Ravioli Pavan Agnelli forming line

Year: 1995

Capacity 500 u/h
Belt Width 540 mm

Automatic Gyoza Machine 40-60pcs/min

Year: 2023

Dumpling types: Imitation of handmade dumplings, gyoza. The dumpling produced by this machine can be steamed, fried, and boiled. It's perfect for a diverse range of culinary settings, from cafes and eateries to catering companies. The machine has a user-friendly interface. Its intuitive design ensures that even staff with minimal training (1 person) can operate it. The filling system features …

Dumpling line Zasada LDP-200

Year: 2019

For sale used dumpling line of the company Zasada. The set consists of a conveyor, a boiler for cooking and cooling.

Buhler Long cut pasta line Hot deal

Year: 1990

Our long cut pasta line and their packing units are on sale, they are in excellent condition, fully operational. 1) Buhler branded long cut pasta press, TPBD-175 model type, 1990 built year 2) Turbotermatic long cut pasta drier 9 different climate zones. 3) Refrigeration unit 4) Final product Spaghetti silos, with 30tons capacity 5) Hammer mill crusher 6)Long cut final …

Pavan 1200 Calibrator

Year: 2006

Belt Width 1200 mm

La monferrina P2P Pleasure Ravioli Machine

Year: ~ 2019

Capacity 80 u/h
Belt Width 170 mm

SELA TR95 Complete pasta or pizza production line


SELA TR95 Inox pasta machine water cooling cutter Mixing tub capacity dough 6 kg Hourly output mixing + pressing 15 - 18 kg Hourly output only presses 20 - 27 kg Dimensions (W/D/H) 380 x 900 x 880 mm Height of base frame 580 mm (optional) Weight 115kg Motor 0.75 kW Water cooling fan cutthroat Dough band width (for lasagna/ravioli) …

Tecnopasta Fresh pasta Complete pasta or pizza production line Hot deal

Year: 2017

The line consists of: extruder press production capacity 50-200Kg/h; laminating machine cutter with various cutting width formats (long and short) conveyor belt steam pasteurizer refrigeration cell