SAK Arab Pita Production Line.

Year: 2021

Production Line for Arabian Pita by SAK. For sale used Production Line for Arabian Pita by SAK brand from the year of production 2021. The production line has been inspected by the manufacturer and all components that are to be replaced have been ordered. - Brand: SAK - Year of production: 2021 - Technical condition: used - Ready for production …

Marden - automatic baking bread line

Year: 2009

Marden - automatic baking bread line Line for automatic loading of bread into batch ovens Year: 2009

Ruhle GR50 Guillotine

Year: 2019

Ruhle GR50 Guillotine I have for sale a guillotine for frozen blocks made by Ruhle GR50

Rotary Table Stainless steel, NEW, 1250MM

Year: 2023

For sale new Rotary table. Designed to receive ready-made packages. The table is made of solid, thick materials, which guarantees durability for many years. The size of the rotary table top is 1250mm, the height can be adjusted from 700 to 850mm, the side band is 40mm above the tabletop. Speed regulation from 0 to 17 revolutions per minute, via …

Fed Drum Coater


Belt width 400 mm

Koppens VM900HS Former

Year: ~ 2001

Belt width 900 mm

- 400 Coating machine

Year: 2019

Belt width 400 mm