Used lyophilizers - freeze dryers 22

SERAIL CS15-1 Lyophilizer

Year: 2009

Chamber volume 683 L
Minimal T° -65 °C
Tray surface 1.02 m²
Nbr of trays 4

LYOMAC FREEZE DRYER Low working hours

Year: 2014

Chamber volume 2000 L
Freeze trap capacity 100 L
Nbr of trays 15
Tray surface 1.08 m²
Minimal T° -75 °C

Almost new Labconco FreeZone 2.5L Benchtop Freeze Dry System

Year: 2022

This FreeZone 2.5L Benchtop Freeze Dry System was purchased brand new in 2022. Due to a lab closure it was not used much, so the instrument is still in great condition. The listed price does not include VAT. Labconco 700201000 FreeZone 2.5 Liter Benchtop Freeze Dryers are designed for lyophilizing light sample loads. The compact design is ideal for labs …

Criofarma C74-6 Lyophilizer

Year: 2018

Chamber volume 350 L
Minimal T° -75 °C
Tray surface 4 m²
Nbr of trays 8

BK FD50/100 Series Lyophilizer


Chamber volume 10 L
Freeze trap capacity 10 L
Nbr of trays 5
Tray surface 1 m²
Minimal T° 70 °C

Pilot-scale BK-FD20/30 Lyophilizer


Chamber volume 91 L
Freeze trap capacity 13.5 L
Nbr of trays 3
Tray surface 0.3 m²
Minimal T° -50 °C


Year: 2015

Chamber volume 10582 L
Minimal T° 130 °C
Tray surface 28.5 m²
Nbr of trays 16

Lab lyophilizer LyoQuest -55 ECO

Year: 2016

Used lab lyophilizer LyoQuest -55 ECO. YOM 2016. Available 2 pcs.

Unused Installed Tcps Liquid Nitrogen Blast Freezer

Year: 2021

Unused Installed TCPS Liquid Nitrogen Blast Freezer Supplied/Manufactured by Top Class Products and Services Unused, installed, not commissioned with liquid Nitrogen, not exposed to product With Zebra barcode reader Manufacturer Name TCPS Year: 2021 Serial Number: 649321031501 CE Marked: YES Model: Blast Freezer Number of Shelves: 16 Size of Shelves - length x width: 38.62 in 980.870 MM Stoppering Capable: …

Thermo Scientific Tsx 70086V -86 Freezer

Year: 2021

Thermo Scientific TSX 70086V -86 Freezer Fitted with 2 internal shelves Some spare shelves available but limited supply. NOTE: The freezer was installed but not exposed to any products Manufacturer Name Thermo Scientific Year: 2021 Serial Number: 1115040301201218 CE Marked: YES Model: TSX 70086V Temperature Range: -86 DEG C Voltage: 230 VOLTS Frequency: 50/60 HERTZ Phase: 1 Current: 6.1 AMPS …