Discover the unbeatable value and efficiency of used Multishaft and Planetary mixers in Exapro's diverse catalogue. Priced between €9,000 to €32,000, these machines offer superior performance and longevity at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Multishaft mixers excel in versatility, quality, and customisability, conducting multiple mixing actions with high efficiency. On the other hand, Planetary mixers offer precise, controlled mixing of a broad array of materials, exhibiting robustness and durability. Both types are pivotal in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and food and beverage industries, among others.

When selecting a mixer, consider key machine parameters such as mixer capacity, number and type of shafts or mixing tools, speed control, heat control, material compatibility, and power requirements. With used machines from top manufacturers like Ross Mixers, Hockmeyer, VMI Mixers, and Hobart, Exapro ensures your investment is sound, cost-effective, and perfectly suited to your needs. Trust Exapro to deliver quality and value in your industrial machinery needs.

Netzsch PMH 18 Planetary mixer

Year: 2017

Volume capacity 15 L
Motor Power 9 kW
Mixing speed 2500 rpm
Product substance Semi liquids

Mixing s/s tank 4500 litres total JONGIA NS 60

Year: 2004

Volume capacity 4500 L
Homogenizer No
Product substance Semi liquids
Mixing speed 1500 rpm
Motor Power 22 kW

Hubbes Type HMUD Multishaft mixer

Year: 1987

Volume capacity 3000 L
Motor Power 24 kW
Mixing speed 1500 rpm
Product substance Semi liquids

Winkworth 55 kW Multishaft mixer


Volume capacity 4300 L
Motor Power 55 kW
Mixing speed 3000 rpm
Product substance Solids

P. Prat 30L Multishaft mixer


Volume capacity 30 L
Motor Power 0.5 kW
Mixing speed 1400 rpm
Product substance Semi liquids

Buhler SPM-50-HT Multishaft mixer


Volume capacity 1000 L
Mixing speed 1470 rpm

Molteni TM5 RP.SV Multishaft mixer


Volume capacity 7 L
Homogenizer Yes
Product substance Semi liquids
Mixing speed 4800 rpm
Motor Power 1.8 kW

TECNOS IL400 Multishaft mixer

Year: ~ 1988

Volume capacity 400 L
Mixing speed 3000 rpm

COS.MEC ITALY MB250 Multishaft mixer

Year: 2001

Volume capacity 250 L
Motor Power 2.2 kW
Mixing speed 13 rpm
Product substance Solids

Ribbon mixer 650L Multishaft mixer Hot deal


Volume capacity 650 L
Motor Power 5.5 kW
Mixing speed 1445 rpm

Wolfking 600L TSM Multishaft mixer


Volume capacity 600 L

TURU-GRAU BPV50 Multishaft mixer


Volume capacity 50 L
Homogenizer Yes
Mixing speed 3000 rpm
Product substance Semi liquids

K-TRON K2-Modular Tank

Year: ~ 2000

Volume capacity 2 L

Talsa 60liters Multishaft mixer

Year: 1997

Mixer 60 liters TALSA Description Robust construction, entirely in AISI304 stainless steel. Base of the machine closed to prevent the entry of water or dirt. Extremely simple cleaning, thanks to the absence of hard-to-reach corners. Two pivoting stainless steel wheels with brake and two fi xed ones to facilitate movement. Shatterproof transparent food plastic parabolic lid with addition holes, to …

Herbst HRV300H Multishaft mixer


Volume capacity 300 L
Motor Power 3 kW

MATEPIQ COWLES130 Multishaft mixer


Volume capacity 0 L
Motor Power 1.3 kW

Mixer type Z Multishaft mixer


Volume capacity 250 L
Motor Power 1 kW

Chemical Industry Machinery Factory GFJ- 7.5 KW Multishaft mixer

Year: 2022

Volume capacity 1000 L
Homogenizer No
Product substance Liquids
Mixing speed 1450 rpm
Motor Power 7.5 kW

Multishaft and Planetary Mixers: Essential Machinery for Your Pharmaceutical and Chemical Endeavours

The pharmaceutical and chemical industries thrive on precision, control, and consistency. At Exapro, we appreciate this need and strive to cater to your unique industrial requirements with our meticulously chosen range of used machinery and we introduce two key machines in our collection: Multishaft and Planetary Mixers.

Multishaft Mixers: Versatility at Its Best

Multishaft mixers are multifunctional, providing optimum versatility in various industrial applications, particularly in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. These mixers are designed with two or more independently driven shafts, including a high-speed disperser and a low-speed stirrer.

