Offset printing remains the gold standard in the industry, prized for its exceptional quality, precision, and cost-efficiency. Exapro, a leading marketplace for used industrial machinery, showcases a curated selection of Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines, which allow for superior print quality with an added fifth colour for deeper design versatility. This extra colour ensures brands achieve unique shades and consistent branding hues, making it an asset for a wide range of sectors from publishing houses to the packaging industry.

Priced between €53,000 and €169,000, Exapro offers machines suitable for both budding businesses and established entities. This pricing range guarantees value, catering to those seeking basic functionality or a more luxurious industrial choice without the new-machine price tag. With offerings from industry giants like Heidelberg, Komori, and Ryobi, Exapro ensures every purchase is a sound investment.

Exapro’s Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines are a fusion of quality, efficiency, and affordability. Whether for commercial, artistic, or corporate purposes, these machines promise unparalleled print outcomes.

Roland Man Roland 300 Offset five colours

Year: 2000

Max. paper length 74 cm
Nbr of copies 140 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 52 cm
Perfecting Yes
Coating unit No

SHINOHARA 75V Offset five colours

Year: 2002

Max. paper length 51 cm
Nbr of copies 11 Mio
Max. paper width 41 cm

MAN Roland 305 Offset five colours

Year: 1995

Max. paper length 720 cm
Nbr of copies 59 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 520 cm
Perfecting Yes
Coating unit Yes

Man Roland 705 3/b Offset five colours

Year: 1997

For sale Man Roland 705 3/b 5/0 3/2 year 1997 copies 162 mil. Apl - blanket washer - print cylinder washer - roller refrigeration - Baldwin - matic dry Ir oven - cip 3 - X-Rite densitometer. MACHINE OWNED BY ME.

POLLY 566 Offset five colours

Year: 2004

Five-section offset machine (5+0). 4 printing units for printing full-color printed products in one run. The fifth section is for printing in a separate color or varnishing. The maximum paper format is 485x660 mm, the maximum print area is 475x650 mm. Alcohol humidification, vacuum belts on feeder. Specifications • Maximum sheet size, mm: 485×660 • Minimum sheet size, mm: 330×330 …

HEIDELBERG XL 75-5 LE-UV Offset five colours

Year: 2014

Max. paper length 53 cm
Nbr of copies 120 Mio
Coating unit Yes
Max. paper width 75 cm
Dryer UV
Chromed cylinders Yes

Adast 856P Offset five colours Good value

Year: 1998

Max. paper length 520 cm
Nbr of copies 45913312 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 720 cm
Perfecting No
Coating unit Yes

Used Heidelberg Speedmaster 74/5H-P3 Offset five colours

Year: ~ 1996

Max. paper length 53 cm
Nbr of copies 91 Mio
Dryer UV
Max. paper width 74 cm
Perfecting Yes
Coating unit Yes

Heidelberg Heidelberg SM 74-5 Offset five colours Good value

Year: 1998

Max. paper length 74 cm
Nbr of copies 300 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 52 cm
Perfecting No
Coating unit No

Used ROLAND R 800 Offset five colours

Year: 1987

Used ROLAND R 800 Offset five colours Format 120X160 4 COLORS + HD PAINT Format 100X140 5 COLORS + PAINT

Heidelberg XL 75-5-P+L-C Offset five colours

Year: 2011

Nbr of copies 152 Mio
Dryer IR
Chromed cylinders No
Perfecting Yes
Coating unit Yes

HEIDELBERG CD102-5LX3 Offset five colours

Year: 2009

Max. paper length 102 cm
Nbr of copies 93 Mio
Coating unit Yes
Max. paper width 72 cm
Dryer UV
Chromed cylinders Yes

Man Roland 505 Offset five colours

Year: 2006

Max. paper length 74 cm
Max. paper width 53 cm

Komori Spica 529 Offset five colours Good value

Year: 2009

Max. paper length 53 cm
Nbr of copies 113 Mio
Max. paper width 75 cm

Ryobi 755 XL 5 colors offset machine


Ryobi 755 XL 5 colors offset machine Machine is in good condition

Man Roland 605 3B L Offset five colours

Year: 1991

Max. paper length 72 cm
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 102 cm
Chromed cylinders Yes

Müller Martini CONCEPT Offset five colours Good value

Year: 1998

Max. paper length 60.96 cm
Perfecting Yes
Coating unit No
Max. paper width 520 cm
Dryer UV
Chromed cylinders Yes

Roland 305 + LV

Year: 2001

Model: 305 + LV Producer: Roland Year of production: 2001 Description: ROLAND 305 + LV - year 2001 - 5/0 1/4 -200 mio - Rolandmatic dampening - autowashers - Technotrans - WEKO powder - IR TL - RCI 2 - CPL

Heidelberg SM 74-5P Offset five colours

Year: 1997

Max. paper length 50 cm
Nbr of copies 211 Mio
Max. paper width 70 cm
Perfecting Yes

MAN ROLAND 705LX sheet printing press

Year: 1992

Max. paper length 72 cm
Nbr of copies 72 Mio
Max. paper width 102 cm

Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines on Exapro

In the world of printing, technology continually evolves, but the need for high-quality, multi-colour prints remains constant. As businesses strive to make a mark with their printed materials, the machinery behind the scenes is pivotal. Enter the realm of Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines.

