IARO 50 Packing machine Low working hours

Year: 2022

Packing machine A machine for packing loose products (e.g. candies, pasta, spices, peas, coffee beans) and dusty products (e.g. ground coffee, powdered milk, potato flour) Weight: 10-5000g Stamp Polypropylene or aluminum foil Capacity up to 50 cycles/min It has an ionizing bar Option to make holes on the weld Max foil width 650 mm

TOP load - carton forming and closing machine - IMA Hot deal

Year: 2021

product dim min : 160 x 60 x 30mm product dim max : 300 x 250 x 100mm speed : 50 box/min year : 2021 floor dimension forming : 3800 x 1739mm floor dimension closing : 3346 x 3700mm

ACEPACK SG-210XC Packing machine Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2022

Doypack line ready for sale. 100% functional new. Premade production

SmiPack HS 700 Packing machine

Year: 2020

A continuous longitudinal side sealing system located behind the transverse step sealing bar allows products of unlimited length to be wrapped with less film residue while creating a tighter bag. Control system: PC control panel with touch screen, 32-bit microprocessor, IN/OUT control module with digital inputs/outputs, each motor is controlled by its own frequency converter The system is able to …

Complete installation for mounting boxes cartons Schubert SNC-F2/SSB

Year: 1995

Manufacturer Schubert Model SNC-F2/SSB Year 1995 Complete installation for mounting boxes cartons

SAN Machine ch150, with hot melt glue gun Packing machine Hot deal

Year: 2019

Machine for assembling cardboard trays and boxes. 1-GP-ZH-600P is a fully automatic box and tray assembling machine for making various kinds of paper food container packaging which are very popular in the market, including hamburger box, chip box, takeout and paper tray packaging and more. The machine adopts famous high-level electronic components and combines them to have high-efficiency and stable …


Year: 2012

AR 960 Paper Bag making machine Manufacturer: NANBAO (Chine) - Wenzhou Ouhai Nanbao Paperbox Machine Co., Ltd. Size: 11.000 + 6.000 mm x 1700 mm x 1500 mm (L x W x H) Weight: 13 tons Features: Sheet-fed bag machine Suitable for top folded luxury bags with automatic carton reinforcement pasting for handles + option for punch handle with reinforcement …

BARDI 8 rangs Hot deal

Year: 1999

After 3 years of good and loyal service, we are putting our washing line up for sale for a larger capacity washer. The washer is a Bardi from 1999 with a capacity of 2000 bottles/hour, new pump, possibility of washing from 25cl to 1,5 litre. The line consists of a gas boiler with softener, a blowing machine with its oil-free …

Almost new JASA Sleeve Maschine - SOM1000 Packing machine Low working hours

Year: 2021

For sale is a JASA sleeve machine - model SOM1000. All dimensions and information about the cycle can be found below. We purchased the machine in 2021 and it has run less than 200 hours. Due to a change in our packing programme for the customer, the Sleever is currently no longer in use. Flex tooling for various pack sizes …

Gurki GPK-40 Case erector

Year: 2020

New never used automatic vertical carton erector carton sizes L: 250 to 450 W: 150 to 400 H 100 to 400 Model GPK-40 Production speed 12ctns/min Carton size(mm) L250-450xW150-400xH100-400 Power supply 110/220V、50/60HZ、 1∮ Air Compressing 6kg/cm³ Air comsumption 450NL/MIN Adhesive tape width 48/60/75MM Machine dimension L2300xW1900xH1700mm Machine weight 650KG

Used Almost new Codipack REA JET Inkjet Printer Hot deal

Year: 2020

Big character Inkjet Printer for industrial use. The installation consists of 2x4 print heads that can be separately directed. The printer is mounted in a dust free environment with a stable temperature of +/- 25°C. We are selling the device because we have bought a more adequate printer for our purpose. The machine is still very young. The machine is …

Algemeen Verpakkings Centrum AVM.1100 Packing machine

Year: 2022

Packing machine Automatic packing machine AVM AVM.400 Packing machine 2022

TRIAPEX 2019 Packing machine Hot deal

Year: 2019

Bagging line TRIAPEX, HW/SW Siemens, configured for bagging any products (tested crushed marble fraction 6-18, sunflower pellets, flax pellets, dried crushed olive pits, sprinkling material from fraction 1, etc.). Capacity 1000kg/hour Including a bag welding machine, including a rotating automatic packaging line and strapping pliers. Including stock and a lucrative domain

Gurki GPK 30H 20 Case erector

Year: 2020

Vertical carton assembly machine new never used 2020 Chinese marke Gurki model -30H 20 Model GPK-30H20 Production speed 20ctns/min Carton size(mm) L130-280xW80-200xH80-200 Power supply 110/220V、50/60HZ、 1∮ Air Compressing 5-8kg/cm³ Air comsumption 300NL/MIN Adhesive tape width 36/48mm(width>100mm can choose 48mm) Machine dimension L1680xW1210xH1260mm Machine weight 700KG

RAMON bd Aerosol line Packing machine

Year: 2018

Aerosol line with labeller General line parameters: 1. Expellant gas: propane-butane and carbon dioxide. 2. Capacities of filled containers: from 20 to 850 ml 3. Production capacity: 1800 pcs/hour. for standard containers with a capacity of 200 ml. 4. Construction material: KO steel 5. The production line works in a fully automatic system. Description of the aerosol line. The line …

Used Beck Packautomaten, 72636 Frickenhausen erienpacker S 1750 X Packing machine Low working hours

Year: 2006

Film line with a Beck, series packer S 1450 X year 2006, chain gripper feeder and a shrink tunnel Minipack from Packtech for sale. Manual and various spare parts (Manufacturer Beck Packautomaten, 72636 Frickenhausen) The machine has hardly run in the 16 years with only 2200 hrs. and still stands there like almost new. The machine can be inspected on …

Kingsun Machinery SWAFM-1050 Packing machine Hot deal

Year: 2014

Laminating machine light 100 x 70 dry 50 meters per minute good condition for sale by machine with coating, oil heating with thermoregulator, second spare rubber cylinder available.

AUTOTEX SPS Packing machine Hot deal

Year: 1999

SPS - AUTOTEX Hook insertion Application of polypropylene, adhesive band and / or card to single or multiple pairs of socks Stacker Sock swivel device Multi-bagger Etc.

AFH Band saw Packing machine

Year: 2016

Toilet paper and paper hand towels rolls system AFH type band saw Almost all functions of the machine are controlled from the operator's touch panel. The operation is intuitive and does not require a long period of crew training. It works in one of two operating modes: automatic or intermittent activated each time by operator. The machine is used to …

Bosch Paloma C33 TL1 Intercallary deposit

Year: 2006

Manufacturer BOSCH Model Paloma C33 TL1 Year 2006 Intercallary deposit