Twistar TWG 42/300

Year: 2008

Nbr of spindles 42

Gigliotti Fancy Spiral Yarn Twisting machine

Year: 2016

Machinery for FANTASIA GIGLIOTTI Positions 30 spindles on each side with separate electronics and double PC Year 2016


Year: 2004

Machinery for TWISTED CABLE SPINDLE PAFA SYSTEM brand SPIRAFIL 2FR model Positions 36 Year of production 2004

PAFA SYSTEM Spirafil 2 FR Twisting machine

Year: 2016


RPR twister

Year: 1997

RPR GC 72 DR twisting machines from 1997 and 1998 : two-way (S or Z), 72 spindles, twist from 40 to max 200 (depending on the thickness of the yarn - proven in practice), yarn thickness from 200 to 1200 den, plastic coils 56/60 x 230 mm Power supply 3 x 500 VAC, 15 kW, main motor powered by an …

Bobinatrice PAFA SYSTEM B.T.S.R

Year: 2004

4 WINDING MACHINES with B.T.S.R. power supply PAFA SYSTEM Positions 24 each

Lafer Frv Twisting machine Hot deal

Year: 2016

Lafer frv 2200 fringing machine Machine has been used for 1 year


Year: 1999

Nbr of spindles 140

KOPOLMATEX PS12 Twisting machine

Year: 1973

Kopolmatex ps 12 twisting machine and coiling machine rs 2 2 pieces PS12 The twisting machine is designed for twisting yarn from artificial or synthetic continuous and multi-filament chopped fibers in the "S" or "Z" direction. Number of spindles 180, number of levels 2. In the twisting process, the yarn is unwound from the disc coils and wound onto cylindrical …

Pafasystem Spirafil Twisting machine

Year: 2001

60 positions, including power cantre, electronic head and complete mechanical and accessory parts in every part

Hamel H1000-20 assembling twister

Year: 1996

Nbr of spindles 72
Spacing spindles 280 mm

RITE ARD-L Twisting machine

Year: 2001

Nbr of spindles 12
Spacing spindles 220 mm

Various Yarn production machines Twisting machine


A set of machines for twisted and various fancy yarns - boucle, flame, mohair, etc 1 pc Allma Saurer twisting machine for fancy yarns type ESP-F, 48 spindles, yoc. 1996 (machine produces twisted fancy yarns, with controlled effects, fed by classic yarns) 1 pc Allma Saurer spinning-twisting machine for fancy yarn type ESP-FX 30 spindles yoc. 1985 (machine twists yarns …

Hemaks HMX 138 cone to cone winder

Year: 2018

2018 model hemaks hmx 138 bobbin winding machine 30 eye yarn centering machine More details :

Savio Geminis Twisting 336 heads / 288 heads Twisting machine

Year: 2005

Savio Geminis Twisting Quantity: 6 Year: 1998/2005 mod. 202.A nr. 3 mchs 288 heads ( 1998) nr . 3 mchs : 336 heads ( 2005) Electronic head Twistronic Dualdriver Feeding 8” coupled diam. Max.140 mm. Pneumatic threading Second overfeed roller Package lifting device at yarn breake Yarn reserve Exit 6” 4°20’ Drum with a rubber Travelling blower Magitex 380V 50/60Hz.

RIFA RF310S-256 Twisting machine

Year: 2021

RIFA Brand Year 2021 256 positions (128 positions per floor) 50 to 600 deniers.