Class Engineering PSF PRE STRETCH 250 Plastic machine Low working hours

Year: 2015

Mechanical speed 1200 m/min Maximum pre-stretch 400% (1m = 5m) Thickness of the film 5....30 mm Film width 300....550 mm Finished roll diameter, at most 250 mm Jumbo (mother) roll diameter, at most 500 mm

KURTZ LS101 Plastic machine

Year: 1998

Kurtz LS101 strip gluer A three-station gluer that allows you to glue three sides of the strip in one pass. Very good technical condition.

Vacuum forming machine FORMECH

Year: 1995

Made in: 1995 Characteristic: Operating pressure: 8 bar Total power: 4.5 kW Shaping format: 500x340 mm Foil width: 550 mm Foil thickness: 0.2-1 mm JOUCOMATIC pneumatic valves controlled by HITACHI control unit.

INTRAVIS Capwatcher 6431 machine

Year: 2018

This INTRAVIS Capwatcher 6431 was manufactured in the year 2018. Machine weight: 180 kg Inspection system Reduced equipment for simple applications

INTRAVIS Capwatcher 6275 machine

Year: 2018

This INTRAVIS Capwatcher 6275 was manufactured in the year 2018 in Germany. Machine weight: 200 kg Reduced equipment for simple applications Enclosure type rating: type 12

Wittmann Silmax E600 Plastic machine

Year: 2012

Dryer Wittmann Silmax E600 dryer Year of production 2012

TECNOSALD 1600 Plastic machine

Year: 2007

TECNOSALD 1600 welder Year of manufacture: 2007 Weight: about 5500 kg Working width 1600 mm Installed power 30 kW New control - HMI panel, PLC controller and Mitsubishi inverters Perforating knife Photocell Antistatic device Double decoiler 3m long table with automatic bag removal Film parameters: *Thickness: Min: 0.018 Max 0.100mm x 4 *Length up to 3000 mm Number of ticks …

Nordson Pur Hotmelt Single Surface Flat Lamination Line with Hotmelt Tank

Year: ~ 2017

Nordson Pur Hotmelt Single Surface Flat Lamination Line Nordson Pur Hotmelt Tank 1300 mm It is a very little used, complete line suitable for all types of flat surface lamination. It was put up for sale due to project cancellation. -LINE FEATURES- -Plate-Plate product grouping and roll-shaped product lamination line. -25 meters / minute working speed -3 meters Product feeding …

MURAT NR 241 Automatic Production Line for PVC profiles Plastic machine

Year: 2016

MURAT - NR 241 - cutting, milling and screwing of reinforcement steel MURAT - KD 658/20 - 4 head welding machine MURAT - CN 770/20 - corner clean machine Capacity Min. 100 windows / 8 hours, Max. 120 windows / 8 hours All these machines make automatic production line for PVC systems. The price includes these three machines above and …


Year: 2009

5-axis machining center HG GRIMME GSF - MACHINING PLASTICS - RESINS - FOAM ****MACHINING PLASTICS - RESINS - FOAM **** machine MODEL GSF 20/10 - YEAR 2009: _ Ibag motor spindle HF80.2 A40 CIP, 40000U/min; 2.5/3.2kw, SKi _ manual tool measurement _ tool lift: height 725mm _ Work area dimensions: 2400*1200 _ store of 13 tools _ presence of an …

Schliesinger , Flamingo VK3/KWC, BFK2/E500, Brillant Plastic machine

Year: 1979

Brush machines with injection molds Our entire machine park from the brush department is for sale. We sell machines with injection molds. The full list of machines and injection molds is in the attachment.

OOO Interplast NH 3.6 PVC profile bending Low working hours

Year: 2012

infrared heater for PVC profile bending and all eqipment for bending. 220w and 3kw with this equipment you are able to bend PVC profiles, glaslists, mullions etc. set includes: Infrared heater, working table, 20 conductors for different pvc profiles.

GUR IS MAKINA TY 1050 Bottom and side seal bag making machine

Year: 2005

Technical Specifications: Model: GUR IS MAKINA TY 1050 Bottom and side seal bag making machine Year:2005 Roll Width: 1100 mm Welding Width: 1050 mm Bag Length (Max): 2500 mm Bag Length (Min): 120 mm Cycles Per Minute: 140 U/min Drive:Servo Number Of Lanes: 1 Other Specifications: Material that can be processed: LDPE, HDPE, MDPE; LLDPE and recycled Bottom seal bag …


Year: 1998

Description of the Machine and Accessories Manufacturer: SALDOFLEX Model: MODULA S 1100 Year: 1998 Working width welding mm.1100 Minimum length mm.320 bags Film width (mm) Max. 1500 Maximum length of 700 mm bags (mm.1200 open mouth) Max mechanical speed strokes / minute 200 Maximum speed film meters / minute 160 Tupe bag:t shirt bag ,handle bag Drive:Servo Material that can …

HEMINGSTONE 1100 ST3 Three lines hot-slitting T-shirt bag making machine

Year: 2015

Three lines hot-slitting T-shirt bag making machine, super high speed with fully automatic production.Special design servo-driven bag feeding is easy to operate.Equipped the multi auto alarms with automatic stop design for safety.Independent three lines temperature control.Equipped with multi auto tension control to maintain the stability of the film roll.High efficiency on production.Improved tension auto control to enhance the productivity.Special "Rocking …

Coemter Bag making machine Ter-beta 1052N nr.812 Plastic machine

Year: 1991

Bag making machine Garbage bag roller with tape on roll Coemter (Spain) Bag width 400-650mm. Up to 8 rolls/min. Speed ​​up to 60m/min or up to 60m/min. Weld width 1000mm

TSA 500 automatic waste tearing double layers plastic glove machine

Year: 2020

1. Main Parameters: A: Model: TSA 500 B: Material: LDPE, HDPE and CPE C: Effective width of bag making: 240-300mm D: Length of bag making: 200-350mm E: Speed of bag making: 200-400pcs/min F: Machine dimension: 3200*1100*1800mm G: Machine weight: 1100kg 2. Unwind Unit: A: Max length of roller: 500mm B: Max effective length of roller: 400mm C: Dia of roller: …

Drum Winder GRAEWE EW 2500T

Year: 2019

Drum Winder GRAEWE EW 2500T ø 16-75 mm, v= 39 m/min AC motor 1,5 kW Drums max. 2200x1200 mm. Laboratory test machine, like NEW

Schüchl UHG – 500 Easy vacuum chamber Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2018

I would like to offer the UHG 500 Easy vacuum chamber. It was purchased in 2018 at a price of €24,980, has been in operation for a total of 510 hours and is in very good condition. In addition to two Memmert ovens (see attachment), the vacuum chamber also includes a handling table with a load capacity of 1,000 kg, …

SUMMIT PLASTIC MACHINERY SSD - 750A bag making machine

Year: 2010

Side weld bag making machine SUMMIT PLASTIC MACHINERY. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: ________________________________________ • Welding Width: 700 mm • Bag Length (Max): 750 mm • Bag Length (Min): 75 mm • Cycles Per Minute: 200 U/min • Drive: Servo • Number Of Lanes: 1 OTHER SPECIFICATIONS: ________________________________________ Materials: LDPE, HDPE, MDPE; LLDPE and recycled Welding width min.-max. (mm): 75 - 700 Material …