For top-notch used industrial machinery, Exapro is your one-stop shop. We'd like to introduce our selection of secondhand spraying equipment, which is perfect for a wide range of industries, including construction, furniture manufacture, and the automotive and aerospace sectors. These devices are a cost-effective way to enhance your operations since they provide unmatched efficiency, speed, and application consistency.

Our catalogue spans a generous price range of €9,000 to €50,000, ensuring we cater to businesses of all sizes. Economical models starting around €9,000 offer reliable performance for small or infrequent operations. Meanwhile, our premium models, priced up to €50,000, deliver advanced features and capacities for higher-volume spraying operations.

Regardless of price, every machine in our inventory meets our stringent quality standards. With used machines from leading manufacturers such as Graco, Wagner, Kremlin Rexson, and more, you're investing in proven reliability and performance. At Exapro, we're committed to offering you the right machine at the right price, ensuring you achieve the best value for your investment. Explore our range today, and let's elevate your business together.

Makor Robospray Twin Spraying machine

Year: 2015

Working width 3300 mm
Working length 6700 mm

Paint robot dry wall tunnel EPISTOLIO 2FC IMPIANTI R 2006 6AX

Year: 2014

Complete paint line : - EPISTOLIO paint robot programmed by hand movement SELF-LEARNING - Automated dry paint wall including drying tunnel

RICHFRUITS CHINY MF Spraying machine Low working hours

Year: 2019

Nbr of Spreaders 16
Working length 92000 mm
Power 300 kW
Working width 1300 mm
Production speed 10 m/min

SORBINI 1274 Spraying machine

Year: 2009

Working width 1250 mm

CEFLA ROC 3 D Spraying machine

Year: 2001

Nbr of Spreaders 6
Power 23.5 kW
Working width 1500 mm

BARBERAN BRB-2-1400-RR Spraying machine

Year: 2002

Working width 1400 mm
Power 3 kW

BARBERAN BRB2 -1400 T Spraying machine

Year: 2000

Working width 1400 mm
Power 3.35 kW

BARBERAN BRB 2 1400 T Spraying machine

Year: 2002

Working width 1400 mm
Power 37 kW

POL 1300 Spraying machine

Year: 2000

Working width 1300 mm
Working length 3000 mm

GIARDINA DUALTECH Spraying machine

Year: 2007

Nbr of Spreaders 4
Power 9.4 kW



Working width 1330 mm
Power 3.35 kW

BARBERAN BRB 2-1400-T Spraying machine

Year: 2002

Working width 1400 mm
Power 7 kW

Cefla Easy W Spraying machine


Spray painting line for straight or shaped panels with hot air drying system Line consisting of the following machines: Carpet conveyor Sorbini brushing machine with brush and rotary blowers for panel cleaning Cefla EASY W spraying machine - with antistatic bar at inlet - Magelis touch screen control - internal dust cleaning system with water system - No. 2 units …

BARBERAN BRB2 1400 T Spraying machine

Year: 2000

Working width 1400 mm
Power 37 kW

BARBERAN RX1-1300 Spraying machine

Year: 1993

Working width 1300 mm
Power 1.11 kW

MAURIMACCHINE 90º Spraying machine

Year: 2000

Working width 250 mm
Power 5.5 kW

Used Colombera OC-ES20R Spraying machine

Year: 2002

Working width 190 mm
Power 16 kW
Working length 4000 mm

Cefla IBOTIC RU2WB Spraying machine

Year: 2012

Working length 3500 mm
Power 45 kW

BARBERAN IBP-DC-1300 Spraying machine


Working width 1300 mm
Power 0.75 kW

Spraying machines at Exapro

Spraying machine is a tool used to spray substances like paint, ink, varnish, and the like. These machines, which give accurate and consistent application unequalled by hand efforts, are used in a variety of industries, from the creation of furniture to the manufacture of automobiles.

The key advantage of using a spraying machine is the consistency they offer. Whether it's the thickness of the paint or the speed of application, these machines ensure a uniform finish that manual methods simply cannot achieve. In addition, they also save time and labour costs, significantly increasing productivity.

At Exapro, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of used spraying machines to cater to your specific needs

When it comes to purchasing used spraying machines at Exapro, we strive to offer a broad range of options suitable for different budgets and needs. Our catalogue of spraying machines spans a price range of €9,000 to €50,000, making us an attractive choice for businesses of varying sizes and capacities.

The price of a used spraying machine can vary significantly based on various factors such as the manufacturer, the model, its condition, its specifications (such as capacity, power, hose length, etc.), and the year of manufacture. This wide price range means we can cater to different business needs and budgets.

Regardless of the price point, all our used machines at Exapro are thoroughly inspected and verified to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and reliability. So, you can rest assured that you're investing in a piece of machinery that will stand the test of time and add value to your operations.

Remember, while price is an important consideration, it's equally crucial to consider the machine's specifications, condition, and suitability for your operations. We encourage you to explore our wide selection of used spraying machines and contact our knowledgeable team to help you make an informed decision. At Exapro, we're committed to helping you find the right machine at the right price.


Benefits of Buying Used Spraying Machines

Efficiency and Speed: Spraying machines can cover a large surface area in a short amount of time, considerably increasing the speed of operations when compared to manual painting methods. This enables companies to meet their production schedules more effectively.

Uniform Application: Spraying machines provide a uniform coating of paint, varnish, or other materials across the surface they're applied to. This leads to a consistent and high-quality finish that is hard to achieve through manual application.

