Strapex L-17 Strapping machine


Producer Strapex Type L-17 Dimension ca. [in mm] 1600 x 1000 x 1500 Weight ca. [in kg] 150 Country of origin Switzerland Mobile closing machine for carton boxes. Semi-automatic sealer with manual formatting that seals the bottom and top of cartons with self-adhesive tape.

Cyklop XZE 211 Strapping machine

Year: 1996

Width of the arc 2700 mm
Height of the arc 2900 mm

Mosca Sonixs TRP Strapping machine

Year: 2008

Stroke / min 50 /min
Height of the arc 600 mm
Width of the arc 500 mm

mosca ROM P6 Strapping machine

Year: 2012

Stroke / min 55 /min
Height of the arc 600 mm
Width of the arc 600 mm

Reisopack 2300 Strapping machine

Year: 1999

Stroke / min 30 /min
Height of the arc 600 mm
Width of the arc 600 mm

orgapack OR-T 200 Strapping machine


battery strapping tool with 2 batteries visible in Italy

Strapex Locktape 50M Strapping machine

Year: 2000

Producer Strapex Type Locktape 50M Year of construction 2000 Dimension ca. [in mm] 1600 x 1000 x 1600 Weight ca. [in kg] 150 Country of origin Switzeland Closing machine for carton boxes.

MOSCA RO-TRI-4 , RO-TR 600-4 Strapping machine

Year: 2001

Stroke / min 35 /min
Height of the arc 420 mm
Width of the arc 480 mm

Used ATS Tanner UltraSonic US 2000 AB Strapping machine

Year: 1998

Width of the arc 250 mm
Height of the arc 150 mm

Mosca Rom P4 Strapping machine


Stroke / min 50 /min
Height of the arc 500 mm
Width of the arc 600 mm

Signode ISB strapping machine

Year: 2007

Width of the arc 1600 mm

Reisopack 1924 Strapping machine Hot deal


Width of the arc 850 mm
Height of the arc 800 mm

SIGNODE - Strapping machine


Manufacturer SIGNODE Model Plastic band wrapper Very good condition

Mosca SoniXs TRC Strapping machine

Year: 2013

Width of the arc 1500 mm
Height of the arc 420 mm

STRAPACK RQ-8Y Strapping machine


RQ-8Y STRAPACK STRAPPING MACHINE Electrical energy: 230V 1 Phase Power circuit: 230 V - 50 Hz Consumption: 5.5A Deploying straps with a width of 5, 6, 9 or 12 mm, the RQ-8Y side weld strapping machine is efficient with a duration of 1.7 sec/cycle and a speed of up to 35 straps/minute. Accepting packages with a minimum size of 30x100 …

Strapex - Strapping machine

Year: 2000

Stroke / min  /min
Height of the arc  mm
Width of the arc  mm

Mosca SONIXS - TR + TRI Strapping machine

Year: 2009

Mosca cross strapping machine SONIXS - TR and TRI Year of manufecturing 2009

Messersi M 2 Strapping machine

Year: 2005

Motor Power 1 Kw Voltage 230 C.E. Yes Single / Double Simple Manual Semi / Auto Automatico this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The Messersi M 2 Strapping Machine, introduced in 2005, represents a paradigm shift in packaging technology, embodying precision and efficiency in securing goods for transit. This model …