Sarmax Cheyenne 4T Brushing machine

Year: 2005

Number of brushes 4
Brush engine 14 kW
Max working width 400 mm

OMMA SP 1400 Brushing machine

Year: 2007

Max working width 1400 mm

Quickwood Pro 1400 Brushing machine

Year: 2000

Number of brushes 8
Max working width 1400 mm

Cefla-Sorbini TM/95-2F Curtain coater

Year: 2009

Number of brushes 2
Brush engine 3.9 kW
Max working width 1300 mm

REX Georg Schwarzbeck HOMS 310 K Brushing machine

Year: 1990

Number of brushes 4
Max working thickness 310 mm
Max working width 310 mm
Brush engine 67.75 kW

DMC MB 60 Brushing machine

Year: 2017

Max working width 1300 mm
Brush engine 1.1 kW
Max working thickness 1100 mm

Roba Duplex Twin Brushing machine

Year: 2013

The machine was bought for a specific project, which was not developed. It was launched several times in test modes on small batches. This is evidenced by the installed original brushes that came with the machine. After dismantling, it was moved to a dry warehouse for conservation. At the moment, the equipment is serviceable, complete, ready for shipment.

UniSanding 1.2.0. V Brushing machine


Number of brushes 2
Max working thickness 100 mm
Max working width 1300 mm
Brush engine 1.5 kW

Sorbini VS 33 - ACT - F Brushing machine

Year: 2010

Max working width 1300 mm
Brush engine 1.5 kW

Sorbini VS36 Brushing machine

Year: 2002

Number of brushes 3
Max working thickness 150 mm
Max working width 1300 mm

Fladder 300 aut/1000 Brushing machine

Year: 1997

Brushing machine fladder 300 cars / 1000 for sale Year of production 1987-1997 The machine to see in our company.