EASTAR NC200A-1 Automatic CNC slotting machine Low working hours

Year: 2014

Automatic CNC slotting machine Hardly used (20 hrs.) 200 mm slot length. 300 mm chuck. Programmable operation (depth and chip width)

Used Bacri 300 Slotting machine


Used Bacri 300 Slotting machine Visible in Italy Sold as it is

SMT Schleifstein KBoL 2010-200 Flanging and dishing machine

Year: 2002

CNC Controll MIPC Q Playback with GAP control Large package TOP rolls 5 units Large package forming & pressure rolls 5 units Loading attachment Unloading attachment Under power out put 6 units Controllable forming roll drive Hydraulic displacement drive Clamping device without hole Basket bottem Knocker bottom Pressure vessel bottom Boiler bottoms Flat floor Plate base diffuser bottom Tank bottom …