Used strapping machines for sale 20

Used FIMI Strapping machine

Year: 2003

Width of the arc 450 mm
Height of the arc 1000 mm

Reisopack 2300 Strapping machine

Year: 1999

Stroke / min 30 /min
Height of the arc 600 mm
Width of the arc 600 mm

Ernst Jäger - Strapping machine


Ernst Jäger strapping machine - 12mm tape - 82cm adjustable - Dimensions: 0.90x0.56x0.73m On request we can organize the following for you: Packing, loading, transport (by ship or plane) including customs clearance Obtaining a leasing offer

MOSCA RO-TRI-4 , RO-TR 600-4 Strapping machine

Year: 2001

Stroke / min 35 /min
Height of the arc 420 mm
Width of the arc 480 mm

Used Canapa SAP-503 Strapping machine

Year: 2012

Offer consisting of: Canapa strapping machine SAP-503 - Frame: 600x500mm - Weight: 115kg On request we can organise the following for you: Packing, loading, transport ( by ship or plane) including customs clearance. Obtaining a leasing offer

Cyklop XZE 211 Strapping machine

Year: 1996

Width of the arc 2700 mm
Height of the arc 2900 mm

SMB Schwede Maschinenbau SV1 plus Air Strapping machine

Year: 2012

Stroke / min 20 /min
Height of the arc 430 mm
Width of the arc 500 mm

Mosca SoniXs TRC Strapping machine

Year: 2013

Width of the arc 1500 mm
Height of the arc 420 mm

MacTech TP-701NS Strapping machine

Year: 2018

MacTech Transpack TP-701 NS tandem strapping / bundling machine

Strapex - Strapping machine

Year: 2000

Strapex Strapping Machine Description Features Year: 2000 Width: 1750 Height: 4090 Large: 2900

Mosca RO-TR-13 Strapping machine


RO-TR-13 automatic strapping machine, working with its own use and maintenance books.

TRANSPAK TP-702-59 Strapping machine

Year: 2021

Width of the arc 650 mm
Height of the arc 550 mm

CMC Itali ROBOT 20 Low working hours

Year: 2005

His module can be engaged in one line with SMS inserting machines. Perfect condition. Not used.

SIGNODE LB MAGAZINE Strapping machine

Year: 2005

Ncoming packets to a form using the «SIGNODE LB MAGAZINE» packaging device device in a rectangular package, and with pressure from above a force of 900 N of the air is removed from the packaging products, then there is strapping tape packaging. Thus packets may have a variety of sizes. new equipment. The paper is not used. Bargain possible.

Strapex SMG 50 Strapping machine

Year: 2018

Fully automatic strapping machine with Strapex microprocessor control system for integration into a conveyor system. Energy-efficient through standby operation and high efficiency. Maintenance-friendly due to the reduction of the movable mechanics and a clear structure. Easy tape change thanks to easily accessible recording and automatic tape retraction. Machine on castors for flexible use with lock. With the strapping machine we …