In the intricate realm of print and publication, binding gatherers and collators are indispensable, ensuring printed sheets are organised with precision and efficiency. These machines find widespread application in sectors ranging from publishing houses and commercial printers to educational institutions and marketing agencies.

Key parameters defining these machines include their feeding capacity, sheet size range, collating speed, number of stations, and integration capabilities. Recognised for their ability to boost productivity, reduce wastage, and offer consistent results, gatherers and collators have become a staple in large-scale print operations.

Exapro stands as a trusted marketplace for sourcing used industrial machinery, including binding gatherers and collators. Offering machines priced between €7,000 and €25,000, Exapro caters to both burgeoning businesses and established enterprises. With a commitment to transparency and quality assurance, the platform features renowned manufacturers like Horizon, Duplo, and Bourg, ensuring buyers access to top-notch equipment that aligns with their operational needs.

For those in the printing domain seeking a blend of affordability and efficiency, Exapro's curated selection of gatherers and collators represents a prime destination.

Horizon VAC-100a&SPF-20A&FC-20A Collator

Year: 2002

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 350 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

HORIZON VAC 100a + VAC 100m + SPF-20A & FC-20A Collator

Year: 2002

HORIZON assembly line from 2002, 20 stations + finishing modules, with - HORIZON VAC 100-A suction collator n°052034, 10 stations + HORIZON VAC 100-M suction collator n°018312, 10 stations with rotary feeder, touch control panel, remote control, detection of jams, doubles and shortages by photoelectric cell stack height per box: 55 mm sheet format: max. : 350x500 mm, min. : …

Used Horizon VAC-100c Collator

Year: 2011

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Used Horizon VAC-100a Post press machine

Year: 2011

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Bielomatik P671 Collator

Year: 1986

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 450 mm

Used Horizon MC-80a Collator

Year: 1996

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 470 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 470 mm/min

Used Horizon VAC-100m Collator

Year: 2000

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Used Horizon VAC-100a Collator

Year: 2000

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Used Horizon VAC-60Ha Post press machine

Year: 2005

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Used Obscure-Maxima 50 * 80 Collator Hot deal

Year: 2004

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 50 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 80 mm/min

Theissen & Bonitz Sprint 325VP Gathering machine - Collator

Year: 1990

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 35 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 50 mm/min

Theisen & Bonitz Sprint 435VP - Gathering machine - Collator

Year: 1992

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 25 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 35 mm/min

Horizon AC-8000 S Collator

Year: 1988

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 318 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 318 mm/min

Used Horizon VAC-100a Collator

Year: 2009

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Horizon VAC-100m Collator

Year: 2009

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Used Horizon VAC-100m Collator

Year: 2009

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Used Horizon VAC-100m Post press machine

Year: 2009

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Used Horizon VAC-100a Collator

Year: 2014

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Used Horizon VAC-100c Collator

Year: 2004

Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm
Sheet size: Printing/Collators 500 mm/min

Setmaster A2 Collator

Year: ~ 1985

Year 1985's Size A2 Stations 16 stations Details Zig/Zag delivery this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The Setmaster A2 Collator is a reliable and efficient printing machine introduced in 1985 by Setmaster, a well-established name in the printing industry. This model has made significant advancements in the field of collating, …

Binding Gatherers / Collators on Exapro: The Backbone of Organised Printing

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of printing, professionals continuously seek machinery that optimises their workflow and maximises efficiency. Enter the binding gatherers and collators – these are not mere machines, but crucial assets in the printing journey.

Understanding Binding Gatherers and Collators

Binding gatherers and collators are specialised machinery designed for the printing industry. They serve to automatically gather, sort, and collate individual printed sheets into a predetermined sequence. Imagine having a manuscript of 300 pages, and needing to organise multiple copies into a specific order. Doing this by hand would be daunting, time-consuming, and prone to human errors. This is where these machines come into play, ensuring precise and swift organisation of printed materials, whether it's for books, magazines, brochures, or any other printed document.

Navigating the Exapro Experience

Choosing the right machine for your needs is crucial. But here’s the thing - diving into the world of used industrial machinery can be intimidating. That's where Exapro steps in. When you opt for Exapro, you're not just purchasing a machine; you're investing in assurance, credibility, and an impeccable professional network.

The marketplace offers a vast selection of used machinery, but it's their commitment to quality and transparency that makes the difference. Exapro ensures that every machine listed undergoes a thorough verification process. This means that buyers can have the utmost confidence in their purchase.

But the benefits don't just end at buying. Sellers too find Exapro to be an invaluable platform. By listing their machines on Exapro, sellers can tap into a global network of professionals seeking quality used machinery, thus ensuring that their machines find the right homes, and at the right prices.Machines within the Exapro marketplace are available in a broad price bracket, ranging from €7,000 to €25,000. This spectrum allows businesses of varied scales, from startups to established enterprises, to find a machine that aligns with their budgetary constraints without compromising on quality.

