Welcome to Exapro, your destination for quality used industrial machinery. Our range includes versatile and high-performance shrinking tunnels, perfect for various applications in the packaging industry.

Priced between €3,000 and €15,000, our shrinking tunnels are ideal for packaging consistency, durability, and efficiency. Key features include adjustable temperature controls, conveyor speed, tunnel dimensions, and energy efficiency.

We proudly feature machinery from top manufacturers such as Sealed Air, PFM, and Smipack. Every piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure top performance and longevity.

With Exapro, choosing pre-owned industrial machinery means getting the best value for your investment without compromising on quality or performance. Trust us to empower your packaging business to reach new heights of productivity. Explore our wide range today and let us help you make the best choice for your industrial needs.

GRAMEGNA LO Shrinking tunnel Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2000

Tunnel Width 50 mm
Tunnel Height 50 mm

Zorpack Zorpack Shrinking tunnel

Year: 2004

Tunnel Width 1000 mm
Tunnel Height 500 mm

DIDEM TA64 OV 32 shrink wrapping oven

Year: 2007

Tunnel Width 550 mm
Tunnel Height 460 mm

AUTOPACK MOD. 45TLW20VL - Heat shrink tunnel used


DESCRIPTION: Heat shrinking tunnel for the packaging of various products, can be integrated with a bundler machine. Machine that merges great performances and a user friendly interface for low and mid speed production rates of a wide variety of items. Its limited size and high reliability makes it a very popular product. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, …

Sollas KT 1000 Shrinking tunnel

Year: 2008

Tunnel Width 460 mm
Tunnel Height 300 mm


Year: 1995


Smipack T 650 F Shrinking tunnel

Year: 2004

Description New shaft + bearing slave side conveyor belt. 3 new heating cartridges. New feeder cable. New door for electrical cabinet. New inlet and outlet curtains

Pactur Lady Pack auto30l Shrinking tunnel

Year: 2003

Tunnel Width 800 mm
Tunnel Height 160 mm

Shrink packaging FL5545TB Shrinking tunnel

Year: 2012

Tunnel Width 400 mm
Tunnel Height 220 mm

Cryovac ST-12 Shrinking tunnel

Year: 2006

Tunnel Width 550 mm

CMA TR350 Shrinking tunnel


Tunnel Width 430 mm
Tunnel Height 290 mm

AC Automation LC800 Shrinking tunnel


Tunnel Width 350 mm
Tunnel Height 180 mm

Pester 450SN Shrinking tunnel

Year: 1988

Tunnel Width 400 mm
Tunnel Height 220 mm

Pester 450SN Shrinking tunnel

Year: 1991

Tunnel Width 400 mm
Tunnel Height 220 mm

Barillec 650-250mm Shrinking tunnel


Tunnel Width 650 mm
Tunnel Height 280 mm

Used Pester PewoTherm II, Typ 450N Shrinking tunnel

Year: 1995

Tunnel Width 450 mm
Tunnel Height 250 mm

Pester Pewo Therm III 450 Shrinking tunnel

Year: 2007

Tunnel Width 450 mm
Tunnel Height 300 mm

Understanding Shrinking Tunnels in the Exapro Packaging Machinery Marketplace

At Exapro, we connect professionals with top-tier industrial machinery solutions. Within our extensive offerings, the category of Packaging and Conditioning includes essential equipment such as Shrinking Tunnels. Let’s explore what these machines entail, their importance, and why Exapro is the ideal marketplace for buying or selling them.

What are Shrinking Tunnels?

Shrinking tunnels are specialized machines used in the packaging industry to apply shrink wrap around products. These machines use heat to shrink plastic film tightly over items, providing a secure and tamper-evident seal. Shrinking tunnels are commonly used for packaging food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and various consumer goods. The shrinking process not only protects products but also enhances their appearance and shelf life.

Types of Shrinking Tunnels

  1. Electric Shrinking Tunnels: Use electric heaters to generate the necessary heat for shrinking the film.
  2. Steam Shrinking Tunnels: Use steam to apply heat, often used for packaging sensitive products that require gentle handling.
  3. Infrared Shrinking Tunnels: Use infrared heaters for precise and efficient heating, suitable for various types of shrink films.
  4. Convection Shrinking Tunnels: Use hot air circulation to evenly distribute heat around the product, ensuring uniform shrinkage.
  5. Combination Shrinking Tunnels: Combine multiple heating methods to provide optimal shrinkage for different packaging needs.

The Exapro Advantage: Buying & Selling Shrinking Tunnels

Navigating the world of used industrial machinery can be complex, but Exapro simplifies the process. For those looking to purchase, the key benefits are manifold.


