bosch SVI 2620 AR Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine

Year: 2012

Output 120 /min
Bag width 260 mm
Bag height 400 mm
Max filling

Ishida vffs machine Low working hours

Year: 2012

Output 300 /min
Product substance Solid
Max filling
Type Automatic

VTB SBM 1000 MAX Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine

Year: 2012

Bag width 500 mm
Product substance Powder
Max filling 40kg

CAMPAGNOLO CVM85 Vertical Packaging machine with Platform, Multiweigher and Printer

Year: 1995

Output 40 /min
Max filling
Bag height 400 mm
Type Automatic

invpack MVA12 Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine Low working hours

Year: 2019

Output 900 /min
Product substance Liquids
Max filling
Type Automatic


Year: 2020

Output 30 /min
Product substance Solid
Max filling 3
Type Semi- automatic

Volpak S90 Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine

Year: 1995

Output 100 /min
Bag width 90 mm
Bag height 115 mm
Max filling 35cc

Josef Blazek AMT-9 Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine Hot deal

Year: 2004

Output 60 /min
Bag width 44 mm
Product substance Powder
Bag height 140 mm
Max filling
Type Automatic

9,490 €

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Technical Components and Functioning of Sachet Machines

A Vertical Sachet Machine operates on a sequential basis with various technical components playing critical roles:


The Film Roll - This is the packaging material source that is unfurled and fed into the machine.


The Forming Collar - Here, the flat film is shaped into a tube.


The Vertical and Horizontal Sealing Units - These units seal the tube vertically to create the package's back seal and horizontally to create individual sachets.


The Filling System - The product is dropped into the formed sachet through this system.


Finally, the filled sachets are cut off from the continuous tube using a Cutting Mechanism, resulting in individual packages ready for distribution.


Top Manufacturers of Sachet Machines

Bosch Packaging Technology: Renowned for their high-quality and efficient machines, Bosch is a trusted name in the packaging industry.


IMA Ilapak: With a global reputation for advanced, high-speed machinery, IMA Ilapak offers versatile sachet machine solutions that cater to a range of packaging needs.


Ishida: As an innovator in the packaging sector, this Japanese manufacturer offers efficient sachet machines equipped with user-friendly interfaces and robust output capacities.


Universal Pack: Based in Italy, Universal Pack is known for the precision and high-speed performance of their sachet machines, making them an ideal choice for many businesses.


Volpak: Known for its technological leadership in horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) solutions, this Spanish brand delivers efficient and reliable sachet machines, earning its spot as a key player in the packaging industry.

When purchasing a sachet machine, several key factors should be considered:


Ensure the machine's condition and whether all components are operational.

Evaluate the machine's compatibility with the products you intend to package.

Ascertain the machine's output capacity to meet your production requirements.

Inquire about any special electrical or environmental conditions needed for operation.

Benefits of Buying Through Exapro

Exapro facilitates each stage of the purchasing process, providing a secure platform and essential advice to help buyers make informed decisions. Their role in mediating communication between buyers and sellers ensures transparency, making the purchasing experience smooth and efficient.


Budget Considerations

Bear in mind that sachet machines typically fall within the price range of 11,000€ and 30,000€. When setting your budget, remember to factor in potential operating and maintenance costs.


Organising Transportation

Though transportation is the buyer's responsibility, both the seller and Exapro can offer assistance if needed. Before transportation, a thorough machine inspection is crucial, ensuring all parts are secure and ready for transit. This comprehensive check aids in avoiding future complications and unexpected repair costs.