Purchasing a used machine from Exapro is also a nod to sustainability. In an age where reducing waste and promoting a circular economy is paramount, opting for a used machine not only makes economic sense but also promotes environmental responsibility.

The Path Forward

Whether you’re a printing house looking to streamline your production process, or a business wanting to venture into the world of printing, binding gatherers and collators are essential machinery to consider. And when it comes to sourcing these machines, Exapro stands out as the go-to marketplace, offering not just machinery, but peace of mind.

So, the next time you're in the market for a binding gatherer or collator, or any industrial machinery for that matter, remember that Exapro is more than just a marketplace – it's a community of professionals, committed to excellence and integrity. Dive in and explore the vast world of opportunities awaiting you.


Main advantages of Binding gatherers / collators

Binding gatherers and collators play a crucial role in the printing and publishing industry, and their importance cannot be overstated. Here are the main advantages of these invaluable machines:

Efficiency & Speed: One of the most significant advantages of using binding gatherers and collators is the speed at which they can organise printed sheets. They can quickly gather, sort, and collate vast volumes of pages, significantly reducing the time that would have been spent if done manually.

Accuracy & Precision: Human errors, such as misplacing a page or repeating a sheet, are common when manually collating large quantities of printed material. These machines ensure that every set of documents is arranged in the correct order without any mistakes.

Consistency: Regardless of whether it's the first set or the thousandth set being collated, binding gatherers and collators ensure consistent output every single time.

Reduction in Labor Costs: With these machines, there's a reduced need for manual labor in the collating process. This can translate into significant savings in terms of labor costs for large printing houses.

Flexibility: Modern gatherers and collators are designed to handle a range of paper sizes and types. This versatility means that printing businesses can cater to diverse projects without needing multiple machines.Enhanced Binding Process: By ensuring sheets are perfectly collated, they facilitate a smoother binding process. This is because binding machines often require perfectly ordered sets for optimal binding, be it saddle stitching, perfect binding, or coil binding.

Space-saving: Instead of having multiple workstations and personnel manually sorting pages, a single machine can handle the task, saving valuable floor space in a printing facility.

Reduction in Wastage: Accurate collation means there's a reduced chance of wastage due to errors in sequence or repetition. This accuracy ensures that resources, like paper and ink, aren't wasted, leading to cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Integration with Other Systems: Many advanced gatherers and collators can be integrated with other printing and post-printing systems, allowing for a seamless workflow from printing to binding.

Volume Handling: These machines are built to handle vast volumes of printed material, making them ideal for large print runs. This is especially beneficial for publishers or printing services that handle bulk orders.

Binding gatherers and collators are indispensable for any serious printing operation, offering a blend of accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that manual processes simply cannot match.


Main machine parameters of Binding gatherers / collators

Binding gatherers and collators are specialized machines with distinct operational features. When considering the acquisition or evaluation of such machinery, understanding their main parameters is crucial to ensure they meet the specific requirements of a given task. Here are the primary machine parameters to consider:

Feeding Capacity: Refers to the number of sheets or signatures the machine can accept and process at once. It gives an idea of the machine's throughput.

Max & Min Sheet Size: This parameter determines the range of paper sizes the machine can handle, from the smallest to the largest. It's essential for compatibility with the types of projects you'll be undertaking.

Collating Speed: Measured in sets per hour or minutes, this parameter indicates how fast the machine can collate sheets. A higher speed means more productivity but also requires more oversight to ensure quality.

Number of Stations/Bins: This tells you how many different sheets or signatures can be loaded at once. For instance, a machine with 10 stations can handle 10 different sheets, automatically collating them into sets.

Feeding Mechanism: Determines how the sheets are fed into the machine, whether by hand, automatically, or via a suction mechanism. The feeding mechanism can influence both speed and accuracy.

Paper Thickness Range: Specifies the range of paper thickness (often in GSM or points) the machine can handle. Ensuring your machine can handle the full range of your material's thickness is vital.

Programmability & Control System: Modern gatherers and collators often come with digital control panels allowing for programmable sequences and batch operations. This parameter determines how user-friendly and flexible the machine's operations are.

Output Options: This refers to how the collated sets are managed once they're processed. Some machines can jog, stack, stitch, or even bind the sets directly.

Error Detection: Advanced machines have systems to detect errors like missed or double sheets, ensuring the final collated set is accurate.

Integration Capabilities: Can the machine be integrated with other systems, like binding machines or printing presses? This can streamline the production process.

Footprint & Weight: Especially important for logistical reasons when setting up a print shop or rearranging equipment. Knowing the machine's dimensions and weight can help in placement and space optimization.

Power Requirements: It's essential to know the voltage and power needs of the machine, ensuring compatibility with local power sources and avoiding electrical issues.

Operational Noise Level: For some operations, especially in mixed-use environments, how much noise the machine produces during operation can be a crucial consideration.

When considering a binding gatherer or collator, it's important to evaluate these parameters in relation to the specific needs and constraints of the operation. Whether it's a high-volume print shop or a smaller boutique operation, ensuring that the machine's parameters align with operational needs is key to achieving efficiency and productivity.


Area of Use

Binding gatherers and collators have a distinct role in the realm of print and publication. Their primary function is to systematically organise printed sheets into a predetermined sequence, facilitating subsequent processes like binding. Given their functionality, these machines find their use in a variety of sectors and applications. Here are the main areas of use for binding gatherers and collators:

Publishing Houses: Whether it's for books, magazines, or academic journals, publishers require these machines to collate large volumes of pages in the correct order, especially during mass print runs.

Commercial Printers: Businesses that provide a variety of printing services, from brochures to annual reports, utilise these machines to efficiently handle diverse printing projects.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities often have in-house print facilities to produce study materials, exam papers, and other educational resources. Gatherers and collators ensure these materials are systematically arranged.

Legal & Financial Firms: Entities that need to produce multiple sets of lengthy documents, like contracts or financial reports, benefit from these machines' precision and speed.

Advertising & Marketing Agencies: For the production of promotional materials, catalogs, or direct mail campaigns, these agencies rely on gatherers and collators to streamline the print process.

Government Institutions: From public awareness pamphlets to official documents and forms, government bodies need these machines to manage large-scale print tasks.

Packaging Industry: For items that require printed inserts or manuals, gatherers and collators can be used to ensure these additional elements are correctly ordered before being added to the product packaging.

Graphic Design Studios: When producing prototypes or limited-run prints for clients, these studios might use gatherers and collators to enhance the finishing process.

Direct Mail Services: Businesses that offer bulk mailing services, especially for items like monthly statements, bills, or promotional offers, utilise these machines to organise mail content efficiently.

Document Reproduction & Photocopying Centers: These businesses, which often handle bulk orders for document reproduction, use gatherers and collators to ensure sets of documents are in the right order before binding or distribution.

Workshops & Seminars: Organisers of large workshops, seminars, or conferences often have materials like agendas, information booklets, or study materials. These machines help in the efficient production of these resources.

Religious Institutions: For the printing of religious materials, scriptures, or pamphlets, gatherers and collators play a crucial role in ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Any sector or industry that requires the bulk printing and subsequent organisation of materials into specific sequences will find binding gatherers and collators invaluable. These machines streamline the print and bind process, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and a professional finish to printed materials.


Manufacturers of Binding gatherers / collators

There are several reputable manufacturers known globally for producing high-quality binding gatherers and collators. Here are some of the notable ones you may find on Exapro:

Horizon: A well-known Japanese brand, Horizon offers a wide range of post-press equipment, including sophisticated collators.

Bourg: Based in Europe, Bourg produces a range of bindery equipment, and their collating machines are renowned for their efficiency and reliability.

Duplo: Another leading brand, Duplo offers a range of print finishing equipment, with their collators being popular for their precision and build quality.

Kolbus: A German company with a long history in the bookbinding and print finishing industry. Their gatherers are especially popular in high-volume operations.

Morgana: A UK-based manufacturer that produces a variety of print finishing equipment, including collators that are known for their versatility.

Renz: Known for their binding machines, Renz also offers collating solutions that seamlessly integrate with other post-press processes.

Plockmatic: With a global presence, Plockmatic offers a variety of print-related solutions, including efficient and reliable gatherers and collators.

MBO: This German company, while more known for their folding machines, also ventures into the collating space, offering top-notch solutions.

Heidelberg: A giant in the printing industry, Heidelberg's range of products often extends to post-press equipment, including collators.

Watkins: A specialist in the print finishing domain, their collators are designed to offer efficiency and precision for a variety of printing operations.

Standard Finishing Systems: Based in the US, they produce a range of print finishing equipment, including collators that are known for their durability.

Riso: Primarily known for their unique printing solutions, Riso also manufactures collators suitable for various scales of operation.

These are just a few of the many manufacturers in the binding gatherers and collators domain. When choosing a manufacturer, it's essential to consider factors like the specific requirements of the task, budget constraints, after-sales support, and the machine's compatibility with other equipment in the print setup. IYou can always contact our support team to determine which manufacturer's equipment will be the best fit for a particular operation.