These different shafts, working in unison or independently, allow for intensive mixing, dispersion, emulsification, and homogenisation of high-viscosity products. This unique capability makes them perfect for tasks requiring a multitude of processes such as mixing gels, creams, and high-viscosity lotions, or even blending reactive materials.

The multishaft mixers we have in our catalogue are tried-and-tested, promising reliability and long-lasting performance. With these machines, you'll be armed with efficient mixing capabilities that can potentially streamline your operations.

Planetary Mixers: Precision in Every Revolution

Planetary mixers, the pride of many chemical and pharmaceutical firms, are ideal for mixing, kneading, and dispersing highly-filled pastes, doughs, and sensitive compounds. As their name suggests, these machines consist of an agitator that moves in an epicyclical path around the vessel, ensuring a thoroughly mixed batch.

The beauty of the planetary mixer lies in its detailed control and consistency. It offers excellent versatility, with a variety of configurations that can be adjusted to suit the product's characteristics, from heat-sensitive creams to sturdy, abrasion-resistant compounds.

Our collection of used planetary mixers has been carefully vetted, offering a blend of exceptional functionality and value for money. By choosing one of our used machines, you'll have access to a durable, high-quality piece of equipment without the hefty price tag of a brand-new model.

Why Choose Exapro?

At Exapro, we understand that the pharmaceutical and chemical industries demand exactness, safety, and reliability. That's why we are committed to providing high-quality used industrial machinery that delivers these qualities without compromising on affordability.

Our multishaft and planetary mixers are no exception. We provide detailed information and specs for each machine, and our team of experts is always on hand to guide you in your purchase, ensuring you find the right mixer for your specific needs.

Whether you're looking to expand your operations, replace old machinery, or explore cost-effective solutions, we invite you to browse through our vast inventory. Exapro bridges the gap by offering top-tier used Multishaft and Planetary mixers within an accessible price range, varying from €9,000 to €32,000.

At Exapro, we enable you to make smart, cost-effective investments that propel your business towards growth and success. Trust us for machinery that offers impressive performance, longevity, and significant savings. Step into the future of industrial precision with Exapro's used machinery offerings today.


Main Advantages of Multishaft and Planetary Mixers

Both Multishaft and Planetary Mixers are powerful tools in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They come with a host of advantages that make them indispensable in these sectors. Let's break down the key benefits:

Multishaft Mixers

Versatility: Multishaft mixers are ideal for applications that require multiple mixing actions. They can handle a wide range of materials, from low to high viscosity, and are adaptable to various processes including blending, dispersion, and emulsification.

Efficiency: Equipped with multiple independently-driven shafts, these mixers can conduct several mixing processes simultaneously or independently, improving efficiency and reducing processing time.

Quality and Consistency: Multishaft mixers deliver high-quality, consistent outputs. Their mixing and dispersing capabilities ensure homogenous products, a critical factor in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Ease of Customisation: These mixers can be designed with various configurations, allowing for customised solutions to suit specific production needs.

Planetary Mixers

Precision: Planetary mixers are renowned for their precision. The agitator moves in an epicyclical path, ensuring thorough mixing and consistent product quality.

Versatility: Similar to multishaft mixers, planetary mixers can handle a broad array of materials. They can mix, knead, and disperse highly-filled pastes, doughs, and even sensitive compounds.

Controlled Mixing: Planetary mixers allow for a high degree of control over the mixing process, from speed to temperature, making it possible to protect heat-sensitive compounds and manage the consistency of the final product effectively.

Durability: These mixers are built to last and can handle robust materials without wear and tear, making them a durable, cost-effective choice.

Both Multishaft and Planetary Mixers offer numerous benefits that make them a sound investment. By providing high-quality, consistent outputs and unparalleled versatility, they can serve a range of applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Choosing a used machine from Exapro offers you all these benefits with the added advantage of affordability.


Key Machine Parameters of Multishaft and Planetary Mixers

When selecting a Multishaft or Planetary Mixer, it's essential to consider certain machine parameters that determine their compatibility with your specific applications. Here are some of the main parameters for these mixers:

Multishaft Mixers

Number of Shafts: Multishaft mixers, by definition, come with two or more independently-driven shafts. The specific number and type of shafts are crucial parameters as they determine the machine's capabilities.

Speed Control: Each shaft can typically operate at different speeds, and the range of these speeds and how precisely they can be controlled is an important parameter.

Mixer Capacity: The total volume or mass of material that a mixer can handle per batch is another key consideration.

Material Compatibility: The materials used in the construction of the mixer (e.g., stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.) can affect its compatibility with the substances being mixed.

Power Requirements: The electrical power needed to operate the mixer is a vital consideration, especially for facilities with limited power availability.

Planetary Mixers

Mixer Capacity: Just like with multishaft mixers, the total volume or mass that a planetary mixer can handle is a significant parameter.

Number of Mixing Tools: Planetary mixers come with multiple mixing tools, and the number and type of these tools (e.g., dough hook, beater, wire whip, etc.) are important considerations.

Speed Control: The range of operational speeds and how precisely they can be controlled is a key parameter.

Heat Control: Many planetary mixers come with the ability to control the heat generated during the mixing process, making this a crucial parameter for heat-sensitive materials.

Material Compatibility: As with multishaft mixers, the materials used in the mixer's construction can determine its compatibility with the substances being mixed.

Power Requirements: The electrical requirements of the mixer are important for facilities with specific power constraints.

By understanding these key machine parameters, you can select a Multishaft or Planetary Mixer that perfectly aligns with your operational requirements and ensures optimal performance.


Areas of Use for Multishaft and Planetary Mixers

Multishaft and Planetary Mixers find extensive applications in a wide range of sectors due to their versatile nature. Here are some of the primary areas where these machines are typically used:

Multishaft Mixers

Pharmaceutical Industry: In the production of medicines, creams, gels, ointments, and lotions, multishaft mixers are used for their ability to create homogeneous mixtures of various substances.

Chemical Industry: They're often employed in the chemical industry for blending and emulsifying different compounds, ensuring a consistent mixture.

Cosmetics and Personal Care: Multishaft mixers are also common in the cosmetics industry, where they are used to blend different ingredients in the production of skincare products, haircare products, makeup, and more.

Food and Beverage: In food processing and beverage industries, these mixers help in the emulsification, dispersion, and mixing of ingredients, contributing to the creation of a wide range of products.

Paints and Coatings: These mixers are also essential in the production of paints, inks, and various coatings, where they are used to blend and disperse pigments and binders.

Planetary Mixers

Pharmaceutical Industry: Planetary mixers are used to prepare ointments, creams, and pastes due to their efficient and gentle mixing capabilities.

Chemical Industry: These mixers are used for mixing, kneading, and dispersing highly-filled pastes and sensitive compounds.

Cosmetics and Personal Care: In this industry, planetary mixers are utilised to produce products such as lipsticks, creams, and lotions.

Food and Beverage: Planetary mixers are widely used in bakeries and patisseries for mixing dough, batter, and whipping cream. They're also employed in the broader food industry for creating mixtures and emulsions.

Ceramics and other Composites: Due to their ability to handle high-viscosity and filled materials, planetary mixers are often used in the ceramics industry and in the production of other composite materials.

Multishaft and Planetary Mixers find a wide range of applications across several industries, making them an essential part of industrial operations.


Leading Manufacturers of  Multishaft and Planetary Mixers

There are numerous reputable manufacturers globally known for their high-quality Multishaft and Planetary Mixers. Here are a few leading names in the industry:

Multishaft Mixers Manufacturers

Ross Mixers: Charles Ross & Son Company is a well-known manufacturer of multishaft mixers, offering a wide range of models suitable for a variety of applications.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation: Hockmeyer is another trusted manufacturer, recognised for their durable and efficient multishaft mixers.

Mixer Direct: Mixer Direct offers a variety of multishaft mixers, including both standard models and custom-designed units to fit specific needs.

Schold Manufacturing: With a history spanning over 70 years, Schold Manufacturing is a reliable name in the field of multishaft mixers production.

Planetary Mixers Manufacturers

VMI Mixers: VMI is a leading name in the field of planetary mixers and is known for their precision-engineered products that deliver excellent performance.

Pemat Mischtechnik GmbH: Pemat is a German company known for their high-quality and durable planetary mixers.

Sicoma OMG: This company is renowned for its robust and efficient planetary mixers used in a variety of industries.

Hobart: Hobart is a well-known name in the food industry, providing top-of-the-line planetary mixers.

Each manufacturer offers a unique set of features and advantages with their machinery. Therefore, choosing the right manufacturer will depend on your specific requirements and preferences. At Exapro, we offer used machinery from a range of top manufacturers, ensuring you get the best quality at an affordable price.