Automatic machine for bag production 2014 Plastic machine

Year: 2014

Automatic machine for the production of bags with the use of a sealing matrix, used by us for the production of ice cube bags. The machine is equipped with a welding and cutting knife, foil feed length adjustment, foil forming device (self-closing pouches), a conveyor belt collecting pouches and a movable table with a pouches counter. The machines have additional …

Nordson Pur Hotmelt Single Surface Flat Lamination Line with Hotmelt Tank

Year: ~ 2017

Nordson Pur Hotmelt Single Surface Flat Lamination Line Nordson Pur Hotmelt Tank 1300 mm It is a very little used, complete line suitable for all types of flat surface lamination. It was put up for sale due to project cancellation. -LINE FEATURES- -Plate-Plate product grouping and roll-shaped product lamination line. -25 meters / minute working speed -3 meters Product feeding …

Shangha Zhou Tai Pack Machine Co., LTD. GDS600-ZML Plastic machine

Year: 2017

We are selling a perfectly preserved machine for making several types of bags. These are stand-alone bags, coffee bags, bags welded from 2, 3 or 4 sides, with the option of a zip lock, euro hole, side slits for easier opening and an insert valve. The machine is from 2017, it is also possible to view it on site.

Mixer 400 LT Plastic machine


400 liter STIRRER, used, overhauled, in stainless steel, tank with conical bottom and bridge for motorisation, from following characteristics:stirrer with shaft and impeller notched dia. 200mm. bottom – engine Kw. 4 rounds 1500; exhaust cone cut with jacket and welding of TC 2 1⁄2” fitting half-cover remaking and dust seal gasket. New electrical panel equipped with a 5.5kw inverter so …

Schliesinger , Flamingo VK3/KWC, BFK2/E500, Brillant Plastic machine

Year: 1979

Brush machines with injection molds Our entire machine park from the brush department is for sale. We sell machines with injection molds. The full list of machines and injection molds is in the attachment.

Class Engineering PSF PRE STRETCH 250 Plastic machine Low working hours

Year: 2015

Mechanical speed 1200 m/min Maximum pre-stretch 400% (1m = 5m) Thickness of the film 5....30 mm Film width 300....550 mm Finished roll diameter, at most 250 mm Jumbo (mother) roll diameter, at most 500 mm

DEGA MVP5000 Plastic machine

Year: 2000

Group of 4 mixing silos DEGA Model MVP5000, with internal mixing system, loading and unloading, capacity 5000 lt. (the cost refers to a single silo)

GUR IS MAKINA TY 1050 Bottom and side seal bag making machine

Year: 2005

Technical Specifications: Model: GUR IS MAKINA TY 1050 Bottom and side seal bag making machine Year:2005 Roll Width: 1100 mm Welding Width: 1050 mm Bag Length (Max): 2500 mm Bag Length (Min): 120 mm Cycles Per Minute: 140 U/min Drive:Servo Number Of Lanes: 1 Other Specifications: Material that can be processed: LDPE, HDPE, MDPE; LLDPE and recycled Bottom seal bag …


Year: 1998

Description of the Machine and Accessories Manufacturer: SALDOFLEX Model: MODULA S 1100 Year: 1998 Working width welding mm.1100 Minimum length mm.320 bags Film width (mm) Max. 1500 Maximum length of 700 mm bags (mm.1200 open mouth) Max mechanical speed strokes / minute 200 Maximum speed film meters / minute 160 Tupe bag:t shirt bag ,handle bag Drive:Servo Material that can …

HEMINGSTONE 1100 ST3 Three lines hot-slitting T-shirt bag making machine

Year: 2015

Three lines hot-slitting T-shirt bag making machine, super high speed with fully automatic production.Special design servo-driven bag feeding is easy to operate.Equipped the multi auto alarms with automatic stop design for safety.Independent three lines temperature control.Equipped with multi auto tension control to maintain the stability of the film roll.High efficiency on production.Improved tension auto control to enhance the productivity.Special "Rocking …

