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Schliesinger , Flamingo VK3/KWC, BFK2/E500, Brillant Plastic machine

Year: 1979

Brush machines with injection molds Our entire machine park from the brush department is for sale. We sell machines with injection molds. The full list of machines and injection molds is in the attachment.

Mixer 400 LT Plastic machine


400 liter STIRRER, used, overhauled, in stainless steel, tank with conical bottom and bridge for motorisation, from following characteristics:stirrer with shaft and impeller notched dia. 200mm. bottom – engine Kw. 4 rounds 1500; exhaust cone cut with jacket and welding of TC 2 1⁄2” fitting half-cover remaking and dust seal gasket. New electrical panel equipped with a 5.5kw inverter so …

STEMMA TPU, PVC, TPR Plastic machine

Year: ~ 2000

The machine is from the early 2000s and is overhauled. Used very little, practically like new. The machine is designed and built for the industrial production of soles produced in thermoplastic materials through the plasticization of the granule (TPU, PVC, TPR) which is injected, inside a closed mold, directly on the upper fitted on a last. The machine is composed …

Used Elba SA 90 EV - 11 T-Shirt flat bag making machine.

Year: 2005

T-Shirt flat bag making machine. Technical Specifications: Welding Width: 1100 mm Bag Length (Max): 700 mm Bag Length (Min): 280 mm Cycles Per Minute: 300 U/min Drive:Servo Number Of Lanes: 3 Simple automatic unwinder, reels width 1600 mm, diameter max 1.200 mm Gusseting device Thickness HDPE 10-50 my LDPE 25-50 my Autopack SB device Box dimensions min 280x300 , max …

Automatic machine for bag production 2014 Plastic machine

Year: 2014

Automatic machine for the production of bags with the use of a sealing matrix, used by us for the production of ice cube bags. The machine is equipped with a welding and cutting knife, foil feed length adjustment, foil forming device (self-closing pouches), a conveyor belt collecting pouches and a movable table with a pouches counter. The machines have additional …

Koda Machinę x Plastic machine

Year: 2020

Machines for the production of gloves I will sell a complete technological line for the production of foil gloves, 2x sealing line, 2x entertainment, 2x press for perforating the hole and a tape packing machine.

Calendering machine BUZULUK 14203/P3

Year: 1975

Type: 14203/P3 Producer: BUZULUK Made in: 1975 Characteristic: It is used for mixing and preheating the unvulcanized rubber mixture It forms the input material to the extrusion machine

Deck press SGT Servis SGT 1

Year: 2011

Type: SGT 1 Producer: SGT Servis Made in: 2011 Characteristic: Power demand: 25 kW Runway: 2 mm Run time: 150 ms Machine weight: 4260 kg Equipment: Technical books

Deck press SGT Servis SGT 1

Year: 2010

Type: SGT 1 Producer: SGT Servis Made in: 2010 Characteristic: Power demand: 25 kW Runway: 2 mm Run time: 150 ms Machine weight: 4260 kg Equipment: Technical books

Prandi PB105 Plastic machine

Year: 1976

Prandi PB105 solventless laminator obtained from Prandi solventbase, year 1976. machine still in operation. Glue unit and secondary unwinder motors from the 2000s.

Saldoflex Modula S Plastic machine

Year: 2003

Saldoflex Modula S welding machine Year 2003 complete overhaul 2018 (Change drives etc) Shoppers Block Notes Mouth open Sealing bar 1100 Three tracks

Two plastifying sets for Engel DUO 1000 injection machine in size Ø120.

Year: ~ 2012

Two plastifying sets for Engel DUO 1000 injection machine in size Ø120. SET A: Built by: Spanish manufacturer Year of manufacture: 2017 Parts: Spindle, chamber, dropout (three pieces) and cylinder head Size: Ø120 - LD24 Condition: used - 25,041 h Spindle geometry: Ultramelt - Double barrier. Materials: Camera: BIMETALLIC Spindle: BIMETALLIC SET B: Built by: Engel (machine original) Year of …

Used Papenmeier TSHK 750 / KGU 2500 Plastic machine

Year: 1995

PVC - Heating / Cooling Mixer Combination Hot mixer 750 ltr. / cooling mixer 2.500 ltr. Engine power: 212 + 45 kW Capacity: approx. 1.000 - 1.400 KG/h

Намотчик для полиэтиленовых труб модель HDC 110 DUAL ARM 50-110 мм

Year: 2019

Намотчик новый, в работе не был. Год производства 2019. Для ПЭ и ПП труб диметров от 50 до 110 мм. Скорость от 15 м/мин регулируется. Количество рукавов - 6. А (мм) 350/1000 B (мм) 600 D (мм) внутр мин/макс 900...2250 D (мм) наружн. макс 3250 PLC и сенсорная панель S7-1200 Simatic 7 дюймов Серводвигатель 0,75 кВт, 7.18 N/m

KOPLAST VL 1000 Plastic machine

Year: 2017

Machine for vacuum forming of plastics VL 1000. Dimensions of the machine 3440 x 1890 x 3025 mm Machine weight 1.7t Total power input 60 kW Maximum size of the working surface 920 x 920 mm (possibility of reducing the size of the material) Maximum size of the plastic material 1000 x 1000 mm Documentation in Czech language: - User …