Marden Edwards Semi-automatique Overwrapping machine Low working hours

Year: 2018

Output 10 /min
Product width (B) 200 mm
Product length (C) 300 mm
Product height (A) 100 mm

Marden Edwards Limited LX100FF Overwrapping machine

Year: 2008

Machine for wrapping cartons in foil / cellophane. Marden Edwards Limited LX100FF 2008

WEGA AM4-100B Overwrapping machine

Year: 2007

Product length (C) 100 mm
Product height (A) 250 mm
Product width (B) 200 mm

Like new ImbalStock IS 600 BM + Tunnel cellophane wrapping machine

Year: 2020

Output 110 /min
Product width (B) 500 mm
Max foil width 800 mm
Product length (C) 500 mm
Product height (A) 250 mm

VETA Cigarette wrapping machine

Year: 2024

HLP-300 packaging line machine #3 The machine that places cellophane or polypropylene on cigarette boxes. These machines are designed to wrap a single cigarette pack in a thin layer of plastic film, which helps to protect the cigarettes from moisture and maintain their freshness. The cigarette wrapping machine typically uses a roll of cellophane or polypropylene film, which is fed …

Marden Edwards Limited LHX 25FF Overwrapping machine

Year: 2011

Output 80 /min
Product width (B) 45 mm
Max foil width 455 mm
Product length (C) 130 mm
Product height (A) 65 mm

VETA HLP-300 Overwrapping machine

Year: 2024

Its purpose is to wrap the cigarette stack with polypropylene. Polypropylene can be wrapped on a carton box stack or directly on the so-called naked bundle - a bundle of grouped cigarette boxes, but without a cardboard box. The machine places a zipper tape with an ear to start the tear, which allows for easier unpacking of the polypropylene. The …

Automatic system for packaging with heat-shrinkable plastic film Sitma C.705 Low working hours

Year: 2000

Automatic system for packaging with heat-shrinkable plastic film. the aforementioned system consists of: 1) feeding belt complete with photocell and work surface 2) n.2 manual feeding modules with work surfaces 3) automatic wrapping machine with biconical wrapping machine 4) printed film group with central branding 5) hole fixture(European) 6) longitudinal perforator for facilitated opening 7) longitudinal welder with tilting wire …

CAM AP Overwrapping machine

Year: 2008

Output 100 /min
Product width (B) 300 mm
Max foil width 400 mm
Product length (C) 150 mm
Product height (A) 80 mm

IMA BFB 3711 Overwrapping machine

Year: 1999

Output 110 /min
Product width (B) 90 mm
Product length (C) 175 mm
Product height (A) 270 mm

MARCHESINI MOD. MF910 - overwrapper used

Year: 2003

DESCRIPTION: This automatic wrapping machine has been designed for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic market. It is suitable for treating many types of products, single or grouped, with thermosealing film. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The machine is driven by brushless motors and controlled by a PC, including temperature management of welders. The …

MARCHESINI Mod. T20 - Overwrapper used

Year: 1996

Output 30 /min
Product width (B) 30 mm
Product length (C) 120 mm
Product height (A) 300 mm

Sollas 17 Overwrapping machine

Year: 1996

Sollas 17 Overwrapping machine Sollas 17 H-125 Year of construction: 1996 Condition: good (used) Sollas is in operation ! Has been cheched by Sollas.

Italdibipack Espert 7555ev Overwrapping machine

Year: 2017

I sell italdibipack angular cellophaning machine also for large formats Thermoretractable

IMA BFB MOD. 3791AF - Bundler overwrapper used

Year: 2000

DESCRIPTION: Bundling machine for packaging various products. The BFB line offers compact and flexible machines that have a simple and linear design. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The transport system combined with the precision of each phase of the production cycle allows to achieve high levels of efficiency with products that are …

Sollas 17 Overwrapping machine

Year: 1986

Output 40 /min
Product width (B) 190 mm
Max foil width 425 mm
Product length (C) 300 mm
Product height (A) 85 mm

Sollas FSX Overwrapping machine

Year: 2020

Manufacturer Sollas Model FSX Year 2020 We offer a well-preserved and little-used full-wrapping machine due to reorientation. The machine is fully functional and is available for inspection at any time.