Columbus VAKUPLUS Vertical high precision vacuum press

Year: 2017

Vertical high precision vacuum press This Columbus VAKUPLUS Vertikal High precision vacuum press was manufactured in the year 2017. The machine has a Vacuum Max of -0,85 bar. Performance: 750 w Vacuum: max -0,85 bar

Branson 2000iw+ ultrasonic welder (1200W) ultrasonic plastic joining system Hot deal

Year: 2004

The 2000IW+ Series Integrated Welders are ultrasonic plastic joining systems. They are used for welding plastic parts together by staking, insertion, swaging and degating. These welders are self contained, free standing welding systems designed for upright vertical operation. Ultrasonic welding machine data: • Year of production start: 2004 • End of production year: 2015 • Electrical connection: 200V-240V, 50Hz, 1200W …

3,100 €

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CZ Czech Republic

HG GRIMME GSF 5-axis machining center - MACHINING OF PLASTICS - RESINS - FOAM Hot deal

Year: 2009

HG GRIMME GSF 5-axis machining center - MACHINING OF PLASTICS - RESINS - FOAM ****PLASTIC MACHINING - RESINS - FOAM **** machine MODEL GSF 20/10 - YEAR 2009: _ Ibag motor spindle HF80.2 A40 CIP, 40000U/min; 2.5/3.2kw , SKi _ hand tool measurement _ tool lift: height 725mm _ Work area size: 2400*1200 _ magazine of 13 tools _ presence …

Koda Machinę x Plastic machine Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2020

Machines for the production of gloves I will sell a complete technological line for the production of foil gloves, 2x sealing line, 2x entertainment, 2x press for perforating the hole and a tape packing machine.

Hennecke BFM Compact Foam Production Line

Year: 2014

With this complete line you can produce polyether blocks of: Standard foam Hyper soft foam High Resilence (HR) foam Viscoelastic foam A broad range of foams can be produced in mould carriages with a density from 20-50 kg:s The production line consists of: a) Hennecke BFM Compact b) Mould carriages (4 pcs) c) Suction hood with flat top device d) …

MECANNUMERIC MECALASE 3020, laser cutter CO2 400W for methacrylate (PMMA)

Year: 2005

SALE OF 400W CO2 LASER CUTTING MACHINE FOR METHACRYLATE (PMMA) For team change: We sell CO2 laser cutting machine for methacrylate. CE manufacturing (France) and SYNRAD laser source (USA). Currently in operation, you can see and test it. Very careful and well maintained. BRAND: MECANNUMERIC MODEL: MECALASE 3020 CUTTING AREA: 3000X2000mm HEAD CLEARANCE: 190mm LASER: SYNRAD 400W (plus ANOTHER EQUAL …

KURTZ LS101 Plastic machine

Year: 1998

Kurtz LS101 strip gluer A three-station gluer that allows you to glue three sides of the strip in one pass. Very good technical condition.

TECNOSALD 1600 Plastic machine

Year: 2007

TECNOSALD 1600 welder Year of manufacture: 2007 Weight: about 5500 kg Working width 1600 mm Installed power 30 kW New control - HMI panel, PLC controller and Mitsubishi inverters Perforating knife Photocell Antistatic device Double decoiler 3m long table with automatic bag removal Film parameters: *Thickness: Min: 0.018 Max 0.100mm x 4 *Length up to 3000 mm Number of ticks …

Sofema press for foam cutting

Year: 1990

Sofema press for foam cutting Year 1990 The use of the presses is intended for foam cutting. (cushioning foam, soundproofing or other for automotive, aeronautics, etc.) The last pieces cut are the one in pj. At the documentation level, we have electrical diagrams and a few mechanical plans.

COMBO MACINERY SRL8002000754 Mixer for plastics Plastic machine

Year: 2019

Mixer for plastics CONBOPLAS SRL8002000754 The mixer combines hot and cold mixing. After hot mixing, the material automatically enters the cold mixer for mechanical cooling. - hot tank 800 l. - cooling tank 2000 l. - hot mixing time from 6 to 10 min. - cooling time from 10 to 15 minutes. - engine power 110 kW The device is …