Used measuring units 115

Almost new Car-O-Liner VAS 6527 Measuring unit

Year: 2020

2years of little-used BenchRack™ system a highly efficient multi-functional bench lift in various lane lengths that can productively and accurately repair all damage. and precisely. In combination with the Car-O-Tronic® Vision2 X3 measuring system and the universal EVO™ anchoring and holding system and the entire VAS 6528 system, it offers a time-saving and convenient all-in-one solution for all accident vehicle …

Leica Geosystems LTD 800 + LT Controller

Year: 2003

Leica Geosystem LTD800 Sensor, which includes LT Controller and 2 tracker Cables. Sensor in carry box. P/N LTD 800 - 575 888 ( 2003 ) P/N LT Controller - 575 923 ( 2003 ) P/N Tracker cables - 575 488 NEGOTIABLE ON PRICE

Mitutoyo Euro C 9166 CMM

Year: 2000

CMM Mitutoyo Euro C 9166 Year : 2000 X: 900 mm Y: 1600 mm Z: 600 mm MCOSMOS v3.5 R2 TP20 Prob System

FaroArm Fusion Measuring arm

Year: 2017

FaroArm Fusion Measuring arm Length : 2400 mm Number of axis : 6 FaroArm Fusion Bluetooth Standard Probe kit (3mm & 6mm) CAM2 Measure 10 - Probing version software Machine is in excellent condition

Nikon LK Integra 10-7-6 3D CMM Coordinate Measuring Unit

Year: 2014

Nikon LK Integra 10-7-6 3D CMM Coordinate Measuring Unit X: 800 Y: 700 Z: 500 Ø1X40 and Ø4X50 2

Hexagon Dea Global Classic 3D CMM Measuring Unit

Year: 2019

Hexagon Dea Global Classic 3D CMM Measuring Unit Machine is like new condition Machine has been used 40 hours. All tools come with the machine GLOBAL Classic 09.15.08 • DC241 Controller (IP54 protection) • Jog-Box (NJB) • HH-AS8-T5° Automatic Probe Head • HP-TM Touch Trigger Probe kit • Styli Kit # 7 • Ceramic Calibration Sphere Ø 15 mm • …

Mistral DEA 100707 Measuring unit


5-axis measuring machine - MISTRAL DEA 100707 New software (loading and analysis of 3D models) - PC-DMIS Measuring range (mm): X 1.000 - Y 660 - Z 660 Accuracy (micron, L in mm): 4.5 + 5 * L / 1000 (18 - 22 ° C) the machine has run very little (about 15 hours in the last 10 years).

Mitutoyo BHN 710 CMM

Year: 2000

Mitutoyo BHN 710 CMM 700X1000X600 mm Renishaw cnc automatic turning head and probe MCOSMOS V2,4 software

Coord3 EOS CMM Measuring Unit

Year: 2005

Coord3 EOS CMM Measuring Unit 500x400x400 The machine has been revised 2 years ago New control system and joystick have been adapted Software is Capps dmis advence and it is new version The probe on it is MH8, which can be rotated manually Can be used with different force modules mh8 + tp20 probe body + tp20 standard force The …

Leica 3D Disto Measuring unit

Year: 2020

LEICA 3D Disto Motorized Rangefinder Guarantee valid until 16 Dec. 23 Date of purchase 17 Dec. 20 Recording date 22 Dec. 20 Very good general condition Sold with all these original accessories and software key for PC. LEICA CTP104D-1 ROUND HEAD ALUMINUM TRIPOD Windows tablet with software The Leica Geosystems 3D Disto is a unique instrument for capturing and projecting …

NIKKEN elbo controlli kyan-TW Measuring unit

Year: 2012

This NIKKEN elbo controlli kyan-TW Measuring Machine was built in the year 2012. It is equipped with a Philips touch screen. The machine has a max measurement range of 400 mm in diameter. The measuring machine has been overhauled at the factory and has a new pc unit and screen. Machine width: 1070 mm Machine depth: 1140 mm Machine height: …

Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S 776 Measuring unit

Year: 2017

The MITUTOYO CRYSTA-Apex S 776 coordinate measuring machine, manufactured in Japan in 2017, is designed to perform extremely accurate measurements of details using the contact or non-contact method. The stable structure of the machine, high-quality components and high measurement speed, up to 8 mm / s, guarantee the best results of the measured elements. The CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) has …

Faro TRACKER VANTAGE E Measuring unit

Year: 2017

LASER TRACKER VANTAGE E (2017)+ TRIPOD + PDA (only what you see in the photos) last calibration in 2019-2020 Ready to work. It does not have software or reflectors, if necessary it will be offered separately.


Year: 2015

This ELBO CONTROLLI LARTH Measuring Machine was built in the year 2015. This 2 axis machine comes with a Measurement range X = 130mm / 5.188in, Y= 360mm / 14.17in, Max. tool weight 30kg, and is capable of storing 9 different machine specifications. The machine is in good condition. Machine width: 512 mm Machine depth: 406 mm Machine height: 827 …

DATACOLOR AG 45G Measuring unit

Year: 2015

Datacolor 45G is hand held color measuring instruments,employing 45/0deg.viewing geometry.CMOS integrated circuit technology,

Video Measuring Microscope FALCON Vision

Year: 2014

Type: Vision Producer: FALCON Made in: 2014 Characteristic: Operating system: Quadra-Chek 300 Series Number of axes: 3 pcs Measuring Stage: 150x100/150x150 mm Axis Z: 125/115 mm Maximum load: 15 kg

LK G-90C 3D CMM Machine

Year: 1998

LK G-90C 3D CMM Machine Table : 650 mm Renishaw probe New system control panel Maintenance has been done recently 90 degree automatic head for automatic measuring

DEA 70705 Measuring unit

Year: 2002

This DEA 70705 Measuring machine was manufactured in 2002. It is operated with a Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 control unit. It can works with a measuring range of X: 700 mm, Y: 650 mm, and Z: 450 mm. This machine includes Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 and Tutor for Windows 3 as additional equipment. CNC: Windows XP …

Mitutoyo BX 303 Manual CMM Measuring Unit


Measuring range : X 325 mm Y 300 mm Z 250 mm Calibration has been done!

Mitutoyo Euro M Measuring unit

Year: 1997

This Mitutoyo Euro M Measuring Machine was manufactured in 1997 in Japan. This machine works with a resolution of 0,0005 mm and includes a standard geometry measurement software Geopak windows. Brand: Mitutoyo Model: Euro M Year of manufacture: 19997 Technical Information Dimension - Length: 1380 mm - Width: 1365 mm - Height: 2739 mm Weight: 1130 kg X-axis movement: 700 …