Acquiring new shrinking tunnels can be a significant financial commitment, especially for small businesses or start-ups. Through Exapro, professionals can obtain these machines at a fraction of the cost of new ones, ensuring exceptional value for money. On our platform, the price range for used shrinking tunnels typically lies between €2,000 and €50,000, reflecting the variety available in terms of age, brand, wear and tear, and additional features.

Quality Assurance

At Exapro, every listing undergoes a thorough evaluation process to ensure each piece of equipment is in excellent working condition and ready for its next operational chapter. This rigorous vetting process guarantees that even used machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach

Shrinking tunnels are crucial for efficient and precise packaging operations. Whether you're looking to invest in one or sell it, Exapro offers a platform that ensures convenience, reliability, and value. Embark on the future of packaging with Exapro – where tradition meets innovation.

Main Advantages of Shrinking Tunnels

Shrinking tunnels are indispensable in the packaging industry due to their numerous benefits. Here are the main advantages:

High Precision

These machines ensure precise application of shrink film, which is essential for achieving a tight and secure wrap around products.

Increased Efficiency

Automated shrinking tunnels significantly increase production speed, allowing for high-volume output with minimal manual intervention. This efficiency translates to higher productivity and reduced labor costs.

Consistent Quality

Shrinking tunnels provide uniform and consistent results, reducing variability and ensuring high-quality outcomes across production batches.


Capable of handling various types of shrink films and products, these machines are valuable assets for diverse packaging projects.

Product Protection

Shrink wrap provides a protective barrier against dust, moisture, and tampering, enhancing product shelf life and security.

Main Machine Parameters of Shrinking Tunnels

When evaluating or understanding shrinking tunnels, several key parameters are considered to ensure they meet specific requirements. Here are the main machine parameters:

Tunnel Size

The dimensions of the shrinking tunnel, determining the maximum size of products that can be processed.

Heating Method

The type of heating method used (electric, steam, infrared, or convection), affecting the efficiency and suitability for different types of shrink films.

Temperature Range

The adjustable range of temperatures the machine can achieve, impacting the quality and speed of the shrinking process.

Conveyor Speed

The speed at which the conveyor moves products through the tunnel, typically measured in meters per minute (MPM), influencing production rates and efficiency.

Power Consumption

The amount of power required to operate the machine, usually measured in kilowatts (kW), affecting operational costs and energy efficiency.

Automation Features

The presence of automated features such as programmable settings, adjustable conveyor speeds, and automated temperature control, improving efficiency and reducing manual intervention.

Area of Use of Shrinking Tunnels

Shrinking tunnels, given their versatility and capacity for high-quality packaging, find application in a multitude of areas. Here’s a rundown of the primary areas of use:

Food and Beverage Industry

Used for packaging food items, beverages, and perishables, ensuring a secure and hygienic seal that extends shelf life.


Essential for packaging pharmaceuticals and medical products, providing tamper-evident seals and protection against contamination.


Applied in the packaging of cosmetics and personal care products, enhancing product presentation and security.

Consumer Goods

Used for packaging various consumer goods, including electronics, toys, and household items, providing a professional and protective wrap.

Logistics and Shipping

Ideal for bundling products together for shipment, ensuring secure packaging and minimizing damage during transportation.


Used for packaging retail products, enhancing shelf appeal and providing protection against tampering and environmental factors.

Manufacturers of Shrinking Tunnels

Several renowned manufacturers in the packaging machinery industry are known for their quality and innovation. Here are some prominent manufacturers of shrinking tunnels:


A leading provider of packaging machinery, Kallfass offers advanced shrinking tunnels known for their precision and reliability.

Sealed Air

Renowned for their high-quality packaging solutions, Sealed Air provides efficient and versatile shrinking tunnels for various applications.


Specializes in packaging machinery, offering robust and precise shrinking tunnels designed for high-performance operations.


Known for their comprehensive range of packaging machines, Texwrap provides reliable and efficient shrinking tunnels for the packaging industry.


Offers advanced packaging technology, providing high-quality machines designed for precision and efficiency in shrink wrapping.

Heat Seal

Specializes in shrink packaging and bundling equipment, offering versatile and efficient shrinking tunnels suitable for different production environments.

When considering a purchase or researching shrinking tunnels, it's essential to look into these manufacturers' specific models, reviews, and after-sales service. Each brand has its strengths, specialties, and technological innovations that cater to different packaging requirements.


Shrinking tunnels are invaluable assets in the packaging industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for applying shrink wrap to products. Whether for food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or consumer goods packaging, these machines ensure superior product protection and compliance with industry standards. With the support of Exapro, acquiring or selling shrinking tunnels becomes a straightforward and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – producing and delivering exceptional packaged products.