At Exapro, we offer a diverse selection of used briquetting machines, essential for efficient waste management and recycling in the woodworking industry. These machines compress wood waste, such as sawdust, chips, and shavings, into compact briquettes, which can be used as fuel or easily transported for further processing. Our briquetting machines range in price from €10,000 for basic models to €70,000 for high-capacity units from leading brands like Weima, Comafer, Ruf, and Nielsen. Each machine features unique specifications such as pressing force, briquette size, production capacity, and automation level, ensuring they meet your specific production needs.

When selecting a briquetting machine, consider key factors like the type of wood waste, the desired briquette density, the machine's throughput, and ease of maintenance. These elements are crucial for achieving efficient waste management, reducing storage and transportation costs, and producing high-quality briquettes. Investing in our used briquetting machines not only provides access to premium equipment at significantly reduced prices but also supports sustainable practices by promoting recycling and reducing waste. Trust in Exapro's commitment to excellent customer service and find the perfect machine to enhance your woodworking operations.

Explore Exapro’s listings today to discover reliable briquetting machines that deliver exceptional performance and value for your waste management and recycling needs.

DI PIU BRIK MB 80 Briquetting machine

Year: 2009

Output 1300 kg/h
Motor Power 51 kW
Briquette Diameter 80 mm

POR Super Oscar 27,5 kW Briquetting machine

Year: 2007

Output 350 kg/h
Briquette Length Max 80 mm
Briquette Diameter 80 mm
Motor Power 18.5 kW

COMAFER DINAMIC 70/200 Briquetting machine

Year: 1996

Output 200 kg/h
Motor Power 9.1 kW
Briquette Diameter 70 mm

Nazzareno OLD 101 Briquetting machine

Year: 2000

Output 50 kg/h
Motor Power 4 kW

8,130 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Wood sawdust pallet bosses production line (China)

Year: 2019

Line for the production of sawdust pallet bosses (China) 1. Machine for the production of pallet blocks 78x98mm with a chamfer for 4 presses, 4.o kW, productivity ~1.8 m3/piece, -3 pcs 2. Machine for the production of pallet blocks 78x143mm with a chamfer for 4 presses, 4.o kW, productivity ~2.0m3/pc, -1pc 3. Spare press 78x143 mm 4. Exhaust ventilation system …

POR Super Oscar Briquetting machine

Year: 2010

Output 350 kg/h
Briquette Length Max 80 mm
Briquette Diameter 80 mm
Motor Power 18.5 kW

Pa Wert Ro5/i - 90/200 Briquetting machine


Briquetting press Pa Wert brand - Spm-ag Mod. Ro5/i - 90/200 - The briquetting press works with a three-phase motor. Main Engine 55kw Poles:6 Frequency: 50hz

POR Super Oscar Briquetting machine


Output 350 kg/h
Briquette Length Max 80 mm
Briquette Diameter 80 mm
Motor Power 27.5 kW

Weima TH500 Briquetting press

Year: 2000

Output 80 kg/h
Motor Power 7.5 kW
Briquette Diameter 50 mm

DE005 POR Briquetting machine

Year: 2006

Output 150 kg/h
Briquette Length Max 870 mm
Briquette Diameter 425 mm
Motor Power 8.94855 kW

Prodeco E60 Eco Briquetting machine


Output 70 kg/h
Briquette Length Max 60 mm
Briquette Diameter 60 mm
Motor Power 5.5 kW

21-15- Humidifier (used) Belarus AG-1


Type AG-1 Voltage 380 V (50 Hz) Number of revolutions 3000 r/min Water output 12 ltr/h Engine power 0.55 kW Transport dimensions 650x650x400 mm Weight 14 kg

KENBILL -- Briquetting machine


Briquetting Press Machine Briquetadora Kenbill Model N/A Location Spain

joype 850 Briquetting machine

Year: 1990

- Joype End Guillotine - Model 850 - Useful cutting width 85cm. - Registration 330777082 - Year of manufacture 1990 - Immediate delivery - Includes 1 razor - Working opening is 10cm

Unlocking Efficiency: A Deep Dive into Briquetting Machines for Woodworking

Briquetting machines are essential in the woodworking industry for converting wood waste into compact, manageable, and high-energy briquettes. These machines not only help in managing waste effectively but also contribute to environmental sustainability by producing renewable energy sources. Understanding the features, types, and considerations for purchasing briquetting machines can significantly enhance operational efficiency and profitability. Exapro, a leading online marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a diverse selection of briquetting machines, providing businesses with access to high-quality equipment at competitive prices.

