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Year: 2020

Machine dimensions: 1700 x 970 x 800 mm Dimension to spray: 4300 x 1900 x 2200 Machine system: Machine pump, spray room and control unit Electric power: 3.7Kw/h, 12A Voltage frequency: 400V / 50Hz / 3P + N + PE Capacity: 250kg Emptying capacity: 10kg per minute Pressure power: 2-6 BAR Weight: 1150kg Emergency stop button: Yes

Calendering machine BUZULUK 14203/P3

Year: 1975

Type: 14203/P3 Producer: BUZULUK Made in: 1975 Characteristic: It is used for mixing and preheating the unvulcanized rubber mixture It forms the input material to the extrusion machine

Saldoflex Modula S Plastic machine

Year: 2003

Saldoflex Modula S welding machine Year 2003 complete overhaul 2018 (Change drives etc) Shoppers Block Notes Mouth open Sealing bar 1100 Three tracks

Vela CP - 1600 Plastic machine


Machine for automatic cutting of foam or foil Spanish automatic machine CP 1600, designed for cutting forms. The machine is used in very good condition with original components. The machine is fully operational in everyday use. max width of assumed material - 1600 mm thickness of cut materials: 01-18mm the minimum length of the form - 80mm minimum form width …

STEMMA TPU, PVC, TPR Plastic machine

Year: ~ 2000

The machine is from the early 2000s and is overhauled. Used very little, practically like new. The machine is designed and built for the industrial production of soles produced in thermoplastic materials through the plasticization of the granule (TPU, PVC, TPR) which is injected, inside a closed mold, directly on the upper fitted on a last. The machine is composed …

Plastic granulate dryer Moretto DEHUMIDIFYING

Year: 2016

Type: DEHUMIDIFYING Producer: Moretto Made in: 2016 Characteristic: Number of bins: 5 pcs Material volume: 5x75 kg Drying capacity: 7.5 kg/h Weight: 168.6 kg 2016: New molecular sieve Dew point certificate -40° C

Koda Machinę x Plastic machine

Year: 2020

Machines for the production of gloves I will sell a complete technological line for the production of foil gloves, 2x sealing line, 2x entertainment, 2x press for perforating the hole and a tape packing machine.

Prandi PB105 Plastic machine

Year: 1976

Prandi PB105 solventless laminator obtained from Prandi solventbase, year 1976. machine still in operation. Glue unit and secondary unwinder motors from the 2000s.

Used NFM IDDON RY/100EXT/NFMIDDON2019 Plastic machine

Year: 2019

EXTENSION TUNNELS EXTENSION TUNNEL OVEN FOR EXTRUSION - RY/100EXT/NFMIDDON2019 This Extension Tunnel maintains the cure temperature without overheating the products. Horizontal flat belt Extension Tunnels utilize either PTFE coated or stainless steel belts with automatic belt tensioning and tracking systems. Typical operating temperatures are between 250 and 300°C. The Hot Boxes and Extension Tunnels are designed for easy access to …

Deck press SGT Servis SGT 1

Year: 2011

Type: SGT 1 Producer: SGT Servis Made in: 2011 Characteristic: Power demand: 25 kW Runway: 2 mm Run time: 150 ms Machine weight: 4260 kg Equipment: Technical books

Deck press SGT Servis SGT 1

Year: 2010

Type: SGT 1 Producer: SGT Servis Made in: 2010 Characteristic: Power demand: 25 kW Runway: 2 mm Run time: 150 ms Machine weight: 4260 kg Equipment: Technical books

Ruian Queensense DHB-500 Plastic machine

Year: 2020

RUIAN QUEENSENSE MACHINE DHB-500 foil gloves production machine was built by the Chinese company RUIAN QUEENSENSE MACHINE CO.LTD. in 2020. The line consists of two identical machines, intended for the fully automatic production of two-layer gloves made of HDPE / LDPE film, effectively protecting against viruses and bacteria. The line for the production of RUIAN QUEENSENSE MACHINE DHB-500 foil gloves …

SAKE Co., Ltd. SAKE Plastic machine

Year: 2012

PIR/PUR insulation panel production machine PIR(poly-isocyanurate) and PUR(plyurethane) insulation panel production machine made by Korean manufacturer Sake Co. This machine was built in 2012 and has been operating for around 10 years.

WW Ekochem - Optical Sorter, 5 chutes, 6SXC-315

Year: 2022

Double-throw optical sorter, separates loose materials with fractions from 1 to 25mm. Machine is brand new, in stock, 12 months warranty. 5 chutes, capacity up to 5 Mg/h, depends on kind of material and contaminations. Optical sorters for loose materials are perfect for the separation of grinding, granules, food and wherever the most important is the quality and purity of …

Automatic machine for bag production 2014 Plastic machine

Year: 2014

Automatic machine for the production of bags with the use of a sealing matrix, used by us for the production of ice cube bags. The machine is equipped with a welding and cutting knife, foil feed length adjustment, foil forming device (self-closing pouches), a conveyor belt collecting pouches and a movable table with a pouches counter. The machines have additional …