Used laboratory equipment 145

Used Nanosurf AFM Laboratory equipment

Year: 2016

AFM is the ideal tool for materials science and biology, allowing the study of samples in air and in liquid. The Nanosurf Flex-ANA system is designed to study the topography and nanomechanical properties of all types of materials such as polymers, cells, tissues, scaffolds and gels. In combination with the Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 and a microfluidic system, it is …

Used Labtec CVB1500ab Laboratory equipment

Year: 2016

2 Labtec liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks 14 vertical stainless steel racks for 13 boxes of 50mm liquid nitrogen cryopreserver with pressure build-up Everything is included and functional (except the cryopreservation boxes) and the machine was still running until February 2022

Beckman Coulter Biomek FXP Laboratory equipment

Year: 2014

Robot pipettor, 1st hand. Integrated by Beckman Coulter itself in a private laboratory near Aix-en-Provence. 1x 96 well head 5x negative refrigerated positions with Lauda cryostat 1x Thermo Carousel/plate house 1x Thermo Cytomat 2C (C02 incubator) 1x Noroit custom chemical hood enclosure + UV lamps + lighting 1x Lenovo ThinkCentre PC with keyboard, mouse, monitor + Sami and Sami ex …

Merc Milli-Q Integral 3 Laboratory equipment

Year: 2017

For sale Merck water distillation set, Milli-Q Integral 3 with a 60l tank and a Q-POD dispenser. The following filters are installed in the set: Quantum TEX, Progard TS2, Millipak 40. In addition, I add a water level sensor and a Quantum filter. The device was purchased in 2017 but launched in 2021. Specification: - Supply water: drinking water from …

velp scientifica dk6 + agilent gc6990n parafilm pm 996 + laboport n86 + hach lange dr1900 Laboratory equipment


Well-preserved laboratory instruments: 1) thermoreactor digester velp scientific dk6 2) agilent gc6990n gas chromatograph 3) icpinductly coupled plasm varies 700 ex 4) parafilm parafilm pm 996 5) levanchimica ph meter ip57 6) laboport n86 peristaltic pump 7) hach lange dr1900 spectrophotometer All tools are available and in excellent condition. It is also possible to sell a single instrument.

BRUKER D2 PHASER Laboratory equipment

Year: 2011

BRUKER D2 PHASER Benchtop X-Ray Diffractometer The Bruker D2 PHASER Benchtop XRD is a powerful X-ray diffractometer with fast crystal phase analysis and a portable design. Geometry: Theta / Theta (sample remains horizontal) Max. usable angular range: -3 to 160° 2Theta (depending on the detector) Accuracy: ± 0.02° over the entire measurement range Achievable peak width: < 0.05° Alignment Alignment: …

BINDER KMF 720 Laboratory equipment

Year: 2015

BINDER KMF 720 - 700L Laboratory environmental chamber -10°C / +100°C Volume: 700 Litres Power supply: 230 V General power: 3100 W Humidity resolution: +/- <2% RH Number of shelves : 2 stainless steel shealves Temperature uniformity : +/- 0,1 to 0,5°C Thermal stability: +/- 0.1 to 1°C Temperature range : -10 / +100°C without humidity and +10 / +90°C …

New Brunswich BioFlo/Celligen 115 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine


They are not sold separately, all 3 fermenters are sold together. They are brand new, very good condition and all their equipment. 3 New Brunswich fermenters, BioFlo/Celligen 11S. Serial connection. It is used to cultivate any type of aerobic or anaerobic cells; yeast microbes, insect cells, plants and mammals. This system is programmed with both fermentation and cell culture modes …

Agilent 715-ES Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine


Simultaneous ICP-OES plasma emission spectrophotometer in radial observation configuration. Compact bench-top system, totally controllable by PC, purged Echelle Polychromator and Megapixel CCD-type solid-state detector with complete wavelength coverage between 177 and 785 nm, operating through EXPERT-II software under Windows-XP.

Biomerieux Vidas 3 Laboratory equipment

Year: 2015

412590 VIDAS 3 INSTRUMENT biomerieux It has only been used for one year only

supercritical fluid extractor


supercritical fluid extractor It has 2 extractors of 10 L each and two separators of 5 L each. It has a pump to introduce a cosolvent. CO2 recirculation.

Thermo Electron Corporation CryoMed 7451 Laboratory equipment

Year: 2003

Thermo Electron Corporation CryoMed 7451 Speed controlled freezer 50°C to -180°C Brand new, never used In very good working condition Used with LN2 (liquid nitrogen) Model: 7451 Capacity: 17L Dimensions (L x W x H) Exterior: 518 x 805 x 518 mm Dimensions (W x D x H) Interior: 330 x 178 x 305 mm Temperature range: 50°C to -180°C …

SHIMADZU TOC-V WS + ASI-V Laboratory equipment

Year: 2002

Shimadzu TOC-V WS Total Organic Carbon Analyzer ASI-V Automatic Sampler Model: TOC VWS + ASI-V COT meter With accessories + cables + software In very good condition Dimensions : (W) x (D) x (H) : 100 x 50 x 64 cm Weight : 50 Kg

