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Radpak RW-30 RM-20AC Packaging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine

Year: 1995

Output 30 /min
Bag width 200 mm
Product substance Solid
Bag height 5000 mm
Max filling 1kg
Type Automatic

Aranow Aranorth-2 Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine

Year: 2011

Output 120 /min
Bag width 60 mm
Product substance Liquids
Bag height 200 mm
Max filling 100 ml
Type Automatic

Sorma BRT126 Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine

Year: 2005

Output 22 /min
Bag width 100 mm
Product substance Solid
Bag height 100 mm
Max filling 5kg
Type Automatic


Year: 2020

Output 30 /min
Product substance Solid
Max filling 3
Type Semi- automatic

Used Bosch SVZ Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine

Year: 1991

Output 70 /min
Bag width 950 mm
Bag height 1100 mm
Max filling

Paglierani 400 u/h Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine Hot deal

Year: 2007

Output 6.6 /min
Max filling 25 kg
Type Automatic
Bag height 0 mm
Product substance Powder

Gulmak sugar stick machine

Year: 2017

Output 300 /min
Bag width 40 mm
Product substance Powder
Bag height 100 mm
Max filling 8 gram
Type Automatic

Universal Pack NV6Z Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine

Year: 1987

Output 300 /min
Bag width 46 mm
Product substance Powder
Bag height 80 mm
Max filling 8
Type Semi- automatic

Presentation of the vertical bagging machine

The vertical bagging machine belongs to the packaging machines category.

How does this machine works?

Bagging is a way of industrial sachet filling. It concerns different types of bags, from 3 to 4 side seal bags or sachets.

The raw material is first passed into a product weighing system and then into the sachet (usually plastic or other packaging materials). The sachet containing the product is then cut and sealed.

The product to be packed is introduced into an auger. The machine needs to be set up with the appropriate dosing system to pack different kinds of products (different dosing depends on whether the product is liquid, solid or powder). Once the desired weight is achieved, the product goes through the funnel to be dosed and then falls to fit in the foil. The foil is folded and sealed on 3 sides or more.

Finally, the product will fall into a container.

What are the main advantages of a vertical sachet machine?

The machine is usually relatively small and doesn’t need a lot of space. Moreover, the machine is quite easy to set up and doesn't require specialised maintenance.

This machine is very efficient when it comes to saving labour costs, mainly due to its high speed.

With Exapro, you can filter your searches for used vertical bagging machines according to the following attributes:
  • Output in /min
  • Product substance
  • Bag height in mm
  • Bag width in mm
  • Type
  • Max filling
You can also narrow down the results based on the location of the machine, year of the equipment and the machine’s manufacturer.

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Area of use of these machines

Vertical bagging machines are mainly used for the following products: food products (ketchup sugar, pasta, milk, etc...) These products can be used in many areas, with varying sizes and proportions, as well as different substances: liquid, solid.

On the other hand, horizontal machines are mostly used for solid products.

Vertical bagging machine manufacturers

In our catalogue, Exapro has some of the best international manufacturers, including Bosch bagging machines, Volpak bagging machines, Ulma bagging machines, and many popular products such as the DCM Olimpia 4BC Bagging machine and Maben Engineering AM250 Bagging machine. You can find these used machines for an affordable price in our catalogue. Don't hesitate to check our catalogue for used machines and contact an Exapro agent if you have any questions. It’s also possible to sell your used machine(s) with Exapro.

You can check out one of our used vertical bagging machine with the Concetti Group VAI - CONCETTI Bagging machine - Vertical - Sachet machine

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