Mitek M3 Wood saw

Year: 2011

Cutting width 6500 mm
Engine power 8.5 kW
Cutting height 300 mm

Scheer FM19-3100 Wood saw

Year: 2004

Cutting width 3100 mm
Engine power 2.2 kW
Cutting height 45 mm

STROMAB PS600P Wood saw

Year: 1999

Cutting width 450 mm
Engine power 7.5 kW
Cutting height 210 mm

Circular Edger Pinheiro AH-75


Cutting width 500 mm
Engine power 37.28561 kW
Cutting height 130 mm

Artiglio ST 140 Band saw

Year: 2002

Thick steel base Flywheels diameter mm 1400 Flywheels face width mm 190 Blade size 206x1,47 or 1,65x9750 Automatic blade tensioning Electric tilt of upper flywheel Hydraulic disc brake on lower flywheel Protection-blade guard and upper flywheel Automatic and timed oil pump blade lubrication and flywheels Carpet of multiple chains on the saw base Circular cleanser useful to remove any foreign …

OZ Machine automatic aluminum double miter saw with 600 mm saw blades

Year: ~ 2016

Automatic aluminum double miter saw with 600 mm saw blades. Used for cutting processes of aluminum, plastic and wooden profiles. The saw is very little used.

Elumatec DG79 Wood saw

Year: 1986

Elumatec DG79 Wood saw Double mitre saw for PVC, aluminium and wood

Raimann PS 600 Joiners circular saw

Year: 1999

Cutting width 550 mm
Engine power 3.7 kW
Cutting height 160 mm

Double head saw WEGOMA SD 13

Year: 1975

Type: SD 13 Producer: WEGOMA Made in: 1975 Characteristic: Cutting lenght: 3000 mm Height of cut: 60 mm Cutting depth: 120 mm

Reciprocating saw TOS PWR 402

Year: 1992

Cutting height 200 mm

Prism saw ZLT Krnov PDRP-900

Year: 1995

Cutting width 300 mm

Barberan KL-800-SI Double sided flat lamination system

Year: 2019

This Barberan KL-800-SI double sided flat lamination system with a cutting saw machine was built in the year 2019 in Spain. It has only been used for test purposes so it has only been in use for a few hours. The machine has a nominal width of 800 mm, a passage width of 750 mm, and a length of 2920 …

Pertici 330IP CE Wood saw

Year: 1997

Cutting width 330 mm
Engine power 2.7 kW

Elumatec DG 244 Wood saw

Year: 2012

Cutting width 6000 mm

OMS TRO. 330 Wood saw

Year: 1982

Cutting width 150 mm
Engine power 4 kW
Cutting height 110 mm

Plaster saw DST Trutnov

Year: 1995

Type: DN 450/c-1 Producer: DST Trutnov Made in: 1995 Characteristic: Equipment: Hydraulic feed of saws

OMGA MAGGI BEST 960 Wood saw

Year: 2002

Cutting width 870 mm
Engine power 2.98285 kW
Cutting height 110 mm

SHENGONG MJ 141-0440 Wood saw

Year: 2022

Cutting width 550 mm
Engine power 12 kW
Cutting height 50 mm

Kaltenbach RKT 631 Wood saw

Year: 1988

Cutting width 470 mm
Cutting height 30 mm