Thermo Scientific FORMA 371 Laboratory equipment

Year: 2001

Thermo Forma Scientific 371 CO2 Incubator Technical data Voltage: 230V, 50/60Hz Current: 4.4A Temperature range: + 5 °C above ambient temperature to 50 °C CO2 range: 0 - 20 Content: 184 L External dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 66 x 64 x 98 cm Interior dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 47 x 47 x 65 cm interior glass …

FOSS 2200 Kjeltec Laboratory equipment

Year: 2007

FOSS 2200 Kjeltec analysis/distillation unit Voltage: 200 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz Power: 2200 W Weight: 35 kg External dimensions: (W) x (D) x (H): 53 × 44 × 76 cm With inlet pressure regulator With wear and tear Year of manufacture: 2007

Heraeus Vacutherm Laboratory equipment


Brands: Heraeus Stainless steel oven with shelves. It is forbidden to put any flammable product inside this oven. Equipped: 1 watertight door 1 glass door 1 tray. Size 300 x 300mm Possibility to put 2 trays Electric heating thermostat from 0 to 200° Mechanical regulator with temperature display by needle thermometer from 0 to 200° To put on the table …

BECKMAN COULTER Multisizer 4 Laboratory equipment


BECKMAN COULTER Multisizer 4 particle counter Without computer Without software Power on test only Cell counter: size distribution in number, volume and surface The COULTER COUNTER Multisizer 4 provides number, volume and area size distributions in a single measurement, with an overall particle size range of 0.4 um to 1600 um. Humidity: 10% to 80% non-condensing Particle size analysis range: …

OLYMPUS CK40-F200 Laboratory equipment


OLYMPUS CK40-F200 phase contrast fluorescence microscope with 4 objectives Model: CK40 F200 Trinocular head: CG3-TR45 4 objectives: 4X => PLANC C N 4X / 0.10 Infinity / _/ FN22 10X => A10PL 0.25 160 / 0.17 20X => LWDC A20 PL 0.40 160/1.2 40X => LwdCD Plan 40 FPL 0.55 160/1 Phase only on X10 and X20 lenses Phase contrast …

One of the fields that progressed a lot over the past decade is laboratory equipment. Nowadays, a great variety of medical machinery is available at affordable prices - and used everywhere from school labs to hospitals and similar medical facilities.

From chemicals to electrical equipment, medical laboratories nowadays reap a wide array of safety hazards. That is why it is critical to understand the important of lab safety, and adhere to the rules and standards with new machinery and operating tools. Aside from that, it is more than important to be familiar with the medical laboratory equipment you are using - and follow the proper safety procedures for each machining center, tool and equipment accordingly.

How medical laboratory equipment (machines) work

Most of the medical laboratory equipment is used for examination and operation on people's organs as well as continuous testing. There are various manufacturers in medical laboratory equipment and diverse machinery - whether it is aimed to be used in medical facilities or laboratory conditions.

From pharmaceutical equipment to chemical and medical, laboratory equipment covers a lot of industries and categories. At the same time, it is one of the widespread equipment types that helps not only patients - but also scientists, analysts and researchers to find and locate potential viruses, cure them or test new drugs, solutions and medicines.

Area of use

The area of use of laboratory equipment covers labs, medical facilities, hospitals, scientific and research centers, schools, biology centers and all facilities where there is a need to test, research and locate microscopic bodies.

The data from laboratory equipment is visualized on computers in most of the cases, and the type of machinery is diverse depending on its main area of use.

Main advantages of laboratory equipment

Basically, most of the laboratory equipment machinery is used to locate and solve problems. The efficiency and simplified service that this type of machinery provides also guarantees a lower cost through synergies - and allows for many duplicated processes to be identified, combined and optimized.

The capital utilization is maximized, and equipment like this is meant to improve cash flow and drive immediate decisions. Thanks to the centralized metrics, most of the problems are immediately defined and located, and the uptime is dramatically increased thanks to streamlined preventive maintenance.

On top of that, laboratory equipment is used to reduce costs and increase productivity, as well as maximize the resources while tapping into expert fields, resources and tools as well as being used by dedicated service professionals.

Popular laboratory equipment manufacturers

The pool of manufacturers for laboratory equipment is great in today's marketplace. However, each manufacturer is specialized in laboratory equipment for specific needs.

Some of the popular names in the field of laboratory equipment include MINNTECH, ARFL, STERIS, HAMAMATSU, MUNTERS, VARIAN, MUVER, QUIAGEN etc. From auto injectors to flex meters, scientific library builders and many other machinery, it is easy to find new and used laboratory equipment at the best prices possible.

Buying new vs. used laboratory equipment

Speaking of used laboratory equipment, a lot of medical, scientific and school labs decide to purchase such machining units and save while spending. There are many popular laboratory equipment machines for sale at great prices, starting from $5k for machinery that is manufactured in the new millennium and one that hasn't been used much.

Still, the prices of laboratory equipment vary - and in most of the cases are different based on the make, model, year of production and lifespan.