Types of Briquetting Machines

Briquetting machines come in various types and configurations to meet specific needs in the woodworking industry. The primary types include:

Hydraulic Briquetting Machines

Hydraulic briquetting machines use hydraulic pressure to compress wood waste into briquettes. These machines are known for their high density and uniform briquette production.

  • Single-Ram Hydraulic Briquetting Machines: These machines have a single hydraulic ram that compresses the wood waste. They are suitable for small to medium-sized operations and offer precise control over briquette density.

  • Multi-Ram Hydraulic Briquetting Machines: Equipped with multiple hydraulic rams, these machines provide higher pressure and are ideal for large-scale operations. They ensure consistent and high-quality briquette production.

Mechanical Briquetting Machines

Mechanical briquetting machines use mechanical pressure to compress wood waste. These machines are generally faster than hydraulic machines and are suitable for high-volume production.

  • Piston Press Briquetting Machines: These machines use a piston to apply pressure, producing dense and durable briquettes. They are suitable for medium to large-scale operations.

  • Screw Press Briquetting Machines: Utilizing a screw mechanism, these machines produce briquettes with a high density and uniform shape. They are ideal for continuous, high-volume production.

Roller Press Briquetting Machines

Roller press briquetting machines use two counter-rotating rollers to compress wood waste into briquettes. These machines are efficient and suitable for producing large quantities of briquettes.

  • Single-Stage Roller Presses: These machines compress the material in a single pass, suitable for medium-scale operations.

  • Multi-Stage Roller Presses: These machines use multiple stages of compression, ideal for large-scale operations requiring high-quality briquettes.

Exapro offers a variety of briquetting machines, ensuring businesses can find equipment that meets their specific production needs.

Key Features and Specifications

When selecting a briquetting machine, it is crucial to consider specific features and specifications to ensure the machine meets your operational requirements. Key factors include:

Briquette Density and Size

The density and size of the briquettes are important for both storage and usage. Machines that allow adjustable density settings can produce briquettes that meet specific requirements for different applications. Exapro’s listings provide detailed specifications on briquette density and size, helping you find a machine that meets your project requirements.

Production Capacity

The production capacity of the machine, usually measured in kilograms or tons per hour, is a critical factor. Ensure the machine can meet your production targets without compromising on quality. Exapro offers machines with various production capacities, allowing you to select the right model for your needs.

Power Consumption

Energy efficiency is an important consideration, especially for large-scale operations. Machines with lower power consumption help reduce operational costs and environmental impact. Look for machines that offer a good balance between power consumption and production capacity.

Automation and Control

Modern briquetting machines often feature advanced automation and control systems that enhance precision and consistency. Look for machines with programmable settings, touch-screen interfaces, and real-time monitoring capabilities. These features can significantly boost productivity and ensure consistent product quality. Exapro’s platform includes a range of machines with various levels of automation, allowing you to find the right balance between functionality and ease of use.

Durability and Maintenance

The durability of the machine and its maintenance requirements are essential for long-term operational efficiency. Machines constructed from high-quality materials, such as hardened steel, are more resistant to wear and tear. Easy-to-clean designs and accessible components simplify maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs. Exapro provides information on the condition and maintenance history of used machines, aiding in informed decision-making.

Leading Brands in Briquetting Machines

Reputable brands and manufacturers are often synonymous with higher quality and better support. Some leading brands in the briquetting machine market include:

  • WEIMA: Known for their robust and reliable briquetting machines, WEIMA offers solutions that cater to various production needs.
  • RUF: RUF provides high-quality briquetting machines renowned for their precision and durability, suitable for both small and large-scale operations.
  • CF Nielsen: CF Nielsen’s machines are characterized by their advanced technology and efficient performance, making them ideal for demanding woodworking environments.
  • Prodeco: Prodeco offers versatile briquetting solutions with a focus on automation and efficiency, ensuring consistent product quality.

Exapro features equipment from these and other reputable brands, ensuring access to reliable and well-supported machinery.

Pricing of Used Briquetting Machines

The cost of used briquetting machines varies widely based on factors such as age, condition, brand, and specific features. Generally, prices can range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars. For example, a used WEIMA hydraulic briquetting machine might be priced around $10,000 to $30,000, while a high-end RUF mechanical briquetting machine could cost between $40,000 and $70,000. Exapro's marketplace offers a range of pricing options, providing transparency and competitive deals for buyers.


Briquetting machines are essential in the woodworking industry for converting wood waste into high-energy briquettes. By understanding the different types of machines and key factors to consider when purchasing, businesses can make informed decisions that align with their production needs. Exapro offers a comprehensive platform for sourcing high-quality used machinery, providing detailed listings and competitive pricing. Whether you need a hydraulic, mechanical, or roller press briquetting machine, Exapro’s extensive inventory and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the right equipment for your woodworking operations.