Butchery - used slaughterhouses 34


Year: 2016

Water Stunner 032-355 is applied for instant and efficient electrical water stunning of poultry prior to slaughtering. The output for the stunner bath is a pulse-generated AC sine wave aligned with frequency and current requirements complying with Regulation (EC) No. 1099/200934. The poultry's heads will drop into the electrified water bath where they are stunned when current passes through their …

Linco - Slaughterhouse

Year: 2001

LINCO CHICKEN COOLING LINE More information: Purpose : Chicken Capacity : 7500 pcs / h Production year : 2001 Description: The system consists of the following elements 1900 m chicken chilling line construction tensioners drives 20 stainless steel evaporators

Stork C5000-A Slaughterhouse

Year: 2017

Stork mini cut up machine completely new never used

LVD Lv2 Slaughterhouse

Year: 2014

Box washer for slaughter of chickens LVD Lv2 Year of manufacture: 2014

ScanMidi CFS ScanMidi TRC4 Mixer

Year: 2005

- Polished drum with hand lid, diameter 900 mm. - Possibility of hydraulic tilt in both directions. - Machine filling degree - 66%. - 5 asymmetric paddles in the drum for massaging or tumbling. - "Smart" paddle at the bottom of the drum for axial mixing. - Equipped with vacuum device, vacuum filter and two water separators for the vacuum …

Unimasz Spin Chillers Slaughterhouse

Year: 2011

2 Spin Chillers 9m x 2.1m The chillers are made of 3 x 3 meter sections. The middle section can be removed or added as needed.

Nieros Nieros Slaughterhouse Hot deal


Blade / blade length 3800mm Dimensions of the roller table 1100mm x 1070mm Distance between the arm and the 540mm blade Belt width 600 mm Distance from the table top to the top height stop of the product 940 mm Machine height 2350 mm 11 kW power Power supply 400 V A table band saw made of stainless steel with …