Westfalia KDA30-02-177 Cream separator

Year: 1978

Rpm 5350 rpm
Output L/h 10000

Guangzhou Shaofeng Mechanical Device Co., Ltd., China HTG - 06 Food machinery

Year: 2020

Two never-used refueling machines are for sale. the machines are located in the Netherlands (Rotterdam). They are used to bottle up creams, chocolates, and pastes.

Pieralisi SV-20 Separator Low working hours

Year: 2000

Rpm 7150 rpm
Bowl diameter 316 mm
Bowl capacity 9 L
Output L/h 3000

Alfa Laval Milk Separator centrifuge


Rpm 1450 rpm
Output L/h 10000
Bowl capacity 10000 L

GEA Westfalia KDC 30-02-676 Quark separator

Year: 1991

Quark separator Nozzle separator suitable for the production of quark-like products. Dry matter approx. 18%. The splitter was refurbished in 2020 including new orders. On the KDC30, the entire separator can be sterilized on shutdown. Including all utilities, filters, valves, tools and CIP outlet pump. Capacity 2,000 kg per hour Year of manufacturing : 1991 Year of reconditioning : 2020 …

Westfalia SAMM20006 Cream separator

Year: 1984

Rpm 1470 rpm
Output L/h 20000

Westfalia 5 Ton Cream Separator


Westfalia 5 Ton Cream Separator Full chrome Machie is in good condition

GEA Westfalia SB7-03-076 Cream separator

Year: 1990

Rpm 9210 rpm
Output L/h 5000
Bowl diameter 271 mm
% fat 10

Westfalia MSD 20-06-076 Cream separator

Year: 2002

Rpm 6480 rpm
Bowl diameter 439 mm
Bowl capacity 10000 L
Output L/h 10000

Westfalia separator msa20 -12,000l/h

Year: 1976

Rpm 6500 rpm
Output L/h 12000

Pieralisi SV5 Series Cream separator

Year: 2007

Rpm 7600 rpm
Bowl diameter 240 mm
Bowl capacity 1500 L
Output L/h 1200

Used Hassia TAS 28/48 Cream separator

Year: 1999

Equipment: -31 -040 -140 -180 Filling Line 18 Hassia FK -L18 filling machine thermoforming thermoforming conveyor lines to the elevator -Crate erector A & F Crate stacker Sabiel palletiser -Elevator -machine has 6 lanes (24 buckets/cycle) -4 interconnected buckets with buckling pallet -Thermoform filling and closing machine -Bottom film PS and PS/EVOH/PS (W: 402 mm) -Lidding film ALU/PA, PET, MIXPAP …

Yazgan 10 Ton Clarifier Low working hours

Year: ~ 1996

Capacity : 10 Ton It removes the dirt and invisible elements in milk Machine is in excellent condition