Pester Pewo-pack 450 NS Sealer Good value

Year: 1990

Manufacturer: Pester Model: Pewo-pack 450 NS Year: 1990 Location: Switzerland Category: Wrapper PESTER Pewo-pack 450 NS Wrapper from 1990, Film type: PE, Film width: 450mm, Min film width: 30 mm, Film thickness: max 0.1 - min 0.02, Max coil diameter 300mm, Core diameter 70/76, Machine dimensions: 2.9m x 1.3m

Rovema VPK 260 Sealer

Year: 2000

Output 120 u/mn
Product width 260 mm
Max foil width 260 mm
Product length 110 mm
Product height 65 mm

Webomatic STCW 60/80-L-E & DU 60-L Sealer

Year: 2013

Product length 550 mm
Product width 300 mm

SmiPack T450 Sealer


Shrinking tunnel Yes

FARBAL Farbal Packing machine

Year: 2004

- Shrinkwrapper - Shrink oven - Conveyor belt For polyethylene film, maximum width 2000mm. Delivery time: Available immediately Transport and shipment: at buyer's expense Photos and videos available on request

Hugo Beck MP Pico Sealer

Year: 2009

Packaging machine of the company Hugo Beck. in a very well-kept condition. Many spare parts are also included. The machine is ready for immediate use and can be inspected at any time. Year of construction 2009!

Belca BLSB-50 Sealer

Year: 2004

Output 41 u/mn
Product width 450 mm
Max foil width 600 mm
Product length 450 mm
Product height 150 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

Embatherm TME160CH Heat sealer

Year: 2015

Embatherm TME160CH – Heat sealer Manufacturer: Embatherm Model: TME 160 Year : 2015 Type: pneumatic heat sealer, conduction heat sealing of aluminum lids on plastic packaging. Dimensions: 400 x 500 x 750 mm Weight : 28 kg Standard sealing part diameters: 40-150mm Electrical power: 300 W Voltage: 220 V single-phase Packaging dimensions: Diameter: <150 mm Height (standard): <240 mm Other …

Smipack BP800AR 280ST Sealer

Year: 2014

Output 17 u/mn
Product height 165 mm
Product width 280 mm

SIMIPACK FP870A semi-automatic angular flowpacking machine

Year: 2018

Output 54000 u/mn
Product width  mm
Max foil width  mm
Product length  mm
Product height 300 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

AVC HS500 + KT1000 Seal & shrinkwrapping machine

Year: ~ 1995

Product length 400 mm
Product height 200 mm
Product width 500 mm

SmiPack FP560A Sealer


Output 13 u/mn
Product width  mm
Max foil width  mm
Product length  mm
Product height 228.6 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

Ferplast FP DZQ 600 LS Sealer

Year: 2020

Product width 600 mm
Product height 1000 mm

IMA BFB MOD. MS 500BP - Shrink wrapping machine used

Year: 2002

DESCRIPTION: Bundling machine for packaging various products. Very compact design machine, it is equipped with shrink tunnel with internal circulating fan and discharge cooling fan. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The transport system combined with the precision of each phase of the production cycle allows to achieve high levels of efficiency with …

Webomatic PNC 20–A-D-M2-G Sealer


Product length 830 mm
Product height 170 mm
Product width 600 mm

Rochman S Coop SLA 40/60 Sealer

Year: 2003

Product length 400 mm
Product width 600 mm


Year: 2012

Output 50 u/mn
Product width 510 mm
Max foil width 600 mm
Product length 640 mm
Product height 200 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes