In the realm of packaging technology, shrink wrap machines and sealers have carved a significant niche for themselves. These machines are extensively used across multiple industries, playing a pivotal role in ensuring product safety and enhancing visual appeal. This article seeks to offer insights into the mechanics of these essential machines, shed light on key manufacturers, and guide potential buyers on pertinent considerations when buying such equipment. Moreover, we'll delve into the merits of procuring through Exapro, a platform dedicated to streamlining the machinery acquisition process.


Marchesini Multipack FA04 Sealer

Year: 2024

Output 40 u/mn
Product width 350 mm
Max foil width 200 mm
Product length 200 mm
Product height 220 mm


Year: 2024

I am selling an automatic packaging machine. The machine is brand new. Ready to be tested and accepted . Warranty . - package diameter 50mm - packaging height 300mm - Packaging sets 2x3pcs, 2x4pcs, 2x5pcs, 2x6pcs, 4x6pcs, etc. - Sheet packaging - PE -Automatic packaging line TYPE LPA21X - automatic packing and bundling process

MECAPACK O²7000 Sealer

Year: 2024

The flexible machine for your productions. ADVANTAGES : Integration of Intelligent Motion solutions in the machine movements. Reduced energy consumption Compact, simple and robust machine Single and/or double line machine Total cleanliness - "open machine" design with complete visualization of the machine status machine status Full accessibility to equipment (actuators, valves, cabinet...) Servo-driven soldering station with mechanical locking linkage Vacuum …

Tecnopack FAR TEC 700 Sealer

Year: 2023

New never used monobloc shrink wrapper equipped with 700 mm pneumatic sealing bar. Maximum product height 380 mm. Speed ​​10 packs per minute

Marchesini F40 Sealer

Year: 2023

Product length 350 mm
Product height 300 mm
Product width 200 mm

Box wrapping machine

Year: 2023

Product length 450 mm
Product height 100 mm
Product width 380 mm

Hualian HL-95A Sealer

Year: 2021

For sale: Plastic container sealer HL-95A (187x137, gas filling), fully operational. ‼️Has a touch screen as shown in the video ️We will give away a gas cylinder and all its accessories as a gift Sale due to closure of production The cylinder and all its accessories are AS A GIFT

Penta KT2 Sealer

Year: 2021

Very short used machine KT2 brand PENTA. (still under warranty) The heat-shrinkable tunnel of the KL series is heated to a temperature of 180/200 ° C. The KT tunnel series is powered by 380V 50Hz. A 3-phase socket must be used to connect the machine. It perfectly adapts to the needs of the given foil and the packaged object. This …

6,880 €

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CZ Czech Republic

china HT-1300S Sealer

Year: 2021

Pillow compress packing machine as a unique dual-position design, with two cylinders working at the same time during the pressing operation. It allows a tidy and good appearance and can reduce packaging space and volume without changing the product appearance. It can protect the products from dampness and dust and reduce storage and transport cost. This packing machine is applicable …

- MC CRV-130 Sealer

Year: 2021

Output 30 u/mn
Product width 130 mm
Product length 130 mm
Product height 260 mm

Audiopack H 22 SA Sealer Low working hours

Year: 2020

Output 8 u/mn
Product length 560 mm

Laboratory Heat Sealer

Year: 2020

A professional Laboratory Heat Sealer to help determine the sealing parameters of film, laminated films, coated paper and other flexible barrier materials. The IDM lab Heat Sealer is used to measure the heatsealability of the web surface or sealant layer of materials. Short dwell time web sealability can also be performed on the LHS. This is a test seal that …

Smipack S870A Sealer & Smipack T650 Shrink Tunnel Low working hours

Year: 2020

Output 15 u/mn
Product width 300 mm
Max foil width 600 mm
Product length 300 mm
Product height 200 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

. . Packing machine

Year: 2020

Vacuum seal machine plus gas insertion half GN1 - 1/4 GN1 and 1/8 GN1 sealing plate

MINIPACK-TORRE pratika 56 mpe x1 Sealer

Year: 2020

Automatic electric machine with easily adjustable and controlled motorized welding bars, by schneider electric brushless motor. Standard double door, standard mechanical closing. Servo-assisted L-bar automation, sealing bar temperature adjustment, 10 adaptable programs, feeding conveyor belt, motorized adjustment of the height of the triangles and of the sealing bar of the product height, adjustable closing as standard for package small products

Christiaens CS01S Sealer

Year: 2020

Output 7500 u/mn

Ferplast FP DZQ 600 LS Sealer

Year: 2020

Product width 600 mm
Product height 1000 mm

The Mechanics of Shrink Wrap Machines / Sealers

The basic operation of shrink wrap machines involves several stages, facilitated by various technical components:


The Sealing Arm or Wire - This component cuts and seals the shrink film around the product.


The Film Roll - This is the source of shrink film fed into the machine.


The Conveyor System - The product covered in film moves on this system towards the shrink tunnel.


The Shrink Tunnel - Heat in this tunnel causes the film to contract, fitting snugly around the product.


The machine then releases the shrink-wrapped product, ready for storage or transport.


Top Manufacturers of Shrink Wrap Machines / Sealers

Smipack: An Italian manufacturer known for reliable and user-friendly machines.

Lantech: Renowned for their robust and efficient shrink wrap machines.

Kallfass: This German company is recognized for its technologically advanced and versatile machines.

EDL Packaging Engineers, Inc.: Celebrated for their innovative, custom-tailored solutions.

Shrinkpack: Known for their compact, efficient, and cost-effective machines.

Key Considerations When Buying Shrink Wrap Machines / Sealers

When purchasing shrink wrap machines/sealers, here are some critical points to check:


Verify the overall condition of the machine and its components.

Assess the machine's compatibility with your products and its production capacity.

Inquire about the machine's energy efficiency and maintenance needs.

Benefits of Buying Through Exapro

Exapro provides a transparent and streamlined purchasing experience, offering expert advice and support at every stage of the sale process. The platform aids in facilitating communication between buyers and sellers, ensuring a smooth transaction process.


Budget Considerations

Shrink wrap machines / sealers typically range in price from 5,000€ to 22,000€. It's vital to factor in ongoing maintenance and operational costs when planning your budget.


Organising Transportation

While buyers are responsible for arranging transportation, assistance can be provided by the seller or Exapro if needed. It's essential to conduct a thorough inspection of the machine before transport to ensure all parts are secure and ready for transit, thus preventing any unforeseen complications or additional costs.