Cost-Effective: Spraying machines can significantly reduce labour costs as one machine can often do the work of several manual workers. Additionally, they're designed to minimize waste and overspray, leading to more efficient use of materials and reducing costs.

Versatility: These machines can spray a wide range of materials and can be adjusted to suit different viscosities and application techniques. This means they can be used across various industries and for various products, from vehicles to furniture.

Safety: By using spraying machines, businesses can limit workers' direct contact with potentially harmful substances, such as certain types of paint or varnish. This can lead to a safer working environment.

Reduced Manual Effort: Manual painting can be physically demanding, especially for large projects. Spraying machines do most of the heavy lifting, reducing the physical strain on workers and increasing productivity.


Main parameters of spraying machines

Pressure Rating: This defines the maximum pressure that the machine can handle. It's measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Higher pressure can mean a higher spray velocity, which can be useful for certain types of coating applications.

Flow Rate: Measured in gallons per minute (GPM) or litres per minute (LPM), this indicates the volume of material that the machine can spray within a specific timeframe.

Spray Pattern Control: This parameter refers to the machine's ability to change the shape of the spray, typically between a round and a fan shape. It allows the operator to adapt the spray to different surface areas and application requirements.

Hose Length: The length of the hose will determine how far the operator can move from the machine while spraying. Longer hoses allow for greater mobility but may require more pressure to maintain a consistent spray.

Material Compatibility: Different machines are compatible with different materials, such as paints, stains, varnishes, etc. Some machines are versatile and can handle a range of materials, while others may be limited to specific types.

Tip Size: The size of the spray tip can influence the width and density of the spray pattern. Larger tips allow for greater material flow but may also result in a wider, less controlled spray.

Power Source: Spraying machines can be electric, pneumatic (air-powered), or hydraulic. The choice of power source can influence the machine's portability, noise level, and overall performance.

Tank Capacity: The size of the machine's material reservoir will determine how often it needs to be refilled. Larger tanks can allow for longer uninterrupted work periods.

The performance, efficacy, and adaptability of the machine for a given task can be significantly influenced by these factors. It's crucial to take into account these factors when selecting a spraying machine to make sure you get one that will match your unique requirements and deliver effective, high-quality outcomes.


Area of use

Spraying machines are incredibly versatile and find use in a diverse range of industries and applications. Below are some of the primary areas where these machines are commonly used:

Automotive Industry: Spraying machines are used extensively in the automotive industry for painting vehicles. They provide a uniform, high-quality finish that is essential for this industry.

Aerospace Industry: Much like in the automotive industry, spraying machines are used to apply paints and coatings to aircraft parts. They are also used for protective coatings and anti-corrosive applications.

Furniture Manufacturing: From varnishing wooden furniture to applying finishes to metal pieces, spraying machines are crucial in the furniture industry to provide a uniform and smooth finish.

Construction and Infrastructure: Spraying machines are used for a variety of tasks in construction, including painting walls, applying protective coatings to structures, and marking roads.

Manufacturing Industry: These machines are used to apply coatings, protective layers, and finishes to manufactured goods across a wide range of industries.

Shipbuilding Industry: Spraying machines are used extensively for painting and coating ships. Given the size of these structures, the efficiency of spraying machines is of enormous value.

Agriculture: In agriculture, spraying machines are used to distribute pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers over large fields.

Powder Coating: In industries where powder coating is used, spraying machines are used to apply the powder before it's heated to create a hard, protective finish.

Remember, the specific area of use will often dictate the type and specifications of the spraying machine that's required. Factors such as the material to be sprayed, the desired finish, the size of the object, and the working environment all need to be considered when choosing the appropriate machine.


Leading manufacturers

Exapro, as a platform for used industrial machinery, hosts a range of high-quality spraying machines from leading manufacturers worldwide. The specific availability may vary, but here are some manufacturers whose machines you might commonly find on Exapro and across the globe:

Graco: Graco is a well-known manufacturer that offers a range of airless spray equipment for various industrial applications.

Wagner: Wagner provides a variety of spray machines suitable for small to large scale operations, including airless, HVLP (high volume, low pressure), and air-assisted models.

Kremlin Rexson: This manufacturer is known for its range of industrial spray systems, particularly those used in the wood and metal industries.

Nordson: Nordson offers a variety of spraying solutions, including machines for liquid painting, powder coating, and sealant application.

Binks: Binks manufactures a variety of spraying technology, including both manual and automatic spray guns, pumps, and pressure tanks.

Sames Kremlin: Sames Kremlin offers a broad range of solutions for the application of paints, coatings, sealants, and adhesives, including a variety of spray guns and pumps.

IMA Schelling: They are known for their automatic spray coating machines used primarily in the wood industry.

SATA: SATA offers a range of spray guns, suitable for various applications including automotive refinishing and industrial applications.

It's important to note that while all these manufacturers are renowned for their quality, the choice of manufacturer and model should be based on your specific requirements in terms of application, scale, material compatibility, and more. At Exapro, we aim to assist you in making the best choice for your needs.


Why to buy at Exapro?

Choosing to purchase a used machine is a sustainable choice. At Exapro, we don't just sell you a machine; we offer a partnership. Our team is on hand to provide you with expert advice, ensuring you make an informed decision that suits your business needs. Whether you're a small startup looking for an affordable solution or an established business seeking advanced features, we've got you covered. Exapro is committed to offering value, quality, and service, ensuring that your investment is a decision that drives your business forward.