Understanding the Offset 5-Colour Printing Machine

The Offset 5-Colour Printing Machine is a marvel of modern printing technology. As its name implies, this machinery employs the offset printing method, wherein an inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. The "5-colour" aspect means the machine is equipped to handle five ink colours simultaneously, enabling rich, layered, and vibrant prints. This added colour depth allows for more intricate designs, clearer images, and greater versatility in meeting the exacting demands of today's printing needs.

Why Exapro?

Navigating the expansive machinery market can be a daunting task. With Exapro, professionals gain an edge, both in buying and selling. Exapro curates a selection of high-quality, pre-owned industrial machines, ensuring that every purchase meets the rigorous standards of the industry.

Opting for used machinery can provide significant cost savings without compromising on quality. The depreciation hit that typically comes with brand new machinery is sidestepped, ensuring better value for money. Prices for these machines typically fluctuate based on various factors such as the machine's age, brand, condition, and any additional features it may possess. On Exapro, the range for Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines currently sits comfortably between €53,000 and €169,000. 

With Exapro, buyers and sellers connect on a global scale, expanding opportunities and ensuring that the right machine finds its perfect business match. This means a broader audience for sellers and a wider selection for buyers. Exapro prides itself on its transparent process. Buyers and sellers can transact with confidence, knowing that they are well-informed every step of the way.

Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines are a staple for businesses that require diverse, high-quality printing outputs. And when considering acquiring or offloading such a machine, Exapro stands out as the marketplace of choice for discerning professionals. Its commitment to quality, transparency, and global connectivity makes it an invaluable asset for both buyers and sellers in the realm of used industrial machinery.


Main advantages of Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines

Offset printing, especially with 5-colour capabilities, is a trusted choice for many print professionals due to the myriad of advantages it offers.

Superior Print Quality: Offset printing is renowned for producing prints of exceptional quality. The process allows for precise colour reproduction, sharp typefaces, and clean lines. The additional fifth colour in these machines provides an extra layer of depth, allowing for more intricate designs and colour combinations.

Cost-Effective for Large Volumes: While the initial setup for offset printing can be time-consuming, the unit cost per print decreases significantly with larger volumes. Therefore, for substantial print jobs, offset printing often proves more economical than other methods.

Versatility of Materials: Offset printing machines can print on a wide variety of materials, including different paper types, cardboards, and even certain plastics. This makes it ideal for a range of products from glossy magazines to business cards and brochures.

Consistent High-Quality Outputs: Once the machine is set up, you can be assured of uniform high-quality prints. This means the first print will be of the same quality as the thousandth or even millionth print.

Improved Detail and Precision: The offset printing method can reproduce intricate details and photographic nuances more accurately than some other printing methods.

Fast Production Speed: Once the machine is set up, offset printers can produce vast quantities in a short amount of time, making it ideal for large-scale print runs.

Durability: Due to the nature of the process, offset prints tend to be more resistant to wear and tear, moisture, and other environmental factors compared to some other print methods.

Reduced Maintenance: As there's less direct contact with the printing plates in offset printing, the plates tend to last longer and require less frequent replacement.

Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines offer a perfect blend of quality, efficiency, and versatility. Whether for commercial purposes or specialised projects, the benefits they present make them a favoured choice in the printing industry.


Main machine parameters of Offset 5-Colour Printing Machine

When considering an Offset 5-Colour Printing Machine, understanding its core parameters is crucial. These parameters dictate the machine's capabilities, its suitability for specific jobs, and how it might fit into a print operation. Here are the main machine parameters for Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines:

Maximum Sheet Size: This denotes the largest sheet size the machine can accommodate. It’s a vital parameter for those looking to print larger materials, like posters or broadsheets.

Minimum Sheet Size: The smallest sheet the machine can handle. Some print jobs may require small-scale prints, so knowing this parameter helps to gauge the machine's versatility.

Print Speed: Typically measured in sheets per hour (sph), this parameter provides an idea of the machine’s production capability over time.

Substrate Thickness: This indicates the range of material thicknesses the machine can handle, from thin papers to thicker card stocks.

Number of Impressions: A measure of the machine's usage. A machine that's made more impressions may have more wear and tear compared to one with fewer impressions.

Plate Size: Determines the size of the plates the machine uses, which can impact image size and positioning on the printed material.

Ink Roller Count: The number of ink rollers can impact the ink distribution quality on the plates.

Dampening System: Whether it uses a conventional or alcohol-based dampening system, which can impact print quality and drying times.

Weight and Dimensions: Important for logistical considerations, especially when thinking about transportation or where the machine will be placed in a facility.

Power Consumption: How much electricity the machine consumes, which might be a consideration for operating costs.

Feeder System: Information about the paper feeding system, including whether it’s a continuous feed, a single sheet feed, etc.

Automated Features: Modern machines often come equipped with automated features for tasks like plate changing, washing, or even ink adjustments. These can greatly improve efficiency and ease of use.

Colour Control System: Some advanced machines offer automated colour control systems that adjust ink distribution for consistent colour accuracy throughout a print run.

Drying System: Information about how the machine dries the printed sheets, which might be UV curing, infrared, or air.

Connectivity and Integration: In an era of Industry 4.0, knowing whether the machine can be integrated into wider digital management systems is important.

When considering an Offset 5-Colour Printing Machine, understanding these parameters is essential. They provide a comprehensive picture of the machine's capabilities, efficiency, and potential fit within a particular operation or for specific printing needs.


Area of Use

Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines are versatile pieces of equipment utilised across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Here are the primary areas of use for these machines:

Publishing Houses: These machines are extensively used in the publishing sector for producing magazines, journals, books, and other publications that demand high-quality, multi-colour prints.

Commercial Printing: This encompasses a vast array of products, such as brochures, flyers, posters, and business cards. Given the consistent high-quality output and cost-effectiveness of offset machines for large runs, they're a favourite in this sector.

Packaging: The packaging industry, which requires vibrant and consistent colours for boxes, cartons, and labels, often turns to 5-colour offset machines to achieve the desired results.

Direct Mail: For promotional materials and advertisements sent directly to consumers, such as postcards, catalogues, and mailers, offset printing offers both quality and efficiency.

Newspapers: Though many newspapers use specific high-speed web offset presses, some smaller publications or special edition runs might use sheet-fed 5-colour machines for added flexibility and colour depth.

Stationery: High-end or bespoke stationery, including letterheads, envelopes, and greeting cards, can be produced using these machines to ensure rich colours and sharp detail.

Corporate Materials: Annual reports, company magazines, and other corporate literature often need to meet high standards of print quality, making offset 5-colour machines an ideal choice.

Art Reproductions: For artists and galleries that wish to reproduce artworks in print form, the detailed and accurate colour capabilities of these machines are crucial.

Point of Sale Displays: These promotional materials, often found in retail environments, need to grab attention with bold, clear graphics and text. Offset printing can achieve these demands efficiently.

Specialty Printing: This might include items like calendars, stickers, or even certain types of textiles that require precise and vibrant colour reproduction.

Pharmaceutical and Medical: Patient information leaflets, packaging, and other printed materials in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors often utilise offset printing for its reliability and clarity.

Wherever there's a demand for high-quality, consistent, multi-colour printing, especially in medium to large volumes, Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines are likely to be in the mix. Their versatility and efficiency make them invaluable assets in a plethora of sectors.


Leading Manufacturers of Offset 5-Colour Printing Machines

The printing industry has seen the rise of several prominent manufacturers known for producing high-quality offset printing machines, including those with 5-colour capabilities. Here are some of the most renowned manufacturers:

Heidelberg: Arguably one of the most recognized names in the printing world, Heidelberg's range of offset presses, including those with 5-colour capabilities, are widely used and highly regarded for their reliability and print quality.

Komori: This Japanese manufacturer is known for its innovative and high-performance offset presses. Their Lithrone series, for instance, includes models with 5-colour configurations.

Man Roland (now known as manroland Goss web systems after a merger): This German brand has a longstanding reputation in the printing industry. Their R700 series has been a popular choice for those seeking multi-colour offset capabilities.

KBA (Koenig & Bauer): Another German giant in the printing machinery world, KBA offers a range of sheetfed offset presses suitable for various applications, including multi-colour prints.

Ryobi (now known as RMGT - Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology): With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Ryobi's offset presses are known for their efficiency and compact design. Their 920 series, for example, offers 5-colour printing with added features like LED-UV curing.

Akiyama: Akiyama International Company Ltd. produces a range of printing machines, including multi-colour offset presses known for their precision and reliability.

Mitsubishi: While perhaps better known for their cars and electronics, Mitsubishi also has a division dedicated to printing machinery. Their Diamond series offers robust offset printing solutions, including machines with 5-colour configurations.

These manufacturers have established themselves as leaders in the field, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality, efficient, and reliable machines. If you're considering purchasing an Offset 5-Colour Printing Machine, machines from any of these brands are likely to be a solid investment. You can always consult our team about further details in order to determine the best fit for your specific